Michigan Exposure Sites

Many of our clients are unsure of how they could have been exposed to asbestos. We have hired some of the best investigators in the business. Our investigators will track down who was responsible to help ensure that they can be held accountable.

Below is a partial list of buildings and job sites where asbestos exposure may have occurred. If you or a loved one have mesothelioma, or other asbestos-related injury, and wish to consult a Michigan mesothelioma attorney about your legal rights to compensation, CLICK HERE for a free consultation or call us at 866-373-5000.

Adrian College - Powerhouse
Adrian Electric Light and Power Co.
Citizens Light & Power Company
General Motors
Harvey Aluminum Company
Lenawee Medical Care Facility
Lenawee Steel Treating
Martin Marietta Aluminum Inc.
Michigan Producers Dairy Co.
Michigan State Girls Training School
Page Woven Wire Fence Company
Pet Milk Company
Stauffer Chemical Co.
Stauffer-Wacker Silicone Corporation
Stubnitz Greene Spring
SWS Silicones Division, Stauffer Chemical Co.
Van Camp Packing Company

Albion College
Albion High School
Albion Malleable Iron Co.
Corning Glass Works
EW Sheldon Hospital
Gengel Plumbing & Heating
Hayes-Albion Corporation
Ideal Castings
New Sheldon Hospital
Sheldon Hospital
Union Steel Products Company

Allegan H. & P. Company

Allen Park
Automotive Assembly, Pilot Plant
Heublein Inc.

Grand Valley State College, Learning Center

Wolverine Copper Mining Co.

Alma College
Alma Manufacturing Company
Alma Products
Alma Refinery
Central Michigan Light & Power Co.
General Telephone Building
Leonard Refineries, Incorporated
Michigan National Guard Armory
Republic Motor Truck Company
Total Petroleum Inc.
Total Refinery

Abitibi Consolidated, Incorporated
Abitibi Paper Mill
ABT Company, Incorporated Len Werda
Alpena Huron Portland Cement
Alpena Senior High School
Besser Co
Decorative Panels International
Dorr Oliver, Incorporated
Fletcher Paper Co.
Huron Portland Cement Co.
Kelley Island Lime and Transport Co.

Great Lakes Stone and Lime Co.

Ann Arbor
Alma Manufacturing Company
Angell School
Ann Arbor Gas Company
Board of Regents, University Of Michigan
City Of Ann Arbor
Conductron Corporation
Industrial Tectonics Inc.
M Northwoods Apartments
Michigan Union Building
Muhhlig Funeral Home
Parke Davis Research Lab
Parke-Davis & Co.
Pittsburgh Elementary School
Quality Glass Apparatus, Inc.
Slauson School
Tappen High School
U.S. Veterans Admin. Hospital
University Of Michigan, various bldgs.
Veteran`s Affairs Hospital
Warner-Lambert Co
Washtenaw Community College
Washtenaw Gas Company

Oliver Iron Mining Co.

Atlantic Mine
Atlantic Mining Co.
Baltic Mining Co.

Saint Joseph Catholic Church

JWR Plumbing & Heating Inc.

Detroit Edison Company

Bad Axe
Bad Axe Elementary School

Arbuckle, Ryan & Company, Inc.
Great Northern Portland Cement Co.

Baltic Mills Company

Du Wel of Bangor

Bath Community Schools
Bath High School - Storage Tank

Battle Creek
AK Zinn & Co. - Cracker & Cookie Plant
Altivity Packaging Llc
Battle Creek Box Company
Battle Creek Community Hospital
Battle Creek Gas Company
Battle Creek Sanitarium
Calhoun Gas Company
Citizens Electric Light Co.
Commonwealth Power Co.
Community Hospital
Consumers Power Company
Eaton Manufacturing
Franklin Iron and Metal Company
General Foods
Grand Trunk Western Railroad
Harper Creek School
Kellogg Company
Kraft Foods
Leila Post Montgomery Hospital
M. W. Kellogg Co. - Power Plant - Power House
Michigan Carton Company
Michigan Paperboard
Nichols and Shepard Company
Post Products Division of General Foods Corp.
Postum Cereal Company Limited
Postum Company Incorporated
Ralston Purina
Security National Bank
United Steel & Wire Company
V.A. Medical Center
General Mills

Bay City
Acra Cast
Allen Medical
American Chemical Company
American Derrick Industrial Hoist Division
American Hoist & Derrick Plant
August Ziesing
Balduck (USS)
Bay City Chevy North Plant
Bay City Consolidated Railway Company
Bay City Midland Airport
Bay City Steel
Bay City Traction & Electric Company
Bay City Union Railway Company
Bay Manufacturing Company
Bay Refining Division of Dow Chemical Co.
Begor (USS)
Bell Telephone
Bialy Hardware & Supply Company
Bousfield & Company
Bray (USS)
Brown Insulation Co.
Brunch (USS)
Bull (USS)
Burdo (USS)
Carpellotti (USS)
Cavallero (USS)
Charles T. Clark Chemical
Chevrolet North Plant
Chevrolet Power House
Consumers Power - Karn Power Plant
Consumers Power Co.
Cook (USS)
Cooney Foundry & Machine Plant
Cronin (USS)
Currier (USS)
Defoe Shipbuilding Corp.
Defoe Shipyard
Dobson Heavy Haul
Donald W. Wolf (USS)
Dow Chemical Co - Bay Plant
Dow Chemical Co - Petrochemical Plant
Dow Chemical Company
Dow Chemical Company Industrial Insulation
Dow Corning
Dow Petrochemical
E.I. Dupont De Nemours & Company
E.I. Dupont De Nemours Powder Company
Earl V. Johnson (USS)
Electric Autolite Company
Englehart Construction
Fletcher Oil Company
Fletcher Warehouse
Fryburger (USS)
Garber High School
General Hospital
General Industrial Alcohol Corporation
General Motors - Chevrolet Plant
George (USS)
Good Samaritan Hospital
Gosselin (USS)
Hampton Nursing Home
Handy High School
Hi-Rise Apartment Complex
Hollinger & Co.
Hollyhock (Lighthouse Tender)
Holt (USS)
Holton (USS)
Hua Shan
Industrial Brown Hoist
Industrial Insulation Co., Inc.
Industrial Works
Insulation Services Inc.
Jobb (USS)
Joe`s Radiator
Kinsman Independent
Kleinsmith (USS)
Kolbe Elementary
Kuhlman Heat Treatment
Kyong Nam
Marsh (USS)
Meisel Hardware
Michigan Chemical Company
Michigan Manufacturing Company
Mill End Store
Murray Corp of America (A/K/A Murray Body Corp.)
Mutual Savings & Loan
North America Chemical Company
North Eastern School Of Business
Osmus (USS)
Osteopathic Hospital
Parle (USS)
Petrochemical Plant
Presto Lite Plant
Pt. Huron High School
Quality Bay
Ray`s Food Centers
Restolite Wire and Cable
Rich (USS)
Roby (USS)
Rokn Chung Nam
Spangler (USS)
Tien Shan
United Alkali Company
W A Trahan Funeral Home
Walter X. Young (USS)
Water Street Siding
Weiss (USS)
Wellman Dynamics
West Bay City Sugar Company
Wicks Brothers
Delaware Insulation Company

Extruded Metals
Metal Glass Products

Henry Richardi

Belle River
Detroit Edison Co
Detroit Edison Company - St. Clair Plant

Burt Portland Cement Company
W.R. Burt

Benton Harbor
Benton Harbor Malleable Industries
Clark Equipment
Coloma Building
Cook Nuclear Power Plant
Harbor Metal Treating Co
Saranac Machine Co
St. Joseph and Benton Harbor Railway
Universal Looseleaf Corp

White Pine Copper Co.

Berrien Springs
Stancor Electronics

Castile Mining Company, Eureka Mine
Oliver Iron Mining Co., #10 Shaft Tilden Mine
Penokee & Gogebic Consol & Mines

Big Rapids
Alexander-Stafford Corp.
Ferris Institute
Ferris State University
Hanchett Mfg Co
Holwerda Hoizenga Company
I Con Michigan Consolidated Woodfolk No. 2
Michigan Consolidated Gas Co
P RR Rft House
Pumping Station

Birch Run
Birch Run Education Building
Birch Run Elementary School
Birch Run School

Detroit and Pontiac Railway Company
First Methodist Church of Birmingham

Blissfield Municipal Plant
E.H. Dyer And Company, Beet Sugar Factory
Home Canning Company

Office Building, 1500 Woodward Ave.

Bloomfield Hills
Cranbrook Academy of Art

Boyne City
Advance Steam Plant
Michigan 47 Steam Plant
Northern Michigan Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp.
William H. White And Company
Wolverine Power Supply Cooperative

Economy Ready Mix Co

Bridgeport Community Church
Bridgeport High School
Detroit, Flint & Saginaw Railway Company
Frumburger Furnaces
Robert O. Williams, Inc.
Saginaw and Flint Railway

Brand Insulation, c/o Indiana & Michigan Electric Co.
Bridgeman Nuclear Plant
Consumers Power Plants
Cook Nuclear Plant
Detroit Edison
Donald C Cook Nuclear Plant
Indiana & Michigan Electric Company
Indiana Michigan Power Company

Brighton High School
Detroit Creamery Company
Ectrans Inc.

Castings Service Corporation
Pallisades Nuclear Power Plant

Bronson Portland Cement Company

Industrial Service & Engineering Co

Brown City
Brown City Middle School
Franks Mobile Homes

Brownstown Township
Mc Cord Corp

Buchanan Steel Products
Clark Equipment Co

Burr Oak

Bentley High School

Byron Middle School

Bohn Aluminum & Brass Corporation

Brooks & Perkins
Cadillac Malleable Iron
Cummer & Diggins Lumber Company
Mercy Hospital
Mitchell Diggins Iron Company

Michigan Limestone and Chemical Company

Calumet & Hecla Consolidated Copper Company
Calumet & Hecla Mining Company

Consumers Power Plants

Capac Elementary School
Capac Industries, Inc.
Capac Paper Company
Pilgrim Paper Company
St. Clair Paper Company

Guardian Industries Inc.

Bell Telephone
Great Lakes Firebrick
Michigan Sugar Company

Kretchmers Wheat Germ Plant

Michigan Oven Company

Cass City
Cass City Hospital

Cedar Springs
Goller Heating Company

Cement City
Peninsula Portland Cement Company

Detroit Arsenal
Paterson Heat Treating Company

Centerville High School
Benton Sleeping Garment Mills, Inc.

Big Rock Point Nuclear Power Plant
Charlevoix Electric Light and Water Works
Consumers Power - Big Rock Power Plant
Consumers Power Company
Medusa Portland Cement
National Construction Company
West Michigan Sugar Company

Battle Creek Foundry Co.
Behnke Plumbing & Heating
Charlotte Chair
Charlotte High School
Hoover Aluminum
Owens Corning Fiberglass
Owens Illinois Glass Plant

Charmin Paper Products Company
Great Lakes Tissue Company

Chelsea Municipal Electric Light & Water Works
Chelsea School - Mckinley Road
Glazier Stove Company
Lewis Spring & Axle Company
Municipal Electric Light Water Co.
White Portland Cement Co.

Chesaning Middle School
Chesaning Municipal Electric Light & Water Works

China Township
Detroit Edison Company
Detroit Edison Company, Belle River Plant

Grand Steel & Manufacturing Company

Clinton Machine Co; Plant #3
Clinton Municipal Electric Light Plant
Clinton Woolen Manufacturing Co.
Macomb County Administration Building

Glen Corner School

American International Al
Climax Molybdenum Co
Coldwater Powerhouse
Coldwater State Home & Training School
Darling International
Essex Wire
Industrial Piping & Engineering
Municipal Electric Plant
Municipal Power Plant
Quality Aluminum Products Co
State Hospital
Training School
W.A. Coombs Milling Company

Cole's Creek
Michigan Smelting Company

Twin City Container Corp

University Of Missouri

Columbiaville Wool Mills

Commonwealth Iron Company

Comstock High School
Consumers Power

Concord High School

Connors Creek
Connors Creek Power Plant
Detroit Edison

Constantine Board & Paper
Covalence Specialty Materials Holding Corp.
Simplex Industries Incorporated
Tyco International

Bourne Manufacturing Company

Consumers Power Company
Covert High School
Palisades Nuclear Power Plant

Crystal Falls
Cork Insulating Co., Of WI, C/O Industrial Piping, C/O Crystal Falls Hospital
Crystal Falls Community Hospital
Crystal Falls Hospital
Crystal Manor

Davison Junior High School
Davison Senior High School
Saint John's Church
Wm E Walter Plumbing & Heating, C/O Davidson Sr. High School

Banes Oxygen Furnace - Ford Rouge Plant
Dearborn Board Of Education
Dearborn Country Club
Dearborn Glass Plant
Dearborn Machinery
Dearborn YMCA
Edison Institute
F B Wright
Ford Assembly Plant
Ford Dearborn Engine Plant
Ford Dearborn Glass Plant
Ford Dearborn Iron Foundry
Ford Division Office Building
Ford Glass Plant
Ford Motor Co River Rouge Plant
Ford Motor Company
Ford Scientific Lab
Ford Slabbing Mill
Ford World Headquarters
Fordson High School
Foster Engineering Company
Greenfield Village Plaza
Henry Ford
Henry Ford Centennial Library
Henry Ford Museum
Hydro-Blast Corporation
J.A. Kozma Company
Kaiser Refractories
Koppers Company, Inc. - Ford Motor Co
Mcmahon's Bar
Metropolitan Hospital
Mount Carmel Mercy Hospital
Oakwood Hospital
Peoples Cutfitting Co
R.E. Leggette Company
Rouge Steel Company
Rovin Ceramics
Scientific Research Lab - Bailey Ave.
Severstal North America
The Stanley-Carter Co.
Village Plaza Chigan Ave. & Outer Dr.
World Headquarters
Zenith Tool & Engineering
Zonolite Factory

Deford School

Allied Chemical
Allied Chemical Solvay
Del Ray Powerplant
Detroit Edison Company
Scott Paper Company
Semet-Solvay Company
Solvay Process
Wheeling Coke Ovens
Scott Papermill

Delton School

A C Spark Plug
A Tool and Gauge
A.P. Green Fire Brick Company of Michigan
A.P. Green Refractories Company
Aaronson Printing
Academy 401 E. Mcclellan
Acands, Inc.
Ace Theatre
Acme Equipment Company
Acme White Lead & Color Works
Acorn Iron Works
Addams Jr. High & Elementary
Admin. Bldg. 13900 Granzon
Airport Scrap & Salvage Co.
Alcoa Aluminum
Allen Chemical Co.
Allen Industries, Inc.
Allied Chemical
Allied Chemical Corporation
Allstate Insurance Company
Aluminum Refiners Division of Bohn Aluminum & Brass Co.
Amelia Earhart School
American Agricultural Chemical Co.
American Bar & Foundry Company
American Blower Company
American Capital Insulation Inc.
American Car & Foundry Company
American Incinerator Corporation
American Insulation Company Inc.
American Malting Company
American Metal Products Co.
American Motor Car Co., Hudson Division
American Radiator Company
American Twist Drill Company
Anderson Insulation Company
Ann Arbor Public Schools
Anthony Wayne School
Arctic Cold Storage
Argonant Realty Division of General Motors Corporation
Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corp.
Armstrong Cork Company
Arnold Home
Arrow Metal Products Corp
Asbestos Specialty
Aurora Gasoline Company
Austin Co.
Automatic Products
Avery Bakery
Bagozzi's Everjoy Chop House
Balch School
Barr Insulation
Barrett Company
Bauer Roller Bearing
Bauer Roller Bearing
Bay State Abrasive Co.
Beacon Heating Plant
Becharas Coffee Company
Belle Isle Creamery Company
Berti Plastering
Best Middle School
Bigelow Liptak Corporation
Bigelow Liptak Corporation
Biggs Manufacturing Company
Birwood Baking Company
Blaine Hospital
Blue Cross Blue Shield Building
Board Of Education
Board of Water Commissioners
Bohn Aluminum & Brass Corporation
Boomer Company
Botsford Hospital
Brewer Industrial Furnace Co.
Brewster Homes
Brickley Dairy Farm
Briggs Manufacturing Company
Brooks & Perkins
Brookside School
Brown & Sharpe Twist Drill
Brown Insulation Co
Brunswick Corp., School Equipment Division
Budd Company
Budd Wheel Company - Atwater Plant
Bulldog Electric Products Company
Burnett & Miller
Burroughs Corporation
Burroughs School
C. Stanley Morgan (Supplier & Distributor)
C.L. Holmes Company
C.M. Hall Lamp Company
C.M.E. White Lead and Color Works
C.R. Wilson Body Company
Caldwell Elementary
Campbell Rock Wool Company
Capitol Insulation
Car-Bee, Inc.
Carboloy Company
Carleton Elementary School
Carroll Industrial Company
Carroll Industrial Company
Cass Technical High School
Catalytic Combustion Corp.
Celotex Corporation
Central Heating Company
Central High School
Central Laundry
Chadsey High School
Champion Spark Plug Co.
Charles Weaver, Inc.
Chase Construction Co.
Chevrolet Detroit Force
Chevrolet Gear & Axle Plant
Chevrolet Motor Company
Chevrolet Motor Company
Chevrolet-Detroit Plant
Children`s Hospital
Chrysler Corporation
Chrysler Detroit Foundry
Chrysler Eldon Axle Plant
Chrysler Huber
Chrysler Kercheval Plant
Chrysler Mcgraw Glass
Chrysler Motors Corporation
Chrysler Stamping Div.
Chrysler Winfield Foundry
Chrysler Winfield Foundry
Chysler Military Vehicle Service Plant
Citizens Street Railway Company
Citrin Oil Company
City County Building
City Lighting Department
City Messenger Company
City Of Detroit - Dept. Of Public Lighting - Commission Mistersky Power Station
City Of Detroit - Dept. Of Public Works
City Of Detroit - Detroit Public Lighting Comm (Morrell Street Plant - N/K/A Mystersky Station)
City Of Detroit - West Side Asphalt Plant
City Of Detroit Department Of Streets Railways
City of Detroit Medical College - Mullett Street Heating Plant
City Of Detroit Public Lighting Commission
Clintondale High School
Clipper Brick Co
Cobo Hall
Coldwater High School
Colonial Laundry Company
Commonwealth Industries
Congress Street Station
Connors Creek Station
Consumers Power Company
Continental Aviation
Continental Die
Continental Motor Co.
Coon Devisser Company
Copco Steel
Cranbrook Institute
Crestwood High School
Crown Hat Manufacturing Co.
David Stott Flour Mills
Davis Tool & Engineering Company
Delray Power
Delray Power Plant
Denby High School
Detriot United Railway
Detroit & Toledo Construction Company
Detroit Aero Metals Company
Detroit Auto Dash Company
Detroit Bank & Trust Building
Detroit Bank & Trust Building
Detroit Bank & Trust Co.
Detroit Brewing Co
Detroit Citizens Street Railway Co.
Detroit City Airport
Detroit City Gas Company
Detroit Copper & Brass Rolling Mills
Detroit Creamery Company
Detroit Diesel
Detroit Diesel Corporation
Detroit Diesel Engine
Detroit Edison Co.
Detroit Edison Company
Detroit Electric Refrigeration Corp.
Detroit Fiberglas Insulation Div.
Detroit Forge Division
Detroit Gas Company
Detroit General Hospital
Detroit General Motors Diesel Plant - Easy Four Lab
Detroit Graphite Co
Detroit Gray Iron & Steel Foundries, Inc.
Detroit Institute of Arts, South Wing
Detroit Iron & Steel Company
Detroit Lime Co.
Detroit Lime Company
Detroit Lubricator Company
Detroit Machine Screw Works
Detroit Metro Water Department
Detroit Metropolitan
Detroit Mobile Homes
Detroit Opera House
Detroit Packing Company
Detroit Power Plant
Detroit Public Library
Detroit Public Lighting
Detroit Public Schools
Detroit Receiving Hospital
Detroit Rendering Company
Detroit Sanitary Supply Company
Detroit Seamless Steel Tube Company
Detroit Securities Co.
Detroit Star Grinding Wheel Co
Detroit Sulphite Pulp & Paper Company
Detroit United Railway Company
Detroit Water Works
Detroit White Lead Works
Detroit-Citizens Street Railway Co.
Dewitt Products Co.
Diamond Match Company
Diamond Power Specialty Corp.
Dime Savings Bank Building
Dodge Brothers
Dodge Main Plant
Don Cartage Company
Dow Chemical Corp
Drake & Avery Company
Du Pont De Nemours & Company
Durant Building Corporation
E Connors Creek Plant
E Lenderman Unit No 9 Trenton for Comb Eng
E.N. Voight Brewing Company
E.P. Decker
Edison Electric Illuminating Co.
Edmund & Jones Corp.
Edward W. Duffy & Co.
Egyptian Portland Cement Co.
Enterprise Machine
Ethyl Corporation
Eutectic Engineering
Everett High School
Fairbanks School
Fairview Pumping Station
Fernstedt Division of General Motors Corporation
First Federal Savings & Loan
Fisher Body
Fisher Body Corporation
Fisher Body Corporation
Fisher Building
Fleetwing Truck & Terminal Corp
Flower Stephens Manufacturing Company
Food Machinery & Chemical Corporation
Ford Motor Co.
Ford Motor Co. Automotive Wind Tunnel
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company
Foremost Dairies
Frank Cody High School
Frederick Douglass Academy
Froedterdt Grain & Malting Co.
G.A. Tomlinsons Boat's
Gallagher Kaiser Corp
General Chemical Co
General Electric Co., Metallurgical Products Dept.
General Motors
General Motors Cadillac Plant
General Motors Corp.
George H. Clipper & Brothers Brick Company
Gls Blast Furnace Div Zug Island For Comb Eng
GM Chevrolet - St. Aubin
Goebel Brewing Company
Golden Valley Food Products
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Gordon Baking Company
Grace Hospital
Grand Circus Park
Grant-Southern Iron & Metal Co.
Great Lake Steel Corp.
Great Lakes Engineering
Great Lakes Engineering Works
Great Lakes Steel
Great Lakes Steel Corp
Great Lakes Steel Mill
Grey Iron Foundry
Greyhound Bus Terminal
Guardian Industries
H. L. Blachford
H.S. Robinson and Burtenshaw
Hall Electric Company
Hammond, Standish & Co.
Hanna, Zabrinskie & Daron
Harbison Walker Refractory Co. (Supplier & Contractor
Harper Hospital
Harper Webber Hospital
Harrington Elementary
Harrison Radiator Division of General Motors Corp.
Henry Ford High School
Henry Ford Hospital
Henry Ford Hospital
Herman Kiefer Hospital
Highland Park Plant
Hinde & Dauch Paper Company
Hm White Inc.
Holy Cross Hospital
Hoskins Manufacturing
Hotel Statler
Hudson Motor Car Company
Hudson Motor Co.
Huetteman & Cramer Company
Husite Engineering
Hydro-Blast Corporation
Hygeia Filter Company
Incinerator Plant, City Of Detroit
Industrial Metal Fabricators
J & L Steel
J.L. Hudson Company
Jay Dee Metal Company
Jeffries Housing Project
Jennings Hospital Addition
Jesse Rouse
Jewish Hospital Association of Detroit
Jim Handy Organization
Joe Martin Industries, Inc.
Johns Manville Corp.
Johns-Manville Sales Corp.
Johnson Elementary
Johnson Insulation Company
Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp.
Keene-Mundet Cork
Kelloggsville High School
Kelsey Hayes Company
Kelsey Hayes Wheels Foundry
Kelsey Wheel Company
Kelsey-Hayes Company
Kenneth Anderson Co
Kent Industries
Kimball High School
Kolene Corporation
Kroger Company
Kroger Grocery & Baking Company
L.A. Young Industries Inc.
L.J. Schrenk Heating Plant
Lapeer State Home
Larrowe Construction Co.
Larrowe Milling Co.
Lessinger Elementary
Lincoln Div. Assembly Plant
Lincoln Elementary
Lincoln Motor Company
Lion Brewery
Livernois Foundry
Lockman Elementary
Lowry Elementary
M.W. Fox & Company
Madison Park
Magnus Products
Marathon Linen Service
Marathon Oil Company
Marathon Oil Company
Marathon Oil Company
Marathon Refining Co.
Marblehead Lime Co.
Marion High School
Mark Twain Elementary
Marysville Plant
Massey Ferguson
Maxwell Motor Car Co.
Mc Cord Corp
Mc Rae Roberts Company
Mclouth Steel Company
Mechanics Laundry Company
Medical Center Development Corp.
Mercy College
Metropolitan Alloys
Metropolitan Hospital
Michigan Alkali Company
Michigan Bell Telephone
Michigan Boiler
Michigan Brass & Iron Works
Michigan Carbon Works
Michigan Center High School
Michigan Consolidated Gas Co.
Michigan Grape Sugar Company
Michigan Lumber Company
Michigan Rivet Company
Michigan Shortening Company
Michigan Stamping Company
Michigan Steel Foundry
Michigan Theatre Building
Midland Public Warehouse
Midland Steel Products Co.
Midwest Brake Bond
Minergy Corporation
Minnesota Mining Co.
Mistersky Power Station
Monsanto Chemical Co.
Morgan & Wright (U.S. Rubber Products)
Morgan R W Co
Morson Curtis D Co
Motor City Metal
Mount Carmel Mercy Hospital
Murphy Power Building
Murray Corp of America
Mystersky Powerhouse
National Bank Headquarters
National Bank of Detroit
National Biscuit Company
National Construction Company
National Container Corporation
New York Central System - Michigan Central
Nichols Engineering & Research
North American Aviation
North American Standard
Northwest High School
O. L. Smith
Oak Park
Oakland Elementary
Oakridge Elementary
Office Building, Fort & 15Th St.
Ohio Oil Company
Old Juvenile Ct.
Otto Construction
Owens Corning Fiberglass Corp.
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp.
P.H. Piper Construction Co.
Packard Motor Car Co
Pardee Elementary
Park Place Plant
Parke Davis And Company
Parker Elementary
Parker Wolverine
Parkside Housing Project - Powerhouse
Peerless Cement Corporation
Peerless Division
Penberthy Injector Co.
People's Outfitting Co.
Pfeiffer Brewing Company
Phelps Dodge
Philip Carey
Pi*N Ridge Coal Company
Pingree & Smith Shoe Company
Pioneer Laundry & Cleaning Company
Plibrico Sales & Services
Plymouth Motor Car Company
Ponchartrain Hotel
Port Huron Paper Co. (A/K/A Scott Paper)
Precious Blood Church
Public Library
Public Lighting Commission
Public Schools
Purvis & Foster, Inc./Gm Chevrolet
Pyrohn Inc.
Quality Pickling
R. H. Anderson Inc.
R. H. Anderson, Inc.
R.C. Mahon Company
R.W. Morgan Company
Rapid Railway Company
Redford High School
Refractory Sales Co
Reichold Chemical Co - Bottom Of Kettles, No
Renaisance Center
Republic Steel
Revere Copper & Brass Inc.
Riley Stoker Corp.
River Rouge Company
Riverside Middle School
Roberts Tube Division
Rotary Electric Steel Co.
Royal Oak Board Of Education
S&C Division Ocf
Saint Joseph`s Hospital
Sanders Cleaners
Sanitary Laundry
Saxon Motor Car Corp.
Schad Boiler Setting Co. (Contractor)
Schad Boilers Settng
Scott Elementary
Scott Paper Company
Scott Paper Plant
Seamless Steel Bathtub Company
Sears Roebuck & Company
Second Section
Sement Solvay Tar Products Plant
Semet-Solvay Company
Service Arts
Seventh Church of Christ Scientist
Sewage Disposal Plant
Shatterproof Glass Company
Shaw-Box Crane
Shepard Art Metal Company
Sinai Hospital
Solvay Process Company
South Eastern High School
South Works
Southfield Yard, City Of Detroit
Southwestern High School
Square D Manufacturing Company
St. David's Church
St. Jean Yard, City Of Detroit
St. Mary's Hospital
St. Peter Claver House
Standard Fuel Engineering
Standard Fuel Engineering
Starr Elementary
Starr Heat Treating
State of Michigan Building
Station J
Stauffer-Wacker Silicone Corp.
Stroh Brewery Company
Su Wayne State University Chemistry Dept.
Surline Elementary
Swedish Crucible Steel
Tasty Barbecue
Taylor Engineering Corp.
Taylor Supply Company
Telephone Building
Ternstedt Manufacturing Co.
The Coon-De Visser Co
The R.C. Mahon Co
Thomas Brick & Tile Co.
Thompson Products Inc.
Timken Detroit Axle Co.
Towar Wayne County Creamery
Turner & Company
Turner Brooks - Madison Heights
U. S. Rubber Co
U.S. Army - Detroit Arsenal
U.S. Public Health
U.S. Rubber Products, Inc. - Detroit Plant
Underground Garage
Uniroyal Inc.
United Forge & Machine Co.
United Machine & Manufacturing Co.
United States Heater Company
United States Railway Equipment & Construction Company
University Of Detroit
Upton Elementary
US Cold Storage
US Gypsum
US Rubber
Vernors Plant
Vincent Steel Processing
Vinton Building
W.E. Davis & the Acme Equipment Co., Inc.
Wall Colmonoy
Wall-Cor Fabricating
Water Works Station Department of Water Supply
Wayne Co.
Wayne County Airport
Wayne County Youth Center
Wayne Elementary
Wayne State University, various bldgs.
Webber Jr. High
Webber Memorial Building
Wedd Elementary
West 8 Mile & Ferndale Tt Delivery
West 8 Mile Ferndale Team Track
Wheeling Steel Mill
Whisky Distillery
Wide City Cleaners
William Mc Kinnon Co.
Windmill Pointe Manor
Winkley Company
Wolverine Construction Co.
Wolverine Porcelain Enam
Wolverine Tube
Women's Hospital
Woodmare Cemetery Association
Wyandotte Chemicals Corporation
YMCA Hannon Memorial Branch

Doster/Grand Rapids
Consumers Power Co. - Wealthy Street Steam Plant

Beckwith Company
Consolidated Die Casting Co
Consolidated Oil
Du Wel Products, Inc.
Estate of P.D. Beckwith, Inc.
Jessco, Incorporated
P.D. Beckwith Estate
Round Oak Stove Works

Dundee High School
Dundee Cement Co.

Mid-West Abrasive

Eagle Harbor
Conglomerate Mining Company

Eagle Mills
Ore Improvement Plant

East China Township
Detroit Edison Company
East China Township

East Detroit
Amelia Earhart School
Pleasantview School
Tuff-Kote Asphalt Products

East Grand Rapids
East Grand Rapids High School
Oods Traske, East Grand Rapids High School

East Lansing
General Motors - Oldsmobile Plants #1 To #5
Harry Hill Vocational School
Michigan Aeronautics Commission
Michigan State University, various bldgs.
Olin Health Center
Pesticide Research Center
Su Pesticide Research Center
Superior Brass
Spitzley Corp. (Contractor)

East Saginaw
Flint & Pere Marquette Railroad
Pere Marquette Railroad
W.R. Burt

East Sparta
Ferro Corp

East Tawas
Tawas Sugar Company

Eaton Rapids
Behnke & Son
Michigan Peat Company

Bethlehem Steel
David P. Thompson
Detroit Edison Co - River Rouge Power Plant
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co.
Foot of Tecumseh
Great Lakes Engineer Works
Great Lakes Steel Corp.
Hanna, Zabriskie & Daron
Helen Evans
James Laughlin
Joseph S. Young
Kopper Company, C/O Great Lakes Steel
Main Plant - Foot of Telegraph
Michigan Steel Corp. - Ecorse Plant
Michigan Stores Division
National Steel Corporation
US Steel
Westfield Stores
William A. Mcgonagle
Worcester Salt Company

General Electric Co. (GE)
Hitachi Magnetics Corp

Elk Rapids
Elk Cement & Lime Company
Elk Rapids Portland Cement Co.

Active Industries

Eloise Hospital
Wayne City Board of Authority, Wayne City General Hospital
Wayne County General Hospital
Wayne County Poor House

Chesbrough Brothers

Empire Mine
Empire Iron Mining

Consumers Energy Company
Consumers Power Co.
Erie Power House
Erie Senior High School
Erie Steam Plant
J.R. Whiting
P Whiting Plant

Mead Corporation

Antony and Company
Board of Public Works
Ead Corp
Escanaba Generating Plant
Escanaba Municipal Lighting Co.
Escanaba Paper Co.
Escanaba Pulp & Paper Co.
Escanaba Pulp Co.
Mead Corporation
Meade Paper Mill
Meade Papers
Newpage Corporation
The Rust Engineering Co., C/O Escanaba Pulp Co.
Upper Peninsula Power Company

Consumers Energy Co.
Consumers Power Company
Weadock Power Plant
Dan Karn Powerhouse

Macfarlane & Hays Co.

Farmington Community School
Ford Motor Company
Mac Farland & Hayes
Sisters of Mercy Hospital
Turbo Tool

Farmington Hills
Botsford General Hospital

Michigan Fruit Canners, Inc.

Army Warehouse - Storage Buildings
Egyptian Portland Cement Company

Ajax Forging
Ethyl Corporation
Ferndale High School
Reichhold Chemicals, Inc.
Steel & Tubes, Inc.

Filer City
American Box Board Company
American Pulp & Paper Company
Filer City Paper Mill
Filer Fibre Co. (Div. Of Continental Can)
Great Lakes Chemical Corp.
Packaging Corporation of America
Tenneco Packaging

Flat Rock
Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Railroad Co
Ford Motor Company
Grand Truck Railroad
Socony Vacuum Oil Co

A C Powerhouse
A.C. Spark Plug Company
Ainsworth School
Apartment Complex
Atherton East Elementary
Beecher Machine Shop
Beecher School
Beecher Senior High
Bendell School
Buick City Plant
Buick Motor Division, General Motors Corp.
Buick Motor Division, Gmc
Buick Plant
Cadillac Plastic & Chemical
Central High School
Chevrolet Motor Company of Michigan
Citizens Bank
Civic Park School
Corunna Rd Team Track
Dee Cramer, Inc.
Dort Elementary School
Dort Motor Car Company
Dover & Company
Dow Chemical Co
Dupont Chemical
Dye Junior High School
Dye School
E.I. Dupont De Nemours & Company
Eastern Michigan Power Company
Factory #16
Fisher Body Corporation - Div. Of General Motors
Flint Administration Building
Flint Cotton & Woolen Mill Company
Flint Daily Journal
Flint Gas Company
Flint High School
Flint Institute of Arts & Music
Flint Junior College, Science & Technology Building
Flint Light & Power Company
Flint Motor Company
Flint Osteopathic Hospital
Flint Power Syndicate
Freeman Elementary School
Garfield Elementary
General Motors Corporation
General Motors Institute, Campus Center
General Motors, Buick Plant
General Motors-Chevrolet Plant
Genesee County Tuberculosis Sanitarium
Genesee Intermediate Learning Center
Genesee Memorial Hospital
Genesee Valley Mall
Genesee Valley Shopping Center
Goodrich School
Grand Blanc School
Grand Trunk Western Railroad
Hamady High School
Hamady School
Holy Redeemer Church
Holy Rosary Church
Homedale Elementary School
Hurley Hospital
Ima Sports Arena
Kearsley High School
Koegel Meats Incorporated
Lapeer School
Longfellow Middle School
Louis Allis Co.
Lowell Elementary School
M A C Spark Plug
Manley Elementary School
Mcclaren Hospital
Mckinley Middle School
Mclouth Steel Corporation
Michigan School for the Deaf
Motor Wheel Corporation
North Branch School
Northern High School
Orunna Road Team Track Grand Trunk Western Railroad
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp.
Owosso School
Peoples Electric Light Co.
Peregrine Incorporated
Potter School
Powers High School
R.D. Whittier Junior High School
R.R. Dock Enclosure, A.C. Spark Plug Division
Roosevelt Elementary
S&C Division OCF
Saint Joseph Hospital
Saint Leos Church
Saint Mary`s Church
Sand Lime Brick Company
School for the Deaf
Sorrance-Sort Carriage Company
St. Joseph's Hospital
Utley High School
V-8 Plant
W.F. Stewart Company
Washington Elementary School
Westwood Heights High School
Whaley Park Williams School - Rec. Complex Pool
Whittier Junior High School
Whittiez Middle School
Wicks Brothers
Williams School
Women's Hospital
Zimmerman Junior High School

Central Elementary
Saint Roberts Church
Seymour Elementary School
Springview Elementary

Fort Custer
Fort Custer

Hoover Ballbear Utilex Die
Utilex Div. Hoover Ball

Bronner Lumber Co.
Frankenmuth Brewery
Frankenmuth Waste Treatment Plant
Lutheran School

Allied Fabrications Inc.

Artco, Inc.
Cross Company

Beardslee Lumber

Speas Co

French Landing
Detroit Reduction Company

Grand Rapids, Grand Haven & Muskegon Railway

Mohawk Mining Company

Bumstead-Woolford Co.
Gapinski Concrete Block
Gaylord State Home
Schad Boiler Repair
US Plywood, Champion Paper

Eastern Michigan Edison Company
Washtenaw Light & Power Company

Genesee School
Haas School - Tank
Jack P Haas Elementary School

D.S.I. Limited
Mclouth Steel Corporation

Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company
Gladstone Electric Light & Power Company

Grand Blanc
B.O.C. Group of General Motors Corporation
Fisher Body Division of General Motors Corp.
Grand Blanc Tank Plant

Grand Haven
Board of Light and Power
Challence Refrigerator Company
Challenge Stamping & Porcelain Co.
City County Building
City Hall
Eagle Ottawa Leather Co.
Grand Haven Board of Light & Power
Grand Haven Gasket Company
Grand Haven Power Plant
J.B. Sims Plant
North Ottowa Community Hospital
Sims Powerhouse
Story & Clark Piano Company

Grand Rapids
A T & T Co.
A.P. Green Fire Brick Company of Michigan
A.P. Green Refractories Company of Michigan
Acme Insulations, Inc.
Airport Siding
Aladdin Welding
Alex Stafford Siding
Alexander-Stafford Asbestos Corp.
Alexander-Stafford Corp.
American Box Board Company
American Seating Co.
American Seating Company Plant
Arbuckle, Ryan & Co., Inc.
Architectural Systems Inc.
B. & G. Terminal
Barclay Ayres & Bertsch
Bear Paint
Belknap Wagon & Sleigh Company
Berkey & Gray Furniture Company
Bissell Plant
Blandin Paper Company
Blodgett Memorial Hospital
Board of Public Works
Bouma Tile & Acoustics Co.
Brillcast, Inc.
Burn Zol Corporation
C & O Railway Systems
C.G.A. Voight and Company
Charles Sheppard
Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Co
City County Building
Commonwealth Power Company
Comstock School
Consolidated Street Railway Co.
Consumer Power Company
Customer Siding
Dan E Carne Station
David E. Waters
Diesel Equipment Division of General Motors Corp.
Doehler-Jarvis Div.
East Grand Rapids High School
Eastern Michigan Power Co.
Edison Company
Edison Electric Light Co.
Elementary Boulevard School
Evans Products Co.
Evert Asbestos Insulating Co.
Fame Laundries, Inc.
Ferris State College - Dormitories
Ferro Corp
Fisher & Wright Inc.
Fisher Body Div. Of General Motors Corp., Plant #1
Fisher Body Power House
Fulton Street Plant
General Electric
General Motors Corporation
Georgia Pacific Corporation
Gerber Memorial Hospital
Godwin School
Graceland Mausoleum
Grand Floor & Plastering Co.
Grand Rapids Alloys, Incorporated
Grand Rapids Board Of Education
Grand Rapids Brass Company
Grand Rapids Brewing Company
Grand Rapids Builders Supply
Grand Rapids Dowel Works
Grand Rapids Edison Company
Grand Rapids Electric Light & Power Co.
Grand Rapids Felt Boot Company
Grand Rapids Gas Company
Grand Rapids Gas Light Company
Grand Rapids Hand Screw Company
Grand Rapids Muskegon Power Company
Grand Rapids Pulp and Paper Company
Grand Rapids Railway Company
Grand Rapids Savings Bank
Grand Rapids Smelting
Grand Rapids Stamping Div. General Motors Corp.
Grand Rapids Water Works
Haskelite Manufacturing Corp.
Hayes Body Corporation
Hayes Manufacturing Company
Hekman Furniture Co
Helmer Realty
Herpolsheimer Siding
Herrud Meat Products Co
Holwerda-Huizinga Co.
Industrial Firebrick Corp
Ionia Memorial Hospital
Johnson Furniture Co
Keeler Brass Company
Kelvinator Plant
Kent Castings Co
Kent County Controllers Office
Klise Building
Lacks Industries, Inc.
Luce Furniture Company
M&T Manufacturing
M. Fisher Body Ph
Mc Inerney Spring and Wire Company
Model Coverall Service
Morton House
National Biscuit Company, Vail Crane Bakery
New Bissell Plant
New York Central
New York City Airport
Northeast Junior High School
Northeast Middle School
NY Central Airport Team Track
NYC Airport Siding
Oakdale School
Oakleigh School
Old Kent State Bank Building
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp.
Packaging Corporation of America
Perkins and Company
Portage High School
Reynolds Metals Co.
Rockford High School
S&C Division OCF
Saint Mary`s Hospital
Salvation Army Hotel
Semet-Solvay Company
St. Mary's Hospital
Stafford Building - Herpolsheimer Siding
Stauffer Chemical
Steelcase, Inc.
Stickley Brothers Company
Underwriter Laboratories
Union Bank & Trust Company
Union High School
Valley City Brick Company
Valley City Milling Company
Valley City Street and Cable Railway Co.
Vander Woods Tracke
Vanderwaal Troske
Voight Milling Company
W.A. Berkey Furniture Company
Weber Showcase & Fixture Co.
White & White Drug Store
Whiting Corporation
Wolverine Brass
Wurzburg's Eastbrook Shopping Center

Nelson Metal Products

Grass Lake
Zenith Port Cement Company


Grayling National Guard Building

Great Lakes
US Steel

Consumers Power Company
Greenville High School
New Greenville High School
Uncle Ben's Food
Waste Water Treatment Plant

Detroit Edison

Escanaba Paper Company
Rust Engineering Co.

Gross Isle
Armstrong Contracting & Supply

Grosse Pointe
Grosse Point High School

Grosse Pointe Farms
Grosse Pointes Clinton Refuse Disposal Authority

Grosse Pointe Woods
Grosse Pointe Woods School

Reichold Chemical
V A Center

New Gwinn High School

Consumers Power Company

Coast Guard Station

Briggs Manufacturing Company
Chrysler Corp.
Dodge Main Plant
Hamtramck Assembly Plant
Michigan Steel Tube
Swedish Crucible Co

Arcadian Copper Company
Fiamthin Mining Company
Quincy Mining Company

Harbor Beach
Detroit Edison Company
Harbor Beach Generating Station
Harbor Beach High
Harbor Steam Power Station
Hercules Powder Company
Hercules, Inc.
Huron Milling Company

Harbor Springs
Control Engineering Co; Foundry Div.

Leaf River Forest Industries

Vroom Packaging Plant

Catholic Church
Hartland High School

C.M. Smythe Plastering Company
Haslett High School
Haslett Middle School
Wilkshire School - Hadlett Public Schools

E.W. Bliss Company - Hastings Works
Hastings Cabinet Company
Hastings Wool Boot Company
International Seal and Lock Company
Stark Engineering
Thornapple Electric Co.

Consumer Power, Palisades Nuclear Plant

Hazel Park
National Induction Heating

Dow Corning Corporation
Hemlock High School
Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation

Highland Park
Chrysler Long Plant
Chrysler Motors Corporation
Department Of Street Railways (Highland Park Heating Plant)
Detroit United Railway Company
Detroit Ypsilanti & Ann Arbor Railway Co.
Highland Park Community College
Highland Park High School

Hillman Community Schools

Allied Products
Bailey Elementary School
Board of Public Works
F.W. Stock and Sons
Garwood Industries
Hillsdale Foundry
Hillsdale Hospital

General Motors - Chevrolet Gear & Axle

Beech-Nut, Inc.
Board of Public Works
Board of Public Works - James De Young Power Station
Board of Public Works City of Holland
Bohn Aluminum
C.P. Limbert Company
Central Elementary School
Chemical Plant Facility
Cleveland Metal
Consumer Power Company
Crusader Corp
Crusader Ind. Inc.; Ceramic Kiln Div. (Klm)
Dow Chemical Midland Bldg. 234
General Electric
Grusader Corp
H.J. Heinz & Company
Holland Board of Public Works
Holland City Powerhouse
Hope College, various bldgs.
James De Young Power Station
Kent Holland Die Cast & Pltg
Kepples Mason Supply Company
Lindy-Aire Plant
Ottawa Furniture Company
Parke-Davis & Co.
Prince Corp.
Prince Manufacturing Co.
Sligh Furniture Co
W H Porter Inc.
W. Michigan School Seat Company
Walsh De Roo Milling Company
Water Works and Lighting Plant
West Michigan Furniture Co.

Camp Wathana
Holly Spring Co

Wilcox School

Atlas Powder Company
Baltic Mining Company
Bosch Brewing Company
E.I. Dupont De Nemours & Company
Franklin Mining Company
Houghton County Electric Light Company
Michigan College of Mining & Technology
Michigan Mining School
Michigan Smelting Company
Peninsula Electric Light & Power Company
Trimountain Mining Company

Houghton Lake
Michigan Technical University

Dow Medical Products Building
Hoover, Damor Division
Howell High School
Howell Plastics
Howell Schools
Livingston County Care Center
Master-Cast Company

Hudson Die Cast Company

Humboldt Mine
Humboldt Mining Company

Imlay City
Brisk Foundry & Machine Co.
Imlay City High School

A.J. Segal & Sons
Peter Rush Greenhouses
Silicone Rubber Products
Wolverine Fabricating & Mfg. Co

Capital Wagon Works
Ionia High School
Ionia State Hospital
Ionia State Prison
Ionia Wagon Company

Iron Mountain
Champion-Quinnec Mill
Hamilton Ore Company
Kingsford Chemical Co
Stevens Point

Iron River
Munro Iron Mining Company

Iron-Eagle Mills
Cleveland Cliffs Iron

Ahonen Lumber Company
Ashland Iron & Mining Company
Aurora Iron Mining Company
Gogebic Community College
Ironwood Products
M.A. Hanna And Company
Newport Iron Company
Norrie Mine
Oliver Iron Mining Company

A.P. Green Refractories Company
Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company
Cliffs Power & Light Co
Lake Superior Iron Company
Marquette County Gas & Electric Company
Marquette County Gas Light & Traction Company
Republic Mines
Tilden Mine-Cleveland Cliffs

Island of Illagan Lanao
Dorr Company

Commonwealth Associates, Inc.
Commonwealth Power Company
Consumers Power Co.
Dow Chemical Company
E Jackson High School
E.I. Dupont De Nemours & Co.
East Jackson High School
Eldred Mill Company
Fab-Alloy Co.
Foote Hospital
General Motors Corp.
George B. Swift & Co.
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Hayes Wheel Company
Jackson County Building
Jackson County Courthouse
Jackson Cushion Spring Co.
Jackson Drop Forge Company
Jackson Gas Company
Jackson High School
Jackson Insulation Co.
Jackson Junior High School
Jackson Prop. Forge
Jaxon Steel Products Company
Jaxon Steel Products Division Gmc
Kelsey-Hayes Manufacturing
La Mo Refractory Supply Company
Lincoln Drop Forge
Litemetal Dicast
Mac Steel
Michigan Central Railroad Company
Michigan Condensed Milk Company
Michigan Extruded Aluminum
Michigan State Prison
New York Central Railroad
Northwest Middle School
Peninsulan Portland Cement Company
Pittsburgh Forging Co
Plastigage Corp.
Sheet Aluminum Corporation
State Prison of Southern Michigan
The Jackson Drop Forge Co
W. A. Foote Memorial Hospital
Western States Portland Cement Company
Consumers Power Co.

Interurban Creamery Company

Omega Portland Cement Company

A.P. Green Refractories Company of Michigan
Allied Paper Corp.
American Arc Lamp Company
American Cyanamid
American Cytec
Arbuckle, Ryan & Company, Inc.
Bond Supply Co.
Borgess Hospital
Bronson Methodist Hospital
Bryant Paper Company
C. R. Hough & Son
Central High School
Champion Products
Christian High School
Columbia Broadcasting System
Comerica Building (Also/Prev.K
Consumers Power Company
Dunkley Co.
General Motors Corp.
General Motors, Stamping Plant
Georgia Pacific Pulp & Paper
Georgia-Pacific Corporation
Harrow Spring Company
Huron Boiler Setting
Industrial Firebrick Corp
James River Paper Company
Kalamazoo Art Center
Kalamazoo Asbestos
Kalamazoo College
Kalamazoo Gas Company
Kalamazoo Paper Company
Kalamazoo Paper Mill
Kalamazoo Protection Products
Kalamazoo State Hospital
Kalamazoo Vegetable Parchment Paper Mill
Karman - Sugarbeet Plant
Lapekas Stone Company
Michigan Bell Telephone
Midwest Aluminum
National Gypsum Company
Nazareth Academy - Powerhouse
Nazareth College
New Upjohn Office Bldg
North American Aluminum
North Valley - Dormitory #3
Old Central High School
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp.
Paper Machine 5
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co.
PPG Industries Incorporated
Riverside Foundry
Rudd Manufacturing Co.
Ruud Manufacturing Co.
State Hospital
Sutherland Paper Company
Sutherland Paper Mill
SW Michigan State - Sanitarium
U.S. Plywood (Formerly S. Iski)
Upjohn Chemical
Upjohn Company
Western Michigan University, various bldgs.
Winkel Machine Co

Consumers Power Company

Dollar Bay
Mohawk Mining Company
Wolverine Copper Mining Company

Keego Harbor
Vincent's Restaurant

Keweenaw Bay
Consolidated Coal Company
Massachusetts Consolidated Mining Company

Kingsford High School

Inchloe Afb
Kincheloe Air Force Base
Kinross Airforce Base

Lake Linden
Calumet And Hecla Mining Company

Lake Michigan
Pallisades Nuclear Power Plant

Lake Oswego
Guerdan Industries

Lake Superior
Dollar Bay

Celotex Corp.
Upper Peninsula Power Co

A.P. Green Fire Brick Company Of Michigan
A.P. Green Refractories Company Of Michigan
American Bank And Trust
Arbuckle, Ryan & Company, Inc., Olds Motor Co.
Atlas Drop Forge Company
Auto Owners Insurance Building
Babcock & Wilcox Construction
Board Of Water & Light
Board Of Water & Light Commissioners
Board Of Western & Electric Commerce
Boy Training School Complex
Brick & Supplies Corporation
Celotex Plant
Centrifugal Fusing
Chevrolet Motor Company
Christman Company
City Of Lansing Board Of Power And Light
City Of Lansing Michigan
Commercial Insulation & Acoustic
Consumers Power Company
Davison Chemical Company
Delta Twp Waste Water
Dow Chemical Co
East Lansing Sewage Treatment Plant
Eastern High School
Eckert Plant
Elementary Boulevard School
Erickson Station
Fisher Body Division Of General Motors Corp.
General Motors Corp.
Grand Trunk RR
Harry Hill High School
Harry Hill Vocational School
Ideal Finishing Company
Industrial Welding Corporation
Ingham Medical Center
Ingraham Hospital/Lansing Hospital, P.H.I.
John Bean
Kish Industries, Incorporated
Kresges - Dand Inc.
Lansing Division White Motor
Lansing Drop Forge
Lansing General Hospital
Lansing Heat & Ventilation
Lansing Heating & Treating Company
Lansing Library
Lansing Mall
Lansing Motor Wheel
Lansing School For The Blind
Main & Verlinden Schools
Melling Drop Forge
Michigan Bell Telephone
Michigan School For The Blind
Michigan State University
Moores Park Power Station
Motor Wheel
Olds Motor Company
Oldsmobile Administration Building
Oldsmobile Forge Plant
Ottawa Street Station
Otto E. Eckert Power Station
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp.
Pattengill Junior High School
R Story Office Building
Resurrection School
Roselawn Convalescent Home
Sacred Heart High School
Saint Joseph Hospital
Saint Lawrence Hospital
Saint Mary's School
School Board Office Building - Chesnut
Sparrow Hospital
St. Lawrence Hospital
State Capital Complex
State Credit Union
Superior Brass
Tranter Manufacturing Company
University Of Michigan
Vulcan Mold
Walnut Elementary School
Water & Light Building
White Motor Company
Willow Elementary School

Lapeer State Home & Training Center
Michigan Home & Training School
Michigan Home For The Feeble Minded & Epileptic
Zemmer Junior High

Erie City Boiler

Welsh Grape Juice Company

Lincoln Park
Bureau Of Yards & Docks
Ford Motor Company
Hoffman Combustion
Peoples Community Hospital (A/K/A Lincoln Park Area Hospital)

Linwood Elementary School
Linwood School

Michigan South Central Power Agency

Livermore Falls
International Paper Company

Awrey Bakeries
Az Schmina & Sons Plant
Brooks & Perkins
Chevrolet, Division Gmc
Chevrolet, Spring & Bumper
Fisher Body Division Of General Motors Corp.
Ford Motor Company, Transmission Plant
Holcroft & Co
Inland Fisher Guide
Livonia Transmission/Detroit Transmission, Div. Of General Motors
Saint Mary's Hospital
Service Arts Plastering, Inc.
St. Mary's Hospital
General Motors Chevy Plant

Attwood Corp

Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Co.
Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Co.
Consumers Power - Pump Storage Station
Dow Chemical Co.
Harbison Walker Plant
Ludington Pump Station
Martin Marietta Plant
Morton Salt Company

Luna Pier
J. R. Whiting Plant

Macomb County
Chrysler Corporation, Dodge Truck Division
General Motors Technical Center

Madison Heights
Asbestos Specialties
Bendix Corporation, Filter Division
Carmet Company
Commercial Steel Treating Company
Johnson Insulation
Mackworth Rees
Royal Oak Heating Treating, Inc.
Southern Urethane & Packing Co

Antrim Iron Company

Ambar, Incorporated
American Box Board
Excello Corporation Plant
Filer City Paper Mill
Hardy Salt Co.
Manistee County Medical Care Facility
Manistee Paper Mill
Manistee Salt Works Corporation
Martin Marietta Corporation
Morton Salt
Packaging Corporation Of America
R.G. Peters
Standard Lime & Refractories

Brown Dimension Co

Marine City
Detroit Edison Co., St. Clair Power House
Marine City Stave Company
Saint Clair Power Plant

Michigan Gas Storage Company

Bunge Corporation

Gerden Industries
Marlette Hospital

City Power Plant
Cliffs Dow Chemical Company
Interstate Heating & Plumbing, C/O City Power Plant
James Pendill
K. I. Sawyer Air Force Base Hospital
Lake Superior And Ishpeming Railroad Company
Marquette City Presque Isle Railway
Massachusetts Consolidated Mining Company
Munising Wood Products Company
Northern Michigan University, various bldgs.
Pioneer Iron Company
Soo Line Railroad
Upper Peninsula Generating Co (A/K/A Wisconsin Electric Power)
Upper Peninsula Power Company
Upper Peninsular Generating Co.
Presque Island Power Plant
Sawyer Air Force Base (Western Elec.)

Conley School
Marshall School
Oaklawn Hospital

Johnston Boiler Plant

Belle River Power Plant
Chrysler Corporation
Consumers Power Co.
Detroit Edison Co., Marysville Plant
Liquid Gas Plant
Marysville Power Plant

Quincy Mining Company
Quincy Stamp Mill
Wyeth Laboratories Inc.

Mass City
Massachusetts Consolidated Mining Co.


Manco Products

American Rule & Block Company
Heywood Wakefield Co
J.W. Wells Lumber Company
Marathon Corporation
Menominee Paper Company
Michigan Electrochemical Co.
Scott Paper Company
St. Joseph's Lloyd Hospital
Superior Sugar Refining Company

Ford Motor Company

White Products Co

Austin Co.
Bay City
Consumer Power Co.
Dow Chemical Co.
Dow Corning
Dow High School
Erie City Energy Div. Zurns
Hollinger & Co.
L&S Insulation, C/O Dow Chemical
Midland Center for the Arts
Midland Nuclear Plant
Muskegon Paper Mill
Northwood Institute
South Side Power Plant

Federal Correctional Institution

General Motors Corporation

Calumet & Hecla Consolidated Copper Co.

Consumers Power Company
Downing Box Plant

May Bros. Co.
University Of Minnesota
W.T. Grant Store

Mohawk Mining Company

Babcock & Wilcox
Chrysler Mt. Rd. Plant
Consolidated North
Consolidated Paper Company
Detroit & Toledo Construction Company
Detroit Edison Company
Detroit Monroe & Toledo Short Line Refining
Detroit Stoker Company
E Monroe Plant
Enrico Fermi Powerhouse
Ford Motor Co.
Monroe Coal Power Plant
Monroe Harbor Terminal
Monroe Paper Products Co.
Monroe Powerhouse
Monroe Stamping
Monroe Steel
Monroe Water Works
Nrico Fermi Power Plant
Power Reactors Development Co.
River Raisin Paper Co.
Saint Mary's Academy
Sewage Disposal Plant
Time Container (A/K/A Monroe Paper Products)
Toledo & Monroe Railway
Westinghouse Electric Co.

Monroe County
Power Reactor Development Co - Enrico Fermi Power Plant

Du Pont De Nemours Co Montague Project No. 9236
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co.
Hooker Chemical
Hooker Electrochemical Co
Linde Air Products Co.
Occidental Chemical Corporation

Omega Portland Cement Company

Mount Clemens
Christian Clemens School
Detroit West Shore And Mount Clemens Railway
Floral Ave Greenhouse
Knepp Drywall
Monitor Sugar Company
Mount Clemens Pottery
Selfridge Air Force Base
St. Joseph Hospital
Sufredge Air Force Base

Mount Forest
Mount Forest School

Mount Morris
Mount Morris Junior High School

Mount Pleasant
Central Michigan University, various bldgs.
Ferro Manufacturing Corp. (A/K/A Ferro Stamping)
Michigan Condensed Milk Company
Mount Pleasant State Home For Boys
Mount Pleasant Sugar Company
National Construction Company
Normal School

Brunswick Plant

Munger School

Kimberly Clark Corporation
Munising Paper Company
Neenah Paper

A.W. Miller
American Porcelain Enamel Company
American Store Equipment & Construction Corp.
Anaconda Wire & Cable Co.
Aurora Gasoline Company
Aurora Refinery
Beach School
Brunswick Corp
Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co.
Campbell Wyant & Cannon
Cannon Muskegon Corporation
Central Junior High School
Central Paper Company
Champion Iron & Steel Company
Consumer Power, B.C. Cobb Power Plant
Continental Motors
CWC Castings
CWC Foundry
D Warren Papermill
General Electric Telephone Building
Grand Trunk Railroad
Hackley Hospital
Henders City Plant
Howmet Corp
L J Steeby - Consumers Power Plant - B C Cobb Plant
Lakeway Chemical
Lakeway Foundry
Lift Tech International
Lumbermans Bank
Madison Manufacturing Company
Martin Marietta Plant
Mercy Hospital
Muskegon Boiler - Work Shop
Muskegon City Hall
Muskegon Intermediate School
Muskegon Water Filtration Plant
Norge Machine Products Division, Borg-Warner Corp.
Old Dutch Refining Company
Olsen Const - S. D. Warren Co - Pipi Bridge
Ott Chemical Plant
P B C Cobb Plant
Palisades Nuclear Power Plant
Power Plant
Reynolds Aluminum Company
S. D. Warren Co.
Schmitt Construction Co.
Seal Power Corporation
Shaw Crane Works
Shaw Electric Crane Company
Shaw Walker Co
Shaw-Box Division
Steel Fabricators
Steel School
Superior Seating Company
Teledyne Continental Motors
Teledyne Plant
US Aquarama
Warren Paper Mill
West Michigan Steel Foundry
Westran Corporation
Zephyr Oil

Muskegon Heights
A.P. Green Fire Brick Company Of Michigan
A.P. Green Refractories Company
Buehrle Engineering Co (A/K/A Borg Warner Corp)

N C Flint
Buick Motor Division, Gmc

Kraft General Foods

Mcgehee Lumber Co. - (J.M. Jones Lumber Co.)

National City
National Gypsum Company
NG Manufacturing Plant - National City

Nazareth College

Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company
Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company
Empire Iron Mining
L.E. Myers Company
Massachusetts Mine
Negaunee And Ishpeming Street Railway Company
Pioneer Pellet Plant Eagle Mills

New Baltimore
Detroit United Railway Company

New Lothrop
New Lothrop High School

New Richmond
Jas. Johnson and Company

New Ulm
Union Hospital

Forest Products Chemical Company
Kimberly Clark Corporation
Michigan Iron Company
Newberry State Hospital
Newbery Furnace Company
Robbins Flooring Company
Upper Peninsula Hospital for the Insane

Detroit Edison Company
Enrico Fermi Power Plant - Unit #2
Power Reactor Development Co

Garden City Fan & Blower Co
Iles Manufacturing Co
Kawneer Manufacturing Company
National Standard Corporation
New York Central RR Co. - Diesel Engine Repair Shop
Niles Manufacturing Co.
Niles Steel Tank Co
NYC Railroad Diesel Engine Repair Shop
Ohio Paper Company
Park Manor

No Flint
Buick Motor Division, Gmc

Detroit Board Of Health
Detroit Sanitorium
Ford Motor Company
Haller, Incorporated
W.H. Maybury Sanitorium

Aragon Mine
Commonwealth Iron Company
Municipal Electric Lighting Plant

C.L. Holmes Company, 45240 Grand River Ave.

Oak Park
Detroit Warehouse
J P Stocks
Oak Park Railroad Yard
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp.
Quality Steel Treat Company
Stanley Steamer

Oakland County
Southeastern Oakland County - Garbage & Rubbish Authority

Mulkey Salt Company

Okemos Fire Station #2
Okemos High School - Boiler Room

Onsted Schools

Hoerner Waldorf Corp.
Huss Ontonagon Pulp & Paper Co (A/K/A National Container Corp.)
Ontonagon Fibre Corp

Wurtsmith Air Force Base

Lakeville High School

Allied Paper Mills
Hammond Machinery Builders
Mac Sim Bar Paper Company
Mead Corporation

Controls Company Of America
Field Manufacturing Company
Ford Hardward & Accessories Div.
Ford Motor Co
General Telephone Building
Owosso Manufacturing Company
Owosso Sugar Company
Owosso/Corunna Electric Company
Redmond Company Inc.
USS Agri-Chemicals

Oxford High School

Missouri Hardstone Brick and Tile Company

Cleveland Cliffs Iron
Empire Iron Mining Co.
Empire/Palmer Mines

K V Parchment
Kalamazoo Vegetable Parchment Co.

Blu Surf Combustion Equipment Co.

Standard Oil Refinery

Paw Paw
A.F. Murch Co.
Michigan Wineries Inc.
Rw Lapine, Inc.
W. Soule & Co.

Perry High School

Leatzow Insulation
Michigan Maple Block Co.
Penn Dixie Cement Corp.
Petoskey Portland Cement Co

Pinconning High School

Weyerhauser Paper Mill

Associated Spring
Burroughs Corporation
Detroit House Of Correction
Detroit Transmission, Division Of General Motors Corp.
Ford Motor Co.
General Motors Corporation
Michigan Bell Telephone
Plymouth Fertilizer
Titan Refining Company
Wayne County Training School

Baldwin Rubber Company
Dte Pontiac North, Llc
Fisher Body Corporation
General Motors Corp.
Grand Trunk Western Railroad
Home Dairy Restaurant
Miss Gulf Refining
O.J. Beandett Company
Okland Welding
Pontiac Fisher Body N Body Shop
Pontiac Foundry
Pontiac Light Company
Pontiac Medical Building
Pontiac Motor Co.
Pontiac Water Works
St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital
Wilson Foundry and Machine Company

Port Hudson
Detroit Edison Company
Mueller Brass Company

Port Huron
American Wire Division
Consolidated Light and Power Company
Detroit Edison Company
Detroit River Paper Company
Dunn Paper Co.
Dunn Sulphite Paper
Electric Autolite Company
Excelsior Electric Company
Grand Trunk Western Railroad Co
Maripoillo Plant
Maryville Plant
Michigan National Drive In Bank
Morton Salt Company
Mueller Brass Company
Mueller Metals Company
Peerless Cement Company
Port Huron Gas and Electric Company
Port Huron Light and Power Company
Port Huron Powerhouse
Port Huron Sulphite
Sears Roebuck & Company
St. Clair Tunnel Company

Port Sheldon
Consumers Power Company

Nazareth College
Upjohn Company

Portland School
West Elementary School

Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company

Champion International Corp.
International Paper Company
Kimberly Clark Corporation

Ford Motor Company

Acme Chair Co
Bryan Manufacturing Company

Red Ridge
Baltic Mining Company

Allison Redford Plant
Detroit Diesel Corporation
General Motors - Detroit Diesel Plant
Topps Store

Reed City
ANR Pipeline Company
Indal Inc.
Loreed Liquid Carbon Plant

Empire Iron Mining

Renton Harbor
Michigan Standard Alloys

Cleveland Cliffs Iron
Marquette Iron Mining
Republic Iron & Steel Company
Republic Mines

Gull Lake Community Schools
Gull Lake School

Maryglade Seminary
P.I.M.E. Missionaries Of - Sts Peter And Paul Maryglade Sem

Borden Inc.
Smith Douglass Div.

River Rouge
Arthur B. Homer
Charles S Hebard
Chester (Ss)
Consolidated Paper Company
D.G. Kerr
D.M. Clemson
Detroit Edison Company
Detroit Wax Paper Company
E J Kulas
Edgewater (Ss)
Edmund Fitzgerald (SS)
Fabricon Products
Ford / Great Lakes Engineering / River Rouge
Ford Motor Co Super Charger Building Rouge Plant
Ford Motor Co.
Ford Motor Company - Great Lakes Engineering
General Chemical Company
Gls Great Lakes Steel No 3 Hot Strip
Great Lakes Engineering Works
Great Lakes Steel Corporation
Henry Phipps
Herbert C. Jackson
Horace Johnson
Joshua A. Hatfield
Kinsman Independent
Leon Fraser
Linde Air Products Co.
Marathon Oil
Marblehead Lime Company
Michigan Consolidated Gas Co.
National Steel
Peerless Cement
Richard V. Lindabury
River Rouge Power Plant
Sement Solvey Plant
Thomas E. Millsop
U.S. Gypsum Co.
William B. Schiller

A.E. Smith High School
Elf Atochem
Penwalt Corporation

Detroit and Lake Orion Company
Detroit United Railway Company
Higbie Mfg.
J.J. Kennedy
Lake Orion Railroad
Oakland University
Parke Davis Laboratories
Western Knitting Mills, Inc.

Rochester Mills
Rochester High School

Kelley Island Lime and Transport Company

F. W. Ritter & Sons Co.
Michigan Silica Company

Rogers City
Michigan Limestone and Chemical Company
U.S. Steel Corp.

Ford Motor Company - Tractor Plant

Executive Terminal
Kelsey Hayes Company
Drying Systems Company
Michigan Oven Company

Sacred Heart High School

Royal Oak
Beaumont Hospital
Bendix Corporation
Dow Chemical
Kimball High School
Parker Elementary School

Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp.
Rudyard Schools

Keith Car and Manufacturing Company

A.P. Green Fire Brick Company Of Michigan
A.P. Green Refractories Company
AAA - Building
Aker Perkins Inc.
Baker-Perkins, Inc.
Beichle Supply Co.
Central Foundry Division, GMC
Chevrolet Grey Iron Foundry
Combustion Engineering
Community Hospital Services
Consumers Power Co.
Core Room
Delco Marine Transmission
Delphi Saginaw Steering Systems
Delta College
Dover & Company
Eaton Corp
Eaton Manufacturing
Eaton Plant
Eisenhower High School
Fashion Square Mall
Fordney Hotel
Fort Saginaw Mall Job
General Motors Corp.
GM Chevrolet Grey Iron Foundry
Grey Iron Foundry
Guarding Nursing Home
Hi-Rise Apartment Complex
Hitachi Magnetics
Holy Family Convent
Houghton School
I B Hoise Plant
J.W. Wilman
Jefferson Manor
Lufkin Rule Company
Macarthur High School
Mackinaw Middle School
Malleable Foundry
Michigan Bell Telephone
Michigan Mutual Insurance Company
Michigan Sugar Co.
Monitor Sugar Plant
Montgomery Wards
News Building
Nodular Iron Foundry
Owens Corning Fiberglass Supply & Contracting
Pier Marquette Shopping Center
Queen Of Angels Retreat House
Reichle Supply Co.
Robert O. Williams, Inc.
Saginaw Civic Center
Saginaw Community Hospital
Saginaw Country Club
Saginaw County Juvenile Home
Saginaw General Hospital
Saginaw Heating Company
Saginaw Manufacturing Company
Saginaw Metal Cast Iron
Saginaw News Building
Saginaw Steering Gear
Saginaw Steering Gear
Saginaw Stock Boiler Program
Saginaw Transmission Plant
Saginaw Valley State College
Saginaw Waste Water Plant
Saginaw Wood Products Company
Saint Mary's Hospital
Saint Thomas Acquinas
St. Marys Hospital
Standard Oil Refinery
State Street Lutheran Church
Tri-County College
U.S. Graphite
Veteran's Affairs Hospital
Vlasick Pickle
Webber Junior High School
Wicker Brothers
Wickes Boiler Plant

Saint Clair
Belle River Power Plant
Cargill Salt
Detroit Edison Co.
Detroit Saint Clair Power Plant
Diamond Crystal Salt Company
St. Clair Power Plant
Townsend and Bottom

Saint Ignace
New Ignace High School

Saint Joseph
Auto Specialties Manufacturing Co.
Brown Elementary School
Cooper, Wells and Company
Industrial Rubber Goods Div.; Redbrick Hilltop Boiler
Laboratory Equipment
Paramount Die Casting
Paramount Oil Casting
Saint Joseph's Hospital
Sanitary Cleaners
St. Joseph And Benton Harbor Street Railway Company
Whirlpool-Seeger Corporation

Saint Louis
Michigan Chemical Corp.

Saint Marie
Metallurgical Products

Saint Mary's Island
St. Clair Power Station

Saint Paul
Mac Arthur Company

Ford Motor Company - Plastics Plant
Universal Diecast Cork Di

Sandusky High School

Sault Saint Marie
Edison Sault Electric Company
Michigan Lake Superior Power Company
Sault St. Marie High School
Senior Citizens Hi-Rise
U S Steel
United States Army Corps Of Engineers
US Government St. Mary Falls Canal

Key Casting

Superior Oil Company

Unionville-Sebewaing High School

Atlas Powder Company

Saint Vincent's Hospital

Slocum Junction
Trenton Channel Plant

South Bay City
North American Chemical Company

South Haven
Bator Industries, Inc.
Bechtel Corporation
Bohn Aluminum & Brass Corp.
Consumers Power - Palisades Power Plant
Palisades Nuclear Power Plant
Power Service Corporation
Power Station
Sator Industries
Waste Water Treatment Plant

South Range
Baltic Mining Company

A.P. Green Services, Incorporated
American Insulation
Babcock & Wilcox
Bendix Corporation
Bigelow Liptak Corp.
Bit-Con Corporation
Corning Glass Works
Glen Levey Junior High School
Huron Portland Cement
J.L. Hudson Department Store
Koppy-Nemer Office Building
Michigan Bell Telephone Company
Northland Plaza Bldg
Northland Professional Building
Oakland Steel Treating Company
Office Building, 26711 Northwestern
Office Building, Evergreen And 10 1/2 Mill Rd.
Office Building, Northwestern Hwy.
Providence Hospital
Synagogue - Southfield Road
The Congress Building

Carnation Co

Spring Lake
Anderson Bolling Mfg Co

Middle School
Springport School

Oliver Iron Mining Company

Monroe Silica Company

Sterling Heights
Chrysler - Stamping Plant
Ford Motor Company
Schuchard School

Sterling Township
Sterling Van Dyke Plant
Ford Motor Co.

E.J. Kohn & Associates

Stillwater Penitentiary

Stockbridge High School

Stoney Creek
Detroit Edison Company
Power Reactor Development Co - Enrico Fermi Power Plant

Grav-I-Flo Corp
M & R Dietetic Laboratories, Inc.
Ross Products
Sturgis Elementary School
Sturgis Memorial Hospital

Swartz Creek
Saint Mary's Church
Swartz Creek Middle School

St. Joseph Hospital Of Tawas

A.P. Green Refractories Company

Great Lakes Steel
Tecumseh Products

Three Oaks
Warren Featherbone Company

Three Rivers
Eddy Paper Company
Rocky River Paper Mills Inc.
Sheffield Car Company
Three Rivers Junior High School - 10Th Avenue
Weyerhaeuser Company

Traverse City
Bay St. Power Plant
Honeywell Company
Michigan Electric Light & Power Department
Michigan Starch Company
Munson Hospital
Northern Michigan Asylum
Oval Wood Dish Company
Power Service Corp Of Travers City Michigan
Traverse City Electric Light and Power Dept.
Water Filtration Plant

Chrysler Chemical
Chrysler Trenton Engine Plant
D.S.C. Limited
Detroit Edison Company
Great Lakes Steel Corporation
Mclouth Steel Corp.
Mobil Oil Company
Monsanto Chemical Co.
Norman Price
R. H. Anderson, Inc.
Riverside Hospital
Riverside Osteopathic Hospital
Seaway Hospital
Sibley Quarries Company
Socony Mobil Oil Company
Socony Vacuum Oil Company
Trenton Channel Power Plant
Trenton Sewage Treatment Plant
Trenton Valley Distilleries Corporation
Vulcan Foundry
Vulcan Mold & Iron
White Star Refining Company

Trimountain Mining Company

Trout Creek
Abbot Fox Lumber Company

Abitibi Corp
Budd Company
Central Woodward Christian Church
Flex Cable
Hobart Bros.
Rubber Materials
Troy High School
Troy Montessori School
Troy Schools
United Shirt and Collar Company
Val Cast

Union City
Peerless Portland Cement Company

Upjohn Co.

Ford Motor Co.

Eaton Foundry
Vassar Post Office

Simpson Lee Paper Company
Spencer Chemical

Penn Iron Mining Company

Connor Lumber and Land Company

Chrysler Steering Stamping Plant

Almo Manifold & Tool Company
Anchor Packing
Ank Arsenal Boiler Plant
Bi-County Hospital
Boiler Plant Tank Arsenal
Capitol Insulation
Chevrolet, Motor Division
Chrysler Corporation
Cross Manufacturing Plant
Daimler Chrysler
Detroit Arsenal
Detroit Edison Co
Federal Department Store
General Motors Corp.
Hoover Steel
Jones & Laughlin Steel
Manufacturing & Development Research Staff - Gmc
Mortell Corp.
National Disposal Service
Norcote Division
Office Building, 30500 Van Dyke
Pacific Industrial Furnace Company
Soss Manufacturing Company
South Macomb Hospital
Super Steel & Treat Co.
Tech Center Steam Plant
Technical Center
Topps Store
Tuff-Kote Asphalt Products.
Union Carbide Corp.
W&M Products
Warren Service Center
Welton Rubber
Widger Chemical

Hammermill Papermill
Watervliet Papermill

Eloise General Hospital
Eloise Hospital - Powerhouse
Ford Motor Co.
Lincoln Mercury Siding
Mercury Station Wagon Plant
Wayne Area Hospital

West Allis
Allis Chalmers

West Bay City
Hecla Portland Cement and Coal Company

West Branch
Producers Refining Incorporated

West Detroit
Michigan Carbon Works

West Duluth
Minnesota Power & Light Co.

West Olive
CMS Energy Corporation
Consumers Energy Company
J.H. Campbell Generating Station

Wayne Westland Community Schools

Stauffer Chemical Company - Sand Creek Highway

White Pigeon
Eddy Paper Corp.

White Pine
Arkell Co White Pine Copper Mine
Copper Range Company
White Pine Copper Co
White Pine Powerhouse
White Pine School

Ford Motor Co.
Willis Central Heating Plant

Willow Run
General Motors

Wisconsin Public Service Company

Ford Motor Co.

Wolverine High School

Ford Motor Company - River Rouge Plant - Stamping Plant
Mobil Oil Corporation

Peninsulan Portland Cement Company

Basf Wyandotte Chemicals Corp.
Board Of Public Works
City Of Wyandotte
City Power Plant
De Pennsalt Plant
Department Of Municipal Service
Detroit Brass & Malleable Works
Detroit Edison Company
Dow Chemical
E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company
Elf Atochem North America, Inc.
First Presbyterian Church
J.B. Ford And Company
Mc Cord Corp
Mcclouth Steel
Michigan Alkali Company
Monsanto Chemical Company
Municipal Service Department
Murray Bodies
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp.
Pennsalt Chemical Co.
Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Co.
Pennwalt Corporation
Union Carbide Corporation
Wyandotte Chemical Company
Wyandotte General Hospital
Wyandotte Portland Cement Co.
Wyandotte Powerhouse
Wyandotte Works

Delphi Automotive System

Central Special Ties Company
Detroit Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor Railway Company
E. Michigan University, Classroom Building #1
East Michigan College, Physical Ed Building
Ford Motor Co.
Ford Rawsonville Plant
Geiger & Hamme Laboratories
General Motors Corporation
General Motors-Hydramatic Div.
Lincoln Senior High School
Mc Cord Corp
Motor Wheel Corp
Peninsular Paper Company
St. John's Catholic School
Uniflex Cable
Ypsilanti High School

H.L. Hubbell
Zeeland Brick Company
Zeeland Municipality

Consumers Power Co - Saginaw River Steam Plant
Zilwaukee Powerhouse

Zug Island
Great Lakes Steel Corp.
LS Blast Furnace Div.

Michigan Mesothelioma Attorneys

Our mesothelioma attorneys are proud to represent mesothelioma victims and their families across the United States, including hardworking men and women in Michigan.

Michigan State Seal Asbestos exposure is the only known cause of mesothelioma. Tons of asbestos were mined in the United States throughout the 20th century and used in many industries, including Michigan universities, automobile manufacturing, steel mills and factories.

Major cities in Michigan where asbestos exposure is known to have occurred at jobsites include:

  • Detroit
  • Grand Rapids
  • Warren
  • Sterling Heights
  • Lansing
  • Ann Arbor
  • Flint
  • Dearborn
  • Livonia
  • Clinton

Filing a Mesothelioma Claim in Michigan

Our focus on mesothelioma allows us to be sensitive to the concerns of our clients suffering while navigating the unique legal aspects of these cases and maximizing each client's recovery. It is important to know that every state has its own laws and if you wait too long, your claims may be barred.

Michigan Mesothelioma Treatment Centers

There are a number of cancer centers in Michigan that treat mesothelioma. The following are a list of some of the cancer centers that provide treatment of mesothelioma cancer. If you would like to learn more, CLICK HERE to contact our client service team or call us at 866-373-5000.

 University of Michigan Health System Mesothelioma Treatment    Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Center
University of Michigan Health System
1500 E. Medical Center Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
  Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Center
4100 John R Street
Detroit, MI 48201

Michigan Mesothelioma Physicians

Gregory P Kalenkerion, M.D.
Co-Director of Thoracic Oncology
University of Michigan Health System
Med Inn Building
1500 East Medical Center Drive, Room C350
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109
Phone: 734-936-5281
  Dr. Michael Harbut
Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute
4100 John R Street
Detroit, MI 48201
(800) 527-6266
Dr. Shirish M. Gadgeel
Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute
4100 John R Street
Detroit, MI 48201
(313) 576-8753

Mesothelioma Resources

Mesothelioma is a rare and very serious form of cancer found in the lining surrounding the lungs, the stomach, or the heart. The only known cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos.

It often takes 10 to 60 years after exposure to asbestos before the symptoms of mesothelioma develop. This period of time is referred to as a latency period. Because of the latency period, the disease commonly affects men and women that are at least 50 years of age and that worked with asbestos between 10 and 60 years ago.

Michigan Mesothelioma Facts

The use of asbestos and the handling of asbestos materials are regulated in the United States today, but its use is not banned. Asbestos is recognized as a hazardous material and is monitored by OSHA and the EPA but exposure risks still exist in Missouri. The United States still consumes 30 million pounds of new asbestos per year and many old homes, factories, schools, warehouses, and commercial buildings still contain old asbestos products.
The average incident rate of mesothelioma in the United States is 1 / 100,000 - the state of Michigan is consistent with the National average with an incident rate of 1 / 100,000.
There are a number of different jobs that caused a larger amount of exposure to asbestos on a more frequent basis. Below you will find today's employment numbers for several of these high risk jobs in Michigan:

Occupation 2008 Michigan Employment
Construction 154,508
Mechanical Engineers 24,230
Electricians 21,510
Teachers & Instructors 37,180
Mechanics & Technicians 24,740
Plumbers, Pipefitters & Steamfitters 13,260

Source: Careerinfonet.org

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