Louisiana Exposure Sites

Many of our clients are unsure of how they could have been exposed to asbestos. We have hired some of the best investigators in the business. Our investigators will track down who was responsible to help ensure that they can be held accountable.

Below is a partial list of Louisiana buildings and job sites where asbestos exposure may have occurred. If you or a loved one have mesothelioma, or other asbestos-related injury, and wish to consult a Louisiana mesothelioma attorney about your legal rights to compensation, CLICK HERE for a free consultation or call us at 866-373-5000.

Abbeville Rice Mill Limited
Acadia Vermillion Rice Irrigation Co., Inc.
Hunter Canal Company
J. Henry Putnam Rose Hill Plantation
John Henry Putman
Louisiana State Rice Milling

Marshall Canning Company

Borden Chemical Division of Borden, Inc.

Continental Can Co.

A&F Tileboard, Inc.
Alexandria Cotton Oil Mill Company
Alexandria Electric Light Dept. - Power Plant
Alexandria Ice & Cold Storage Company
Alexandria Light and Power Company
Alexandria Power Plant/Generating Station
Alexandria Steam Laundry
Alexandria Street Railway Company
Arkansas Oak Flooring Company
Bentley Hotel, Incorporated
Central Louisiana Electric Company, Inc.
City Electric Light & W.W.
City Of Alexandria
City Of Alexandria Electric Light Dept.
D.G. Hunter Steam Plant, Unit 3
Louisiana Pacific Corporation
Missouri Pacific R.R.
Oil Field Scrap & Equipment Co
Procter and Gamble Manufacturing Co.
Red River Cotton Oil Company, Inc.
Red River, Atchafalay & Bayou Boeuf Levee District
Roland Construction Company
Roy O. Martin Lumber Co.
Roberts Hardware & Supply

Avondale Shipyards, Inc.
Johnson Iron Works & Shipbuilding Company
Naval Air Station
Octorara (USAT)
Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans
Todd Shipbuilding
Todd Shipyard
Todd-Johnson Dry Dock Inc.
U.S. Naval Station - Housing Plant Addition; Bldg. #9
US Floating and Graving Dock

Brown & Root
Gulf Alliance
Gulf Oil Corporation
Gulf Oil Corporation - U.S. Alliance Refinery

Avondale Shipyard
Mcdermott Shipyard

Terrebonne Lumber & Supply Co.

Louisiana State Penitentiary

American Sugar
Amstar Corporation
Arabi Packing Company
Chalmette Refinery
Domino Sugar Company

Hunter Canal Company

Ascension Parish
John Crossley and Sons, Ltd
Mount Houmas Plantation
W.H. Ballard Chatham Plantation

Louisiana Gas & Fuel Company

American Cyanamid

Avery Island
Akzo Salt
Avery Salt Company
Cargill-Azko Salt
International Salt Company
Whiskey Island Plant

American Cyanamid Company
Austral Rainbow
Avondale Marine Ways, Inc.
Avondale Shipyard
Chemical Construction Co.
Japan Bear

Baker High School - Baker High Auditorium
Bakerfield Elementary
Scokill Metal
White Hills Elementary Building

Central Louisiana Electric Company, Incorporated
Central Louisiana Energy Corporation
Cleco Power, LLC
Phoenix Planting & Manufacturing Company
Teche Power Plant

Standard Oil Company of Louisiana

Jefferson Lake Oil Company, Inc.

US Air Force

Barlow Spurs
Crusader Pipe Line of Arkansas - Station #3

Mamou Canal Company
Runnels Gas Prod Corp.

Consolidated Chemical Industries, Inc.
International Paper Company
Louisiana Mill
Power Plant
Southern Kraft Corporation

Baton Rouge
A.G. Mckee Company for Standard Oil
Aber Company, Inc.
Albemarle Fka Ethyl Chemical Plant
Alcorn Combustion Co.
Allied Chemical Corporation
Allied Signal Corporation
Aluminum Company of America
Anco Insulation, Inc.
Arco Polymers
Ascension High School
Avondale Shipyards Inc.
B & B Engineering & Supply Co.
Barnard & Burk Industrial
Baton Rouge Charity Hospital
Baton Rouge City Docks
Baton Rouge Electric Company
Baton Rouge Hospital - Equipment
Baton Rouge Parish School - East  School Board Office
Best Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Big Cajun
Big Cajun Power Station
Bolton Company
Borden Chemical
Broadmoor Middle School
C. A. Reed Lumber Company
Cambon Team Track
Central Middle School Auditorium  
City Water Department
Consolidated Chemical Corp.
Copolymer Chemical and Rubber Plant
Copolymer Rubber
Copolymer Rubber & Chemical Corp.
Crawford Corporation
Delta Southern Division
Delta Southern Tank Company
Delta Tank Manufacturing Plant
Department of Education Building
Dow Chemical
Dow Chemical Plant
Dsm Copolymer Chemical
Dupree, Inc.
E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company
Eagle Asbestos & Packing Co., Inc.
Enjay Chemical Co.
Entergy Gulf States, Inc.
Esso Research & Engineering Center
Esso Research Labs
Esso Standard Oil Company
Ethyl Corporation
Exxon Chemical U.S.A.
Exxon Refinery
Exxonmobil Oil Corporation
First Baptist Church
Fluid Handling Systems
Foster Grant Company
Foster Wheeler Plant
Gabler Insulation Inc.
General Chemical Division
Georgia Pacific Corp.
Grace Chemical Research & Development
Grant Chemical Plant
Gulf States Utilities Company
Hbm River Plant, Inc.
Hercules, Inc.
Herrin Transfer & Warehouse Co., Inc.
Hullinghorst Industries, Inc.
Humble Oil & Refinery Company
Insulation Engineers, Inc.
Jtt Warehouse
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation
Kaiser Company, Incorporated
Kaiser Engineers, Inc.
Kaiser Steel
La Concrete South Spur
La Mo Refractory Supply Company
Louisiana Creamery, Inc.
Louisiana State Penitentiary
Louisiana State University
Louisiana State University, various buildings
Louisiana Steam Generation Company
Louisiana Steam Products
Lurgi Knost, Inc.
Maryland Tank Farm
Mayer Goodraux
Mccarthy Corporation
Mccarty Branton, Inc.
Mckinley High Building
Mckinley Middle Magnet Building
Mechanical Insulation Co.
Mengel Box Company
Mengel Company
Mid Stream Fuel Service
Mississippi Chemical Corp.
Mobil Chemical
Monochem, Incorporated
North Baton Rouge Development Company, Inc.
Old Union Brew Building
Olyner Rubber & Chemical Corp.
Paxon Polymer
Peoples Laundry
Permanente Metals Corporation
Port Allen Marine Cleaning Plant
Ramsey Scarlet
Reilly-Benton Co., Inc.
Rise, Inc.
River Bend Nuclear Generating Station
Rollins Purle Inc.
Rust Engineering Co.
Ryan Airport
School Board Office Building 1
Scotlandville Magnet High
Solvay Process Company
Solvay/Allied Chemical Corp.
South Greenville Elementary
Southern University
St. Pius X Catholic Church
Standard Asbestos Manufacturing & Insulating Co.
Standard Oil Company of Louisiana
Standard Oil Company of New Jersey
Standard Oil Refinery
Standard Oil, Exxon Refinery
State of Louisiana Education Building
State Office Building
Stauffer Chemical Company
Uniroyal Chemical
VCM Plant
W.H. Myrick Construction Company
W.R. Grace & Company
Willow Glen
Wilson Steel
Woodlawn High School

Bayou Boeuf
Freeport Sulphur Company
Mcdermott Fabricators
Southern Pacific - J. Ray Mcdermott Switch
Union Pacific Railroad Company

Bayou Goula
George M. Murrell Planting & Manufacturing Co.
J. Supples Sons Planting Company
Tally Ho Factory

Bayou La Batre
Master Marine, Inc.

Bayou La Fourche
Greenwood Plantation
Leighton Plantation

Bayou Teche
Avoca Drainage District, Morgan City Land Co.
Bellevue Plantation
Calumet Plantation
J.N. Pharr and Sons
Keystone Plantation
Loisel Plantation
Shady Side Plantation
Victoria Plantation

Gulf States Utilities

Belle Alliance
Belle Alliance Company

Belle Chasse
Alcorn Combustion Company
Anchor Water Co.
BP Refinery
British Petroleum
Brown & Root
Chevron Chemical Co.
Gulf Oil Corporation
Oronite Chemical Company
Red Star Yeast and Products Company
Universal Foods Corporation, Red Star Yeast Operations

Belle Rose
Lula Plantation
Savoie Industries

Princeville Canning Company

Magnolia Pipe Line Co.

Bernard Parish
F.B. Fleitas Corinne Plantation

B & M Construction Co.
Lindsey Lumber Co.

Glenwild Plantation
J.N. Pharr
Oyster Shell Products
Sewart Seacraft, Inc. - Boat Hull
Texaco Inc.
Texas Company

Tennessee Gas Transmission Co.

Magnolia Pipe Line Co.

Bayou Boeuf Fabricators

Bogalusa Paper Company
Bogalusa Paper Mill
Bogalusa Stave Company
Crown Zellerbach Corporation
Gaylord Container Corporation
Great Southern Lumber Co.
James River Paper
Southern Wood Distillates & Fibre Company

Boise Southern
Boise Cascade Corp.

Bossier City
Arkansas Fuel Oil Company
Barksdale Air Force
Insulation & Specialties Inc.
US Air Force

Central Louisiana Co-Op Electric
Central Louisiana Electric Co.

Amax Nickel Refinery
Freeport Sulphur Company

Breaux Bridge
Breaux Bridge Sugar Cooperative
F. Birmingham Company
La Sugar Cane Co-Op


Bridge City
Avondale Shipyards
Sabine Industries

Runnels Gas Production Corporation

Billeaud Sugar
Broussard Cotton Oil Company

Broussard Landing
Hunter Canal Company

Freeport Sulphur Company


Cajun Sugar Co-Op

Champion International Corp.

G.W. Sentell and Company
Townsend and Mantiply Construction Co.

Buras Drainage District
Humble Oil & Refining
Peoples Utilities Company

Ormet Corporation
Ormet Corporation Aluminum Plant

Burton, Schwartz Cypress Company

Smedes Brothers

Columbia Sugar Co.

Shady Side Company, Ltd
Shady Side Plantation

Mobil Oil Co. - Johnson Bayou Plant
Seacoast Products, Inc.
Zapata Haynie Corporation

Western Kraft Corporation
Williamette Industries

Texas Eastern

Cos-Mar Inc.
Badger Company, Inc.

Cedar Grove
Caddo Central Oil & Refining Company

Foos and Barnett / James A. Barnett
J.W. Barnett

Helvetia Sugar Corporation

Central Ramona
Azucarera Central Ramona

Central Santa Rosa Las Villas
Cia Azucarera Santa Rosa Sa

Burner Parts & Accessories
Freeport Sulfur Co.

American Sugar Refining Company
Amstar Corporation
Bay Petroleum Corp. (Tenneco Oil)
Chalmette Petroleum Corporation
Chalmette Refinery
Daiser Aluminum & Chemical - Insulate
Domino Sugar Company
Havemeyer Refinery
Ingram Oil & Refining Company
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation
Kaiser Steel
Mobil / Tenneco, Bay Refinery
Mobil Oil Corporation, Chalmette Refinery
Murphy / Ingram Oil
Tenneco Oil Company

J.P. Ewin

Farmers Land & Canal Company

Cinclare Central Factory

Louisiana Central Lumber Company

Caire & Graugnard

George P. Anderton

Bechtel Corporation
Convent Chemical Corporation
Freeport Chemical Company
Motiva Oil Refinery
Star Enterprise
Texaco, Inc.
Texaco Refinery

Cotton Valley
Cotton Valley Operators
Premier Oil Refining Company of Texas
Kerr Mcgee Corp.

Bodcaw Company
Hood Industries
Oil Field Heaters

Covington Ice & Cold Storage Company
Louisiana Public Utilities Company
Mackee Pine Products
Southern Hotel
St. Tammany Ice & Manufacturing Company

American Rice Milling Company

C.S. Burt and Company

Arcadia Vermilion Rice Irrigation Company
Crowley Rice Milling Company
F.W. Atwood
Gas Plant
Gulf Public Service Company
Louisiana Irrigation & Mill Company
Mamou Canal Company
Peoples Independent Rice Mill Company
Simon Rice Mill
Standard Milling Co.
Texas Rice Milling Company
Water Works and Electric Plant

Louisa Sugar Co-Op Incorporated

Hunt Lumber Company

De Ridder
Boise Cascade Corporation
Boise Southern
Crosby Chemical Co.
De Ridder Mill
International Paper Company
Long Bell Lumber Company

Sun Oil / Sunoco / Suntide Refinery

De Quincy
Georgia Pacific
Newport Industries, Inc.

De Moines
Des Moines City Railway Company
Des Moines Edison Light Company
Lake Shore Tire & Rubber Company

American Cyanamid Ammonia Plant
American Oil Company
Mexican Petroleum Company of Louisiana, Inc.
Oriental Exporters Inc.
Pan American Southern Corporation

Hutchinson Hollingsworth & Company

L.M. Soniat

Hunt Lumber Company

Agrico Chemical Co.

Alcorn Combustion Company
B. Lemann and Brothers
C.F. Industries, Chemical Plant
Central Farmers Cooperative
Central Farmers Fertilizers Company
Donaldsonville Rice Mills Company
Elray Kocke Service
Evan Hall Sugar Cooperative, Inc.
First Nitrogen Corporation
Gulf Oil Co.
Kocke Elray Service Inc.
Nitrogen Inc.
Palo Alto Plantation
Salsburg Refining Co.
Triad Chemical Company

Leonce M. Soniat

Hunt Lumber Company

Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant

La Gloria Corporation

Ocean Protein

Caire & Graugnard
Union Carbide Taft

Bay Ste. Elaine
Freeport Sulphur Company

Boise Cascade Corporation
Calcasieu Paper Company
Calcasieu Sulphate Paper Company, Inc.
Calkraft Paper Company
Industrial Lumber Company

Elmer Spur
Southdown Sugars Inc. - Thibodaux Division

Daybrook Fisheries
Empire Menhaden Company, Inc.
Harry Packard Contracting

Anchor Gasoline Corp.
Columbian Carbon Co.

A. Moresi Company Limited
Erath Sugar Company
Texaco Inc. - Erath Cycling Plant
Texaco Inc. - Henry Gas Processing Plant

Acadia Vermillion Rice Irrigation Co., Inc.

Eureka Rice Mill

Anchor Gasoline Corp.
R.H. Coleman and Company
Runnels Gas Products
Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company
Uno-Tex Petroleum

St. Joseph Planting and Manufacturing Company

Ashland Pipe Line Co.
Union Compress & Warehouse Co.

Boise Cascade Corporation
Louisiana Long Leaf Lumber Co.

Ernest Roger

Boise Cascade Corporation, Fisher Mill

Fort Polk
U.S. Army

Fort Saint Tolene
The California Co.

Crusader Pipe Line of Arkansas

Interstate Natural Gas Co.

Alice C. Factory
Alice C. Plantation & Refinery
Cabot Corporation
Caffrey Central Sugar Refining & Railroad Company
Columbia Sugar Co.
Columbian Carbon Co.
Columbian Chemicals
Franklin Power Plant
Franklin Sugar Manufacturing Company
Iberia State Team Track
Leona Lee Corp.
P.R. Insulation, Ltd.
Shadyside Co. Ltd
South Coast Corporation
Sterling Sugar and Railway Company
Sterling Sugar Co.
St. Mary Iron Works Inc.
Underwood, Short and Reeves
United Carbon

Green Brothers

Garden Island Bay
Freeport Sulphur Company

Louisiana Forest Products Co.

Apex Oil Company, Inc.
E.I. Dupont De Nemours & Co.
Nalco Chemical

Olin Corp.

Leamarn and Lum

Akadian Corporation
Allied Chemical Corp.
Basf Corporation
Basf Wyandotte Chemicals Corporation
Borden Chemical Company
Chevron Corporation
Eastman Chemical
Geismar Cogeneration Facility
Gulf States Utilities
Monochem Chemical Plant
Monochem, Inc.
Occidental Chemical Corporation
Power Gas Corporation
Rubicon Chemicals, Inc.
Shell Chemical Company
Union Texas Petroleum Corp. - Olefin Plant
Vulcan Materials Company
Wyandotte Chemical Company

Pcs Nitrogen

Owens Illinois Glass Company

G.B. Reuso, Germania Plantation
Hohen Solms

Crusader Pipe Line of Arkansas

Hillyer, Deutsch, Edwards, Inc.

Golden Meadow
Golden Meadow Middle School

Phillipe Industrial Park

Good Hope
Coastwise Petroleum
Gatx Terminals Corporation
General American Transportation Corporation
Good Hood Refinery
La Power & Light - Ebasco Services Inc.
Louisiana Power & Light Co.
New Orleans Refining Company, Inc.
Ng Manufacturing Plant
Pullman Kellogg
Shell Oil Co.

Gorgas Steam Plant - East Baton Rouge County

Colonial Sugars Company
Gramercy Sugar Company
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation
Kaiser Steel

Grand Chenier
Continental Oil Co.
Tennessee Gas Plant

Grand Isle
Caminada Offshore Mine
Freeport-Mcmoran, Inc.

Grande Ecaille
Freeport Sulphur Company

Grande Port
Freeport Sulphur Company

C.S. Burt and Company
Gulf Atlanta Refinery
Gulf Distilling Company
Holloway House
Hunt Foods & Industries, Inc.
Mayer Alcohol Co.
Oakwood Shopping Center
Southern Cotton Oil Company
Union Oil Company
Witco Chemical Co., Inc.

Kaiser Aluminum

United Irrigation & Rice Mills

Olin Madison Aluminum Co.

Freeport Sulphur Co.

Continental Can Company

Hooker Chemical
National Phosphate Corp.
Occidental Chemical Corporation
Union Carbide Plant

Marshall Canning Company

Resources Development Corp.
Wm. F. Surgical Equipment

Harbor City
Los Angelos County Sanitation (District #2)

Little Gypsy Power Plant

Amf Tubescope, Inc.
Avondale Shipyard
Freeport Sulphur Company
Harvey Terminal
Houma Industries
Humble Oil and Refining Co.
Hunt Shipyard
Hunt Tool Company
Hunt-Wesson Foods
Jefferson Distilling & Denaturing Company
Penick and Ford Limited
Russel Wolf Corporation
Southern Shell Fish Company, Inc.
Swift and Company
Tube-Kote Inc.

Southdown Sugar

Lacassine Company
North American Land & Lumber Company

Hermitage Planting & Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Hermitage Planting & Refining Company

Joan of Arc Canning Company

L. Keller and Company

California Company

Higgins Aircraft, Inc.

Continental Can Company
Continental Chair
Smurfit-Stone Container
Southern Advance Bag & Paper Co.
Stone Container Corporation

Sweetlake Land & Oil Company

Gypsy Power Plant
Little Gypsy

Bayou State Oil Company

Avondale Shipyard
Bourg Drydock
Coburn Supply Co.
Dixie Shipyards
Estate of H.C. Minor
Fish Engineering Corp. / Tidewater Oil Co.
Hauma Lighting & Ice Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Horace Williams Co.
Main Iron Works
Progressive Shipbuilding
Quality Shipyard
Rayco Shipbuilders
Shell Oil / Shell Chemical
Southdown Sugar Inc.
Superior Oil Co.
The South Coast Co.
Tidewater Oil Co. / Fish Engineering Corp.

Bayou State Oil Refinery

Golden Gate Planting & Manufacturing

Intracoastal City
Sea Coast Products Co.

La. Canal Co.
Shell Oil Company
Shell Petroleum Corporation
Sweetlake Land & Oil Company

East Louisiana State Hospital

Valentine Sugars Inc.

A.L. Monnot
Albania Sugar
Daniel Jeffrey & Son, Inc.
Delgado Albania Plantation Commission
Delgardo and Company
Jeanerette Sugar Company, Inc.
Loisel Sugar Refining Company
M.A. Patout & Sons
Roane Sugar Inc.
St. Mary Sugar Co-Op

Avondale Shipyard
Louisana Dock Co.
Resources Development Corp.

Jefferson Parish
La Power & Light Co. - Nine Mile Station No. 3

Jena Wire & Cable Corporation

Jennings Gas and Electric Company
Jennings Norwood Irrigation Company
Louisiana Irrigation & Mill Company
Lowry Irrigation Plant
Mayville Canal Company
Mcfarlain Irrigation Plant
National Rice Milling Company
Riverside Irrigation Company
S.B.A. Shipyards

Johnson Bayou
Magnolia / Mobil Oil
Mobil Oil Corp.

Crown Zellerbach Corporation

Acadia Vermillion Rice Irrigation Co., Inc.
Kaplan Rice Mill, Inc.
Louisiana State Rice Milling Co.

Kenilworth Sugar Estates

Anco Insulation, Inc.
Delta Match Corporation of Louisiana
Fourth Jefferson Drainage District
Hepinstall Steel Co.
Humble Oil Refining
Kenner City Of
Kenner Home Team Track

Kinder Canal Company

Krotz Springs
J P Oil Company

La Place
E.I. Dupont De Nemours & Co.
Louisiana Power & Light Co. - Little Gypsy Steam Electric Plant
Pontchartrain Plant, Project 9527

La Rosen
Western Electric Plant

Archer Daniels Midland Company
Robichaux Eg Co. Ltd
Supreme Sugar Refinery

Lacassine High School
Sweetlake Land & Oil Company

Bonin Steam Plant, Unit 1
C.A. Rodemacher Steam Plant, Unit 1, 2 & 3
City Of Lafayette
City Of Lafayette - Rodemacher Plant
J P Oil Company
Lafayette High School  
Lafayette Municipal Plant
Lafayette Sugar Refining Company
Lafayette Utilities System
Louis Doc Bonin Power Station
Louisiana Energy & Power Authority
Mike Baker Brick Co.
Northside High School Gymnasium
Southern Gulf Operators
Southwest Louisiana Institute

Valentine Sugar Refinery

Lafourche Crossing
Libbey and Blonin

Lake Charles
Air Base
American Petrochemical Corporation
Atlantic Richfield Chemical Company
Atlantic Richland
Bridgestone Tire & Rubber / Firestone Synthic Rubber & Latex Co.
C.S. Burt and Company
Canadianoxy Offshore Production Co.
Carbon Black
Certainteed Products Corporation
Cit-Con Oil Corporation
Citcon Refinery
Citgo Petroleum Corporation
Cities Service Oil Company
Cities Service Oil Refining Co.
Columbia Southern Chemical Corporation
Columbian Carbon Company
Columbus Southern Chemical Corporation
Conoco, Inc.
Continental Carbon Plant
Continental Oil Company
Cosner Biegler and Company
CS Petroleum
Davidson Sash & Door
Davison Chemical
Defense Plant Corporation
F. Miller & Sons, Inc.
Firestone Synthetic Rubber & Latex Company
Firestone Tire and Rubber Company
Gillis Gasoline Plant
Great Lake Dredge & Dock
GSU / Gulf States Utilities / Nelson Station
Gulf Coast Aluminum Corp.
Gulf States Utilities Co.
Hercules Chemical
Hercules, Inc.
Industrial Insulators, Inc.
Krause & Managan Lumber Company Ltd.
Lake Charles Chemical Plant
Lake Charles Compress & Warehouse Company, Inc.
Lake Charles Railway Light & Water Works Company
Lake Charles Refinery
Liquified Natural Gas Plant
LNG Plant
Louisiana Canal Company
Louisiana Supply Co.
Lyondell Chemical Plant
Mathieson Alkali Works, Inc.
Mathieson Chemical Corporation
Monsanto Enviro Chemical / Pharmacia Corp.
Montell USA, Inc.
Mr. Bill Buchert
Nelson Station
Occidental Chemical
Oilquip, Inc.
Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation
Oxy Oil and Gas
Oxy Usa
Oxychem Petrochemical
P.P.G. Industries
Petro Oil Company
Petrochemical Industries, Inc.
Pharmacia / Monsanto Enviro Chemical
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company
Ppg Industries, Incorporated
Roy S. Nelson Plant
Sabine Industries, Inc.
Scottys Brick Co. Inc.
Service Oil Company
Southern Alkali Works
Stevens & Company
Sweetlake Land & Oil Company
Truckline Terminal
Tutwiler Refinery
W.R. Grace & Company
West Lake Powerhouse
Westlake Refinery
Willow Glen

Lehigh Coal & Navigation Company

E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Co.
Louisiana Power & Light Co.

Electric Light & Power Plant

Kansas City Southern Railway Company

Cleco Power, Llc
Rodemacher Power Station

Shore Line Oil Company

Libbey Switch
Bush Grove Plantation

Lida Grove
George Hill

Claiborne Gasoline Company

Catherine Sugar Company, Inc.
George Hill

Bollinger Shipyard
Halter Marine
R.E. Morrison Estate
Valantine Pulp & Paper Co.
Valentine Sugars

Texas Pipeline Co.

Maria Plantation
Vida Sugars Inc.

Louisa Sugar Co-Op

Gardiner and Conover

Bungy Grain Elevator
Chemico for Lion Oil Company
Indeck Power Equipment Company
Lion Oil Refining Company
Monsanto Chemical Company

Thistlethwaste Planting

Equitable Equipment
Equitable Shipyard
Jahncke Shipyard

Crusader Pipe Line Of Arkansas - Station #6

Crusader Pipe Line Of Arkansas - Station #6
Stearns Roger Manufacturing Company

Brown & Root
Central Louisiana Electric Company, Inc.
Cleco Power, LLC
Dolet Hills Steam Plant
Hendrix Manufacturing Company
International Paper Company
Louisiana Public Utilities Company
Southwestern Electric Power Company

D.K. Jeffris and Company

Petroleum Chemicals Inc.

Archbishop Shaw High School
Celotex Corporation
Chinchuba Institute
General Industrial Alcohol Corporation
Immaculate Conception School
Jefferson Parrish Wastewater District #2
Johns Manville Products Corporation

South Coast Corporation

Evan Hall Sugar Cooperative, Inc.

Meeker Sugar Refining Company

J.P. Oil Company

Freeport & Tampico Fuel Oil Corporation
Freeport Mexican Fuel Oil Corporation
Ingram Oil & Refining Company
Litwin Corp.
Murphy Oil
Sinclair Refining Company of Louisiana, Inc.

Acadia Vermillion Rice Irrigation Co., Inc.
Louisiana Irrigation & Mill Company
Pumping Plant
Southwestern Rice & Canal Company, Ltd

Anco Insulation, Inc.
Bayou Black Shipyard
Blue Diamond Kiln Co. Inc.
Boyce Machinery Company
Greenpark Elementary School
St. Philip Neri School

Air Products & Chemicals
Michoud Power Boiler
New Orleans Public Service
Windlock Storage Tank

W.M. Hoyt

Hunter Canal Company

Army Ammunition Plant
City Of Minden - Minden Municipal Power
Clement-Braswell, Inc.
Louisiana Energy and Power Authority
Louisiana Ordnance Plant
Minden Utilities System
Webb Press Company
Beacon Gas Company
Blackburn Gasoline Plant

New Orleans Airport, Moisant International Airport

Adams Industries
Brown Industries
Brown Paper Mills Company
Charity Hospital
City Water Department
Continental Can Company, Inc.
Electric Power Plant - City Of Monroe
Entergy Corporation - Monroe Plant
Louisiana Power & Light Co.
Manville Forest Products
Middle South Utilities
Monroe Municipal Power Plant, Generating Station
Monroe Power House
Municipal Light and Power Plant
Municipal Power Plant
Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp.
Olinkraft, Inc.
Quachita National Bank
St. Francis Hospital
St. Francis Sanitarium
Tennessee Gas Transmission Company
United Gas Pipe Line
Utilities Commision - Electric Power Plant
Weaks Supply Company

Little Gypsy Powerhouse

Lieberman Steam Plant, Unit 1
Lieberman Steam Plant, Unit 2
Southern Gas & Electric Company
Southwestern Electric Power Company
Southwestern Gas and Electric Company
Swepco/Lieberman Plant


Shell Oil Company
Shell Petroleum Corporation

Morgan City
Avondale Shipyard
J Ray Mcdermott
Louisiana Energy and Power Authority
Mcdermott Shipyard
Morgan City Municipal
Pelican State Lime

Louisiana Irrigation & Mill Company

Fuller-Austin Insulation Co.
Gulf States Utilities Co.

City of Mouma

Mount Airy
C.S. Burt and Company
Felicien Waguespack

Mount Houmas Plantation
Jno. Brossley and Sons

Mt. Vernon
Kromer Produce Company

Myrtle Grove
Brown & Root Inc.
Gulf Alliance
Gulf Oil Corp.

Glenwood Cooperative, Inc.
Glenwood Sugar Corp.

Boston Lumber Company
Hunt Plywood Company, Inc.

City Of Natchitoches, Natchitoches Municipal Power
Louisiana State Normal College
Natchitoches Light and Water
Natchitoches Municipal Electric Light & Water Dept.
Natchitoches Steam Plant
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company

Near Boyce
Rodemacher Power Station

New Iberia
Cajun Sugar Co-Op
Gulf Public Service Company
Humble Avery Island - Compressor Station
Iberia Sugar Cooperative, Inc.
L.C. Soileau & Son
Quaker Oats Company
Red Fox Industries

New Orleans
A. B.  Barone
A. Baldwin & Company
A.J. Heggins
A.M. Lockett & Company
Abraham Baldwin
Acands, Inc.
Aedanus Burke
Aimee Lykes
Ainsworth (USS)
Air Products & Chemicals
Al G. Wichterich Co.
Alabama Power Co.
Albert G. Brown
Alcoa Steamship Co.
Alden Mills
Alexander W. Doniphan
Alexander White
Allen Towers
Allied/Solvay - Vessels & Apparatus
Allison Lykes
Amco Insulations
Amer Cyanimid Company
American Brewing Co.
American Creosote Works, Inc.
American Cyanamid Company
American Marine Corp.
American Radiator
American Standard Corporation
American Sugar Refining Company
American Tankships Corporation
Andrew A. Humphreys
Andrew Marschalk
Andrew Moore
Anthony Timberland, Whitney Building
Armour and Company
Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corporation
Armstrong Cork Company
Aschaffenburg Company
Atlantic Gulf Supply Co.
Avondale Shipyard
Aylwin (USS)
Babcock & Wilcox
Banner Seam
Baptist Theological
Barbey (USS)
Baton Rouge
Beckley Seam
Bell Telephone Building
Belou & Company
Benjamin Contee
Bestwall Gypsum Co.
Biehl and Company
Blue Plate Foods, Inc.
Boeing Company
Boland Machine, Shipyard
Bon Air Seam
Boston (USS)
Bowen (USS)
Branton Insulations, Inc.
Brewton (USS)
Brig. General Clinton W. Russell
Brooklyn Cooperage Company
Brothers of the Sacred Heart High School
Buck Kreihs Shipbuilding
Bureau of Yards and Docks, Naval Air Station
Button Gwinnett
C.C. Hartwell Company, Limited
C.S. Burt and Company
C.W. Wills
Cabot Carbon Company
Caffrey Central Sugar Refining & Railroad Co.
Cafiero Ice Works, Inc.
Caire and Graugnard
Cambon Team Track,  Belou & Company
Canal Bank & Trust Company
Canal Barge Company
Canterbury Leader
Cape Canaveral
Cape Canso
Cape Catoche
Cape Farewell
Cape Flattery
Capodanno (USS)
Carribbean Trading Company
Castle Industries
Celotex Corporation
Central Ice & Cold Storage Company
Chalmette Laundry
Chalmette Petroleum Corporation
Charity Hospital Of Louisiana
Charles A Wickliffe
Charles Berry (USS)
Charles Brantley Aycock
Charles Henderson
Charles W. Wooster
Chilton Seam
Christopher Lykes
Cimarron (USS)
City Incenerator
Civic Center Building
Clarion Hotel
Claud Jones (USS)
Clessi Marine
Consumers Light Company
Cook (USS)
Corporation De'Fomento
Crane Constr Company
Cran-Moore, Inc.
Crescent City Rice Mill Company
Crescent City Stock Yard & Slaughter House Co.
Cypremont Factory
D.H. Holmes Company, Ltd
Daniel Huger
David G. Farragut
David Holmes
David T. Wilentz
Degelos Brothers Grain Corporation
Delta Match Corporation
Delta Norte
Delta Queen Steamboat Company
Delta Shipbuilding Corp.
Delta Southern Shipyard
Dilts Machine Works
Dixie Brewing Company
Dixie Machine Welding & Metal Works Inc.
Donald B Beary (USS)
Dorothy Stevenson
Doullet and Williams
Dow Chemical
Duncan F. Kenner, Hermitage Plantation
E. & J. Koch
E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Co.
Eagle Asbestos & Packing Co., Inc.
Eagle Seam
Edgar Murray Supply Co.
Edison Electric Illuminating Company
Edward Sparrow
EGE (F256)
Elias Boudinot
Eliza Jane Nicholson
Elizabeth H.
Elmer Montgomery (USS)
Elmer Tank and Boiler Works
Entergy New Orleans, Inc.
Equitable Shipbuilding
Ernst and Company
Esso Baton Rouge
Esso Philadelphia
Esso San Francisco
Eugene W Hilgard
Exxon Baton Rouge
Exxon Company USA
Exxon Philadelphia
Exxon San Francisco
F T Frelinghuysen
Fairmont Hotel
Falstaff Brewing Corporation
Federal Post Office Building
Fen Yang
Fisher Lumber Manufacturing Company
Flintkote Company
Flormerca Line
Fong Yang
Food First
Francesco Parisi
Freeport Minerals Co.
Freeport Seam
Freeport Sulphur Company
French Market Ice Manufacturing Company
G.F. Faurat
Gabler Insulation Company
General Electric Company United States Naval Station
General Services Administration
George A. Marr
George B. Swift Company
George Gale
George Leonard
George M. Murrell Planting & Manufacturing Co.
George Ogden
George Poindexter
George W. Kendall
Gerard F. Tujague, Inc.
Giredon Switch Door 5
Glamorgan Seam
Grandjean Mills & Le Yasseur
Green Harbor
Green Island
Green Valley
Groton Trails
Gulf Banker
Gulf Farmer
Gulf Merchant
Gulf Shipper
Gulf Tender
Gulf Tracer
Gulf Trader
Gypsy Power Plant
H.E. Shurig
Haase Construction Company
Hae Yang
Halter Marine
Harper Robinson & Co.
Haubtman and Loeb Company
Henderson Sugar Refinery
Henry Groves Connor
Henry L. Ellsworth
Henry S. Foote
Henry Wynkoop
Herrin Seam
Hibernia Bank Building
Higgins Aircraft, Inc.
Higgins Industries
Higgins Shipyard
Home Industry Iron Works
Hooker Chemical
Horace H Harvey
Hotel America
Hotel Dieu Hospital
Hotel Roosevelt
Hunt-Wesson Oil
Hwai Yang
Illinois Central Elevator
Imboden Seam
Industrial Canal Steam Electric Station
Iniboden Seam
Insulation Engineers, Inc.
International Distillery
International Trade Mart Building
Irwin Russell
Island Refining Corporation
J C W Beckham
J. Cusimana
J.C. Higgins Shipyard, Higgins Shipyard
J.J. Jackson
J.S. Otis Mahogany Company
Jackson Brewing Corporation
Jacob Thompson
Jagger Seafer
Jagger Seam
James E Howard
James Mchenry
Jean Baptiste Le Moyne
Jellico Seam
Jesse L. Brown (USS)
Jewell Seam
Jewish Community Center
John A Quitman
John A. Morris Ashton Plantation
John Mcdonogh
John R. Perry (USS)
John Sharp Williams
John Stagg
John Vining
Jonathan Grout
Jonathan Sturges
Jonathan Trumbull
Joseph Goldberger
Joseph Hewes (USS)
Joseph N Nicollet
Joshua Seney
Josiah Parker
Judah Touro
Judge Emile Rost
Julian Poydras
Jung Hotel
Kaiser Aluminium
Karadeniz (F255)
King & Company
Kirk (USS)
Knox Glass Works
L & N Crossing and Industrial Canal
L. D. Reeder Company
La Mo Refractory Supply Company
Lacassine Company (A.M.L.)
Lafcadio Hearn
Lafourche Lumber
Lan Yang
Lane Cotton Mills Company
Lane Mills
Lasalle Seam
Lehman Abraham & Company Cotton Mills
Leif Ericson
Leon Godchaux
Lichtenstein and Hechinger
Light Company La State Rice Milling Co.
Linn Boyd
Linton Seam
Little Gypsy Powerhouse
Lockhead Martin Marietta Michoud
Lone Star and Crescent Oil Company
Lone Star Cement Corporation
Louisana Power & Light
Louisana Sugar Refining Company
Louisiana Cement Co.
Louisiana Distillery Company, Limited
Louisiana Ice Company
Louisiana Molasses Company
Louisiana Power & Light Company
Louisiana State University - Library Building
Louisiana Sugar Refining Company
Lower Warehousing Co.
Loyola University
Lucius Q. C. Lamar
Lykes Incorporated
Macheca Real Estate & Improvement Company
Macky & Manus
Maginnis Cotton Mills
Maginnis Oil Works
Magnolia Compress & Warehouse Company, Inc.
Maison Blanche Building
Margaret Lykes
Marine Coaster
Marine Leader
Marine Merchant
Marine Shipper
Marine Trader
Marine Transport
Maritrop Trading Company
Market St. Station
Marquette Insulation
Martin Marietta, Nasa
Mary Ashley Townsend
Mason L Weems
Masonry Product Sales
Mauvenet (F250)
Mayer Goddraux
Mccandless (USS)
Mccarty Branton, Inc.
Mccarty Corporation
Mcmorris (USS)
Mcwilliams Dredging Company
Mengel Company
Merchants Ice Co. Ltd
Mercier Hotel
Mercy Hospital
Merrimac Seam
Merrimack (USS)
Metairie Ridge Nursery Company
Metropolitan Bank Building
Mex, Petroleum Corporation
Michael Tracy
Michand Ordnance Plant
Middle South Services, Inc.
Miller (USS)
Mingo Seam
Moinester (USS)
Monongahela (USS)
Mopsi Michoud Power Station
Morgan Louisiana & Texas Railroad & Steamship Co.
Mount Sunape
Mount Tamalpais
Murray Edgar Supply Co. Inc.
N. O. Cold Storage Company
Nasa Michoud Operations
National Brewing Company
National Gypsum
National Linen Service Corporation
National Rice Milling Company
National Space Technology
New Orleans & Carrollton Railroad Light & Power Co.
New Orleans Acid and Fertilizer Company
New Orleans and Carrollton Railroad Company
New Orleans Civic Center and City Hall
New Orleans Compress Company
New Orleans Cotton Exposition
New Orleans Drainage Commission
New Orleans Gas Light Company
New Orleans Levee Pumping Station
New Orleans Linen Supply Company
New Orleans Picayune
New Orleans Public Belt Railway
New Orleans Public Service
New Orleans Railway and Light Company
New Orleans Railway Company
New Orleans Sanitation Department
New Orleans Sewage & Water Board
Newcomb College
Ng Manufacturing Plant
Ning Yang (F938)
Norfolk Southern Railway
Norman O Pedrick
Northern Ships Agency
Number 2 Louisiana Plant
Office of Data & Financial Mgmt. - Supply Depot
Old Union Brew Bldg.
Opie Read
Orleans Parish - Mimosa School
Orleans Press
Oronite Chemical
Oscar S Straus
Otis Astoria Corporation
Our Lady of Prompt Succor  
Our Lady Star of the Sea Church
Owens Illinois Glass Company - Glass Container Division
Owens-Illinois, Inc.
Panama Canal Co.
Panama Ice Company
Paul (USS)
Paul Revere
Paul Tulane
Pendleton Shipyard
Pharris (USS)
Philander C. Knox
Phoenix Planting & Manufacturing Company
Phutthayofta Chulalok (F461)
Pierre Soule
Pittsburgh Seam
Planters Rice Mills
Planters Sugar Refining Company
Pocahontas Seam
Point Vicente
Poplar Theatre
Port Of New Orleans
Powellton Seam
Quaker Oats Company
R. M. Johnson
Red Star Yeast and Products Company
Redstone Seam
Reef Industries Inc.
Reginald A. Fessenden
Reilly-Benton Company Inc
Rheem Manufacturing Co.
Richard M. Johnson
Richard Mumford Pearson
Rickert Rice Mill Incorporated
Robert Bacon
Robert E. Lee
Robert Lowry
Robert W. Bingham
Roda Seam
Roger Griswold
Roosevelt Hotel
Royal Orleans Hotel
Salmen Brick and Lumber Company
Sam Houston
Samuel Dexter
San Houston
Sanderson and Porter
Sara Mayo Hospital, Replacement & Expansion
Schmidt and Ziegler
Sea Comet
Sea Magic
Sears Roebuck & Co.
Seidel Furniture Manufacturing Company
Semmes (USS)
Service Engineering Co.
Seton Academy  
Sewanee Seam
Sewell Seam
Sewer & Water Board
Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans
Shell Chemical Company
Shell Oil Company
Soullet and Williams
Southdown, Inc.
Southern Baptist Hospital
Southern Ice Company
Southern Railroad
Southern Scrap Material Ltd
Southport Mills, Limited
Southwestern Rice Canal Company, Limited
St. Charles Hotel
St. Francis Cabrini  
St. Josephs Paper Co.
Standard Brands, Inc.
Standard Brewing Company
Standard Cotton Seed Oil Company
Stonewall Jackson
Streator Seam
Sun Erection Chemical Plant
Supply Depot
Swift and Company
T P Switch
T. Smith Incorporated
T.J. Jackson
Tarleton Brown
Tattnall (USS)
Taylor-Seidenbach, Inc.
Tenneco Oil Company
Terminal Freight Transfer
Textile Mills Corporation
The Ecuadorian Purchasing Co.
Theodoric Bland
Thomas B. Robertson
Thomas C Hart (USS)
Thomas F Cunningham
Thomas Fitzsimons
Thomas Scott
Thomas Sinnicksen
Thomas Sully and Company
Thomas Tracy
Timothy Bloodworth
Tobias E. Stanbury
Todd Johnson Shipyard
Touro Infirmary
Town House Job - Mill "A" - Switch Door 4
Trakya (F254)
Trans Air System
Transoceanic Shipping Company, Inc.
Truett (USS)
Tulane University
Tulane University Medical School
U. S. General Services Administration
Union Pacific Railroad
United Engineering & Foundry Company
United States Custom House & Post Office
United States Industrial Alcohol Company
United States Mint
United States Naval Hospital
United States Naval Station
Universal Transcont.
Valdez (USS)
Valley Forge
W.L. Mccormick
W.R. Grace & Co.
W.R. Irby Cigar and Tobacco Company
W.S. Parkerson
Wade Hampton
Walter Dumont
Waterman Steamship Corp.
Welding Manufacturing Company
Wesson Oil and Snowdrift Company
Westfeldt Brothers, Inc.
Westinghouse Corp.
Whitney Central National Bank
William B Bankhead
William B. Giles
William Blount
William C. Claiborne
William Crompton
William E. Pendleton
William Harper
William Henderson
William M Evarts
William Wheelwright
Wogan Brothers
Woodward Wight & Company
Yankee Fighter
Yankee Pioneer
Yi Yang (F939)
Zafer (F253)

New Roads
Big Cajun #2 Steam Plant
Cajun Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.
Louisiana Electric Co-Op
Louisiana Generating

New Rose
Big Cajun Powerhouse

New Sarpy
C.C. Coffee
Edward Sarpy

C. F. Braun Company

Nine Mile Point
Louisiana Power & Light
Westinghouse LA Power & Light Co.

Nine Miles Steam Station
Louisiana Power & Light Co.

Fluor Corp.
Gatx Terminals Corporation
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp.
Kaiser Steel
Norco Good Hope Terminal
Norco Plant
Norco Refinery
Shell Chemical Company
Shell Oil Company
Shell Refinery
Vasper-Coen Company

North Baton Rouge
Allied Chemical & Dye Corp.
Capolymer Rubber & Chemical Corp.
Esso Standard Oil Company
Ethyl Corporation
Gulf States Utilities Co. - Louisiana Station (Entergy Corp.)
Standard Oil Company Of Louisiana
Stauffer Chemical Co. - Industrial Chemical Div.

North Bend
Columbian Carbon Co.

North Bend Plantation
S.J. Suenson

Oak Grove
Fiske Compress & Warehouse

Oak  Point
Oronite Chemical Company

Arizona Chemical Company
Hillyer, Deutsch, Edwards, Inc.
Louisiana Public Utilities Company
Newport Industries, Inc.
Reichhold Chemical Company
Tenneco Chemicals Company

City of Opelousas
Exxon / Humble
Gas Plant
Municipal Electric Light & Plant

Louisiana Power & Light Co.

South Coast Corporation

Dugas and Le Blanc Limited

Palo Alto
B. Lemann and Brothers, Palo Alto Plantation

Texas Company

Pearce Foundry, Inc.

Louisiana Forest Products Co. - East Baton Rouge Parrish

M. A. Patout & Son, Ltd.

Bourdien and Bellisen
Daniel Thompson
Houseman Brost, Norman Ltd

Mississippi River Fuel Corp.

Central Louisiana Electric Company
Central Louisiana State Hospital
Charity Hospital
International Paper Co. (A/K/A Pineville Kraft Corp.)
International Paper Company/Pulp Mill
Jimmie Walker Contracting Co.
Pinecrest State School
Pineville Kraft Corp.
Procter and Gamble Company

A. Wilbert's Sons Lumber & Shingle Company
Central Louisiana Electric Plant
Dow Chemical Company
Evergreen Plantation
Georgia Gulf Corporation
Georgia Pacific Corp.
Georgia Pacific Plant
Hercules Powder Co.
Hercules Refinery
Hercules, Inc.
Mcwilliams Dredging Company
Myrtle Grove Sugar
Nadler Inc.

Truckline Gas Company

Port Allen
Enjay Chemical Company
Exxon Company USA
Horace Wilkinson, Manager of Poplar Grove Plantation
John Hill
Mcwilliams Dredging Company
Placid Oil Refinery
Poplar Grove Factory & Refining Company
Smithfield Sugar
Wesrover Sugar Factory

Port Barre
Acadian Utility

Port Chalmette
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation

Port Hudson
Georgia Pacific Corporation
Louisiana Forest Products Corporation

Port Nickel
Cuban American Nickel Co.

Port Sulphur
Combustion Equipment
Deerfield Glassine Company
Freeport / Mcmoran
Freeport Sulphur Company
Sargent Ncv Division

Poydras Junction
Brown & Root Siding

Northeast Elementary School

Calumet Refining Co.

Godchaux Sugars, Incorporated
Raceland Milling Co.
Raceland Sugars/Savannah Foods
South Coast Corp.

J. and E. Weil, Inc.
Light Company La State Rice Milling Co.
Superior Oil Co.
Union Texas Petroleum Corp.

Godchaux-Henderson Sugar Co. Inc.

River Rouge
Detroit Edison Company
River Rouge Station

F.W. Burford
Glenrose Gasoline Corp.
Louisiana Gas Co.

Hudspeth Bros

Haustica Petroleum Company
Mexican Petroleum Corporation

Martin Timber

Glen Rose Gasoline Company

Arkansas Fuel Oil Company
Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company
City of Ruston - Ruston Power Plant
Duraflake South, Inc.
Louisiana Methodist Orphanage
Louisiana Polytechnic Institute
Ruston City Water Works

Schmidt Switch
Schmidt and Ziegler

A.M.F. Beaird
A.P. Green Fire Brick Company of Texas
A.P. Green Refractories Company
Abc Midland
Alco Products, Inc.
Allen Millwork Manufacturing Corp.
American Compress & Warehouse Co.
American Cotton Oil Company
Amf Beaird
Amoco Refineries
Architectural Products Manufacturing Co.
Arkansas Fuel Oil Company
Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company
Arkla Chemical Corporation
Army Ammunition Plant
Arsenal Hill Power Plant
Arthur Circle Elementary School
Atlas Contractors
Atlas Oil and Refining Corporation
Atlas Processing Company
Atlas Refinery
Barksdale AFB
Bayou State Oil Corp.
Bird & Son Roofing
Brown & Root
Caddo Crate Co.
Caddo De Soto Cotton Oil Company
Catalytic, Inc.
Cities Service
Coca Cola
Confederate Memorial Hospital
Delta Southern Manufacturing Company
Dittco Architectural Products, Inc.
East Texas Refining Company
Fairfield Properties, Inc.
Ford Motor Company
G.S. Roofing
General Motors Corp.
Graves-Aber Insulation Co. Inc.
Henderson Cotton Oil Company
Independent Supply & Service
Industrial Roofing and Sheet Metal
Industrial Steel
International Paper Mill
Irish Pipeline
J B Beard
J. Graves Insulation Company, Inc.
J.B. Beard Company
J.M. Brown General Contractor
Kansas City Railroad
Kansas City Southern Railway
La Gloria Refinery
Libbey Owens Ford Glass
Libby Glass Plant
Libby Owens
Mill Industries Inc.
Oak Terrace Special School
Olin Corp.
Pennsylvania Oil
Pennzoil Company
Pennzoil Refinery
Pennzoil-Quaker State Company
Penzoil / Atlas Refining
Preformed Metal Products Co., Inc.
Premet Co., Inc.
R. F. Zimmerman & Company, Inc.
Ralston Purina
Reformed Metals Co.
Richard Machinery & Supply Co.
Rothschild Boiler & Tank Works
Schumpert Medical Center
Schumpert Sanitarium
Shreveport Charity Hospital
Shreveport Gas Electric Light & Power Company
Shreveport National Bank
Shreveport Prod & Refg Co.
Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word
Southern Gas & Electric Co.
Southwestern Electric Power Company
Southwestern Gas and Electric Company
Spartan Oil Refining Company
Standard Asbestos Company
State Office Building
Steel Forgings, Inc.
Superior Iron Works & Supply
Sw Gas & Electric Co.
Taylor Contracting and Supply
Taylor-Seidenbach, Inc.
Union Pacific
Union Seed and Fertilizer Company
United Gas Pipeline Company
United States Veterans Hospital
Universal Oil Products Company
Wilson Packing Company
Woolco Department Store

Willamette Industries

Air Traffic Control Center
American Creosate
Canulette Shipbuilding Co.
Delta Southern Shipyard
Gulf States Creosoting Company
Saint Tammany Drainage District
Salmen Brick and Lumber Company
Slidell Airport
Slidell Shipbuilding Company
Southern Creosoting Company, Ltd
Southern Shipbuilding

Arkansas Natural Gas Corporation

De Hass Eby Lumber Company

Southdown Switch
Realty Operators Inc.

American Creosote Works, Inc.
Mex, Petroleum Corporation

Crusader Pipe Line of Arkansas

Sport Switch

Arizona Chemical Company
International Paper Company
Southern Kraft Corporation
Springhill Mill

St. Bernard
American Sugar Refining Company
Union Texas Petroleum

St. Charles Parish
Ashton Plantation Company
Edward Sarpy
Judge Emile Rost, St. Rose P. O.

St. Francisville
Crown Vantage, Incorporated
Crown Zellerbach Corporation
International Paper Company
International Paper Mill
James River Corporation
James River Paper
Joan of Ark
Natalbany Lumber Co.
Princeville Canning Company
River Bend Powerhouse
St. Francisville Paper Co.
Town of St. Francisville

St. Gabriel
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Ciba Geigy Corporation
Entergy Gulf States, Inc.
Gulf States Utilities Company
Gulf States Utilities Power Plant
Ventress Brothers and Locke
Vista Chemical
Willow Glen Power Station

St. James
Badger Co.
Freeport Chemical Company
St. James Sugar Co-Op Inc.

St. James Parish
Agrico Faustina Plant
Imc-Agrico Company
Oneida Planting and Refining Company
Sport Plantation
Welham Estate

St. Landry
Central Louisiana Electric Co.
Central Louisiana Energy Corporation
Central Louisiana Power Co. - Coughlin Station
Cleco Midstream Resources
Coughlin Steam Plant

St. Martinsville
Lenert St. John, Incorporated
R.J. Pettibone

St. Marys Parish
Columbian Carbon Co.

St. Patrick
A.F. Wagnespack
Widow A. Troxler and Company

St. Rose
Herbert G. Wylie

Jefferson Lake Sulphur

Louisiana Power & Light Co.
Sterling Sugars, Inc.
Commercial Solvents
Ford Bacon & Davis Company

Angus Chemical
Carbon Black
Clinton Engineering Works
Commercial Solvents Corporation
Dixie Ordnance Works
Dow Chemical Co.
Entergy Louisiana, Incorporated
Louisana Light Company
Louisiana Power & Light Co.
Process Insulation
S.M.C. Powerhouse
Sterlington Steam Electric Station
Thermatomic Carbon Company

Certainteed Products Corporation
Cities Service Refinery
Conoco Oil Refinery
Firestone Synthetic Rubber & Latex Co.
Jefferson Lake Oil Company
Pcd / Pci
Union Sulphur Company


Supreme Sugar Refinery
Supreme Sugars

Columbian Carbon Co.
Columbian Carbon Plant

Crusader Pipe Line of Arkansas - Station #9

Argus Chemical Corporation
Beker Industries Corporation
Hooker Chemical Corporation
Hooker Chemicals & Plastics
Lumus Construction
Oxy Chem/Occidental Chemical Corporation
Taft Louisiana Plant
Union Carbide Chemical Corp.
Union Carbide Chemical Plant
Waterford Nuclear Station

Supreme Sugar Refining

Chicago Mill & Lumber Company
Tallulah Cotton Oil Company

Woodward Iron Corp.
Woodward Walker Lumber

Caldwell Sugar Cooperative
Caldwell Sugar Refinery
Carwell Sugar Mill
Entergy Louisiana, Inc.
Freeport Sulphur Company
Lafourche Sugars Corp.
Louisiana Power and Light
Mobil Oil Refinery
Reality Operators Inc.
Southdown Sugars, Inc.
Standard Sugars Co.
Thibodaux Div. - Southdown Sugars Inc. - Elmer Spur
W.E. Howell
W.S. Lafargue Elementary School

Joseph Pettijean
Victoria Land and Canal Company

Three Oaks
American Sugar Refining Company

Texas Natural Gasoline Corp.

Turkey Creek
Evangeline Gravel Company, Inc.

Runnels Gas & Exploration Co.

Texaco Inc.

Union Station
Bechtel Corporation
Texaco Inc.

Urania Lumber Company

C.S. Burt and Company
National Bagasse Products Company
Southdown Corporation
Southdown Sugar Refinery
Vacherie Plant

Town of Varando - Wastewater Treatment Plant

Garden Island Bay Plant, Freeport-Mcmoran, Inc.
Gulf Oil Corporation
Humble Oil & Refining

Concordia Oil Mill Company Limited
Vidalia Oil and Ice Company

Krause & Managan Lumber Company Ltd.
Sabine Canal Company

United Gas & Public Service Co.

American Cynamid Chemical Plant

Reimers Schneider Co. Inc.

Lewis Chambers Construction

E.I. Dupont De Nemours & Company

Morton Chemical Co.

Welham Plantation
Dr. Brickle Agt
Keller Wangenspeck and Poche
Welham Plantation

Joseph Pettijean
W.D. Vones
Welsh Canal Company

West Baton Rouge
Firestone Plastic Company
John Hill

West Lake
Conoco Oil Refinery
Vista Chemical Company

West Lake Charles
City Services Oil Company
Hercules Powder Co.
Pittsburgh Plate Glass
Tutwiler Refinery
W R Grace & Co. - Davison Chemical Div.

West Lynn
General Electric Co., River Works

West Monroe
Brown Paper Mill Company
C.A. Zilker
Georgia-Pacific Corporation
International Paper
Olau Paper Mill
Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation
Olin Paper Mill
Olinkraft, Inc.
Pulp Mill
Riverwood International Corporation
Riverwood International Paper Mill
Tennessee Gas Transmission Company

Citcon Refinery
Conoco Oil Refinery
Continental Carbon Co.
Continental Oil Company
Entergy Gulf States, Inc.
Ethylene Plant
Gulf States Utilities Company, Roy S. Nelson Plant
Lake Charles Chemical Corp.
Lummus Company
Nelson Power Plant
Olin Matheison Chemical Plant
PPG Industries
Refinery Warehouse
Vista Chemical Company
Westlake Plant

A.L. Patterson
American Alcohol Company
American Cyanamid Company
Avondale Shipyard
Celotex Corporation
Federal Products Company
La Power & Light
Louisiana Power & Light Co.
Ng Manufacturing Plant
Nine Mile Plant
Publicker Commercial Alcohol Company
Rossville Commercial Alcohol Corporation
West Wego Distillery

White Castle
Cedar Grove Factory
Cedar Grove Plantation
Cora Texas Plantation Company
Leonce M. Soniat
Succession Estate   Mrs. L. M. Soniat
William T. Burton Industries

Willow Glen
Gulf States Utilities

Jefferson Planting Company

Winn Rock Prod


Youngsville Sugar Company

Brown & Root

Gas Plant

Georgia Pacific Corporation
South Pulp & Paper Division Steam Plant - Unit 5
Zachary Elementary School
Zachary High School

Hunt Lumber Company
Sabine Lumber Co.

Louisiana Mesothelioma Lawyers

Our attorneys are proud to represent mesothelioma victims and their families across the United States, including hardworking men and women in Louisiana.

Louisiana State SealThe only known cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos. Throughout the 20th century tons of asbestos were mined in the United States and used in many industries, including Louisiana paper mills, schools, universities, refineries and power plants.

Major cities in Louisiana where asbestos exposure is known to have occurred at jobsites include:

  • New Orleans
  • Baton Rouge
  • Shreveport
  • Metairie
  • Lafayette
  • Lake Charles
  • Kenner
  • Bossier City
  • Monroe
  • Alexandria

Filing a Mesothelioma Claim in Louisiana

It is important to know that every state has its own laws and if you wait too long, your claims may be barred. Our Louisiana mesothelioma attorneys are focused solely on mesothelioma cases, allowing us to be sensitive to the concerns of our clients suffering while navigating the unique legal aspects of these cases and maximizing each client's recovery.

Louisiana Mesothelioma Treatment Centers

There are a number of cancer centers and physicians in Louisiana that treat mesothelioma. The following are a list of some of the cancer centers that specialize in treatment of mesothelioma cancer. If you would like to learn more, CLICK HERE to contact our client service team or call us at 866-373-5000.

 Feist-Weiller Cancer Center Louisiana Mesothelioma Treatment   Ochsner Cancer Institute New Orleans, LA Mesothelioma Treatment
Feist-Weiller Cancer Center
1501 Kings Hwy
P.O. Box 33932
Shreveport, Louisiana 71130
 Ochsner Cancer Institute
Ochsner Medical Center
1514 Jefferson Highway
New Orleans, LA 70121

Louisiana Mesothelioma Physicians

Cheryl Duncan, PA
Feist-Weiller Cancer Center
1501 Kings Highway
Shreveport, Louisiana 71130
(318) 813-1408


Tracey Nolte
Feist-Weiller Cancer Center
1501 Kings Highway
Shreveport, Louisiana 71130
(318) 813-1408

Mesothelioma Resources

Mesothelioma is a rare and very serious form of cancer found in the lining surrounding the lungs, the stomach, or the heart. The only known cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos.

It often takes 10 to 60 years after exposure to asbestos before the symptoms of mesothelioma develop. This period of time is referred to as a latency period. Because of the latency period, the disease commonly affects men and women that are at least 50 years of age and that worked with asbestos between 10 and 60 years ago.

Colorado Mesothelioma Facts

Today, the use of asbestos and the handling of asbestos materials are regulated in Colorado as well as the rest of the United States, but its use is not banned. It is recognized as a hazardous material and is monitored by OSHA and the EPA but exposure risks still exist. The United States still consumes 30 million pounds of new asbestos per year. Additionally, many old homes, factories, schools, warehouses, and commercial buildings still contain old asbestos products.

The average incident rate of mesothelioma in the United States is 1 / 100,000 - the incident rate for the state of Louisiana is above the National average with an incident rate of 1.3 / 100,000.

There are a number of different jobs that caused a larger amount of exposure to asbestos on a more frequent basis. Below you will find today's employment numbers for several of these high risk jobs in Louisiana:

Occupation 2008 Louisiana Employment
Construction 144,156
Mechanical Engineers 2,240
Electricians 12,290
Teachers & Instructors 6,000
Mechanics & Technicians 9,840
Plumbers, Pipefitters & Steamfitters 12,370

Source: Careerinfonet.org

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