Hawaii Exposure Sites

Many of our clients are unsure of how they could have been exposed to asbestos. We have hired some of the best investigators in the business. Our investigators will track down who was responsible to help ensure that they can be held accountable.

Below is a partial list of Hawaii buildings and job sites where asbestos exposure may have occurred. If you or a loved one have mesothelioma, or other asbestos-related injury, and wish to consult a Hawaii mesothelioma attorney about your legal rights to compensation, CLICK HERE for a free consultation or call us at 866-373-5000.

California & Hawaiian Sugar Refining Co.
Honolulu Plantation Company

Barbers Point
Chevron USA Inc.
Dillingham Petroleum Corporation
Standard Oil

Campbell Industrial Park
Chevron Usa

Mcbryde Sugar Co.

Erra Plantation

Ewa Sugar Mill

Ford Island
Naval Shipyard

Fort Shafter
Shafter (Hickam) Air Force Base (General Elec.)

Honokaa Sugar Co. (A/K/A Olokele Sugar)

Honokaa Sugar Inc.
Kaeleku Sugar Company Ltd
Reciprocity Sugar Company

C and C, Inc.
Hawaii Electric Light Company
Hawaiian Agricultural Company
Hawaiian Cane Products Plant
Hawaiian Electric Co.
Hawaiian Electric Light Co.
Hilo Coast Processing Co., LTD.
Hilo Electric Co. - Hill Steam Power Station
Hilo Electric Light Company
Hilo Electric Power & Refrigerator Co.
Hilo Powder Company
Hilo Sugar Company
Laupahoehoe Sugar Company, Ookala Mill
Olaa Sugar Company
Paauhau Sugar Plantation Company
Pepeekeo Sugar Company
Waiakea Mill
Waiakea Steam Plant
Yamada Transfer

W.A. Ramsay, Ltd.

Alexander & Baldwin
Alexander Young Building Company Limited
Aloha State Sales Co.
American Factors, Limited
American Sanitary Laundry Limited
Associated Insulation
Associated Mason Limited
Bechtel Power
C. Brewer and Company Limited
California Packing Corporation
Castle and Cooke Limited
Charles Desky
Chemical Construction
Craig & Company
Dole Company
Electric Automobile Company
Ewa Plantation Company
Gear Lansing & Company
Grumman Ecosystems
H. Hackfield & Company
H.R. Worthington
Hakalau Plantation Company
Hawaiian Agricultural Company
Hawaiian Electric Company
Hawaiian Electric Company - Kahe Station
Hawaiian Electric Company - Waiau Station
Hawaiian Equipment Company, Ltd.
Hawaiian Laundry & Linen Supply Company
Hawaiian Pineapple Company
Hawaiian Telephone Annex
Hawaiian Tuna Packers, Limited
Hawaillian Agricultural Company
Henry R. Worthington
Hilo Dry Wall Company, Inc.
Honokaa Sugar Company
Honolulu Brewing and Malting Company
Honolulu Gas Company
Honolulu Gas Equipment Co. - Iwilei Works
Honolulu Iron Works Company
Honolulu Laundry Company
Honolulu Planing Mill
Honolulu Plantation Company
Honolulu Rapid Transit and Land Company
Honolulu Shipyard
Honolulu Water Works
Honorable James. A. King, Minister of the Interior
Hutchinson Sugar Plantation Company
Kahe IV Power Plant
Kahe Station Unit 6
Kahuki Plantation Company
Kalihi Pumping Station
Kilauea Sugar Plantation Company
Kohala Sugar Company
La Haina Plantation
Laie Plantation
Lambert Cole & Co.
Laupahoehoe Sugar Company
Lewers & Cooke
Libby, Mcneill & Libby
Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company of America
Maston Container Station
Matson Navigation Company
Mcbryde Sugar Company
Nuuanu Memorial Park Mortuary Ltd
Oahu Ice & Electric Company
Oahu Sugar Company
Onemea Sugar Company
Oshu Sugar Company
Owens Corning
Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard
Pearl Harbor Navy Yard
Pioneer Mill Company
Queens Hospital
R.B. Davis
Schofield Barracks
Standard American Dredging Company
Standard Oil
Standard Oil Company of California - Hawaiian Refinery
Sugar Mlls&Agric
Troy Laundry Machinery Company
Von Hamm Young Company
W.A. Ramsey Ltd.
Waiahole Water Company
Waialua Agricultural Company
Waialua Sugar Mill
Waiao Power Plant
Waiau - V111
Wailuku Sugar
Waimanalo Sugar Company
Waimea Sugar Company

Island of Hawaii
Onomea Sugar Company

Island of Manihi
Haiku Sugar Company
Kikei Plantation
Paia Plantation Pumping Plant

Island of Oahu
Ewa Plantation Company
Pioneer Mills

Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company
Matson SS Lines
Maui Electric Company
Maui Land Devlop & Pineapple Canning Corp.
Pioneer Mill Company

Grove Farm
Kauai Electric -Port Arthur
Kauai Electric- Port Allen Power Station
Kekaha Sugar Company
Port Arthur

Rockefeller Job

Makee Sugar Company

Kekaha Sugar Company

Kohala Sugar Co.

Kohala Sugar Company
R.R. Hind Hawai Plantation

Koloa Sugar Company

H. Hackfield & Company
Pioneer Mill Company

Lawai Kauai
Kauai Pineapple Company, Ltd

Union Oil Company of California

Lihue Plantation Company Ltd.

Kohala Sugar Company

Libby, Mcneill & Libby Cannery

Alexander & Baldwin
Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co., Spreckelsville
Maui Electric Company

American Sugar Company
H.R. Worthington

Hutchinson Sugar Plantation Company

Hawaiian Electric Company, Kahe Plant
Kaiser Cement & Gypsum

Halstead Brothers
Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc.
Hawaiian Equipment Company, Ltd.
Kahe Power Plant
Kanoehe Ranch Company
Pearl Harbor Shipyard
Waialua Agricultural Company
Waialua Plantation

Paauhau Sugar Plantation Co.

Hawaiian Agricultural Company

Maui Agricultural Company

Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company

Laupahoehoe Sugar Company

Pearl Harbor
Fuel Oil Storage Plant
Hydro-Blast Corporation
Naval Fleet Air Base
Naval Smoke Abatement Facility
Naval Supply Center
Navy Department Bureau of Supplies & Accounts
Pearl Harbor - Ute Atf 76 - Engine Room
Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard
U.S. Naval Shipyard
U.S. Navy Yard
United States Naval Station
Waiau Power Plant

Pepeekeo Sugar Company

Port Allen
Mcbryde Sugar Company
Olokele Sugar Company Ltd

Grove Farms Company Ltd. - Koloa Mill
Koloa Sugar Company - Grove Farm Company Ltd.

Hawaiian Agricultural Company

Puunere Maui
Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company, Ltd.

Spreckelsville Maui
Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company

Kohala Sugar Company

Hawaii Electric Company

Waialua Agricultural Company
Waialua Plantation

Waianae Plantation

Hawaiian Electric Company

Maui Electric Company
Wailuku Plantation
Wailuku Sugar Company

Oahu Sugar Co.

Waipio Acres
Waipio Tunnel

Hawaii Mesothelioma Attorneys

Our mesothelioma attorneys are proud to represent mesothelioma victims and their families across the United States, including hardworking men and women in Hawaii.

Hawaii State SealExposure to asbestos is the only known cause of mesothelioma cancer. Throughout the 20th century, tons of asbestos were mined in the United States and used in products across many industries, including Hawaii sugar refineries, military bases, oil refineries, schools and universities.

Major cities in Hawaii where asbestos exposure is known to have occurred at jobsites include:

  • Honolulu
  • Hilo
  • Oahu
  • Maui
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Waipahu
  • Kahului

Filing a Mesothelioma Claim in Hawaii

Our mesothelioma lawyers in Hawaii are focused solely on mesothelioma law, allowing us to navigate the unique legal aspects of mesothelioma cases and maximize each client's recovery while remaining sensitive to the concerns of our clients suffering.

It is important to know that every state has its own laws and if you wait too long, your claims may be barred.

Hawaii Mesothelioma Treatment Centers

The following are cancer centers in Hawaii that specialize in the treatment of mesothelioma cancer. If you would like to learn more, CLICK HERE to contact our client service team or call us at 866-373-5000.

University of Hawaii Cancer Center Mesothelioma Treatment
  Straub Hospital Oncology and Mesothelioma Treatment 

University of Hawaii Cancer Center
677 Ala Moana Blvd, Suite 901
Honolulu, HI 96813


Straub Hospital
Straub Oncology/Hematology Department
888 South King Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Hawaii Mesothelioma Physicians

Michele Carbone M.D.
University of Hawaii Cancer Center
677 Ala Moana Blvd, Suite 901,
Honolulu, HI, 96813
(800) 615-2270



Mesothelioma Resources

Mesothelioma is a rare and very serious form of cancer found in the lining surrounding the lungs, the stomach, or the heart. The only known cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos.

It often takes 10 to 60 years after exposure to asbestos before the symptoms of mesothelioma develop. This period of time is referred to as a latency period. Because of the latency period, the disease commonly affects men and women that are at least 50 years of age and that worked with asbestos between 10 and 60 years ago.

Hawaii Mesothelioma Facts

Today, the use of asbestos and the handling of asbestos materials are regulated in the United States but its use is not banned. It is recognized as a hazardous material and is monitored by OSHA and the EPA but exposure risks still exist. The United States still consumes 30 million pounds of new asbestos per year. Additionally, many old homes, factories, schools, warehouses, and commercial buildings still contain old asbestos products.

The average incident rate of mesothelioma in the United States is 1 / 100,000 - the state of Hawaii is below the National average.

There are a number of different jobs that caused a larger amount of exposure to asbestos on a more frequent basis. Below you will find today's employment numbers for several of these high risk jobs in Hawaii:

Occupation 2008 Hawaii Employment
Construction 38,531
Electricians 3,360
Teachers & Instructors 2,370
Mechanics & Technicians 2,930
Plumbers 3,200

Source: Careerinfonet.org

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