Montana Exposure Sites

Many of our clients are unsure of how they could have been exposed to asbestos. We have hired some of the best investigators in the business. Our investigators will track down who was responsible to help ensure that they can be held accountable.

Below is a partial list of Montana buildings and job sites where asbestos exposure may have occurred. If you or a loved one have mesothelioma, or other asbestos-related injury, and wish to consult a Montana mesothelioma attorney about your legal rights to compensation, CLICK HERE for a free consultation or call us at 866-373-5000.

Anaconda Copper Mining Company
Anaconda Smelter Stack
Saltenberger Plumbing & Heating
Sulphuric Acid Plant

Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corporation
Billings Laundry
Billings Mutual Heating Company
Billings Sugar Company
Billings Utility Company
Carter Oil Company
Conoco Oil Company
Conoco Oil Refinery
Continental Oil Company
E.J. Bartells Company
Exxon Refinery
Exxonmobil Oil Corporation
Fiberglas Engineering & Supply Co.
Great Western Sugar Company
Humble Oil & Refinery Company
Montana Power Company
Mountain Bell
Owens Corning Fiberglass Corp.
P.B. Moss
St. Vincent's Hospital
Ted Hall
Wyo-Ben Prod Co. Material Supply Division
Yale Oil Corporation

Black Eagle
Anaconda Copper Mining Company
Boston & Montana Consolidated Copper & Silver Mining Co.
Boston and Montana Reduction Department

Anaconda Forest Products

Bozeman Montana College
State College of Agricultural and Mechanical Arts

Anaconda Company
Anaconda Copper Mining Company
Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corporation
Butte General Electric Company
Butte Lighting and Power Company
Consolidated Copper & Silver Mining Company
East Butte Copper Mining Company
Heartland Grain Fuels
Kelly Heating Plant
Montana Ore Purchasing Company
Montana Power Company
Moulton Gold & Silver Mining Company
North Butte Mining Company
Original Butte Mining Company
Phoenix Electric Company
Phoenix Electric Plant
Pittsburg and Montana Copper Company
Stauffer Chemical
Timber Butte Milling Company
Victor Chemical Company

Northwestern Improvement Company

Utah Idaho Sugar Company

Legal Tender Mining Company

Montana Power & Light Co.
Montana Power Company
Montana Power Company - Colstrip Station

Columbia Falls
Anaconda Aluminum Company
Plum Creek Lumber Company

Anaconda Aluminum Company

Broeder Lumber Company

Cut Bank
Arras Tank Company
Glacier Production Corp.
Union Oil Co.

East Helena
American Smelting & Refining Company
Asarco Inc.

Forsyth Electric Light & Power Company Plant

Stone Container Corporation - Paper Mill

Geismar Industries, Inc.

Airbase Powerhouse
Glasgow Air Force Base

Glendive Heat, Light and Power Company
Montana-Dakota Utilities Company
Northern Pacific Railroad Company

Great Falls
Anaconda-Butte, Montana Ducts & Stacks
Boston & Montana Consolidated Copper & Silver Mining Co.
Copper and Silver Mining Company
Forzley Sales Co.
General Mills - Flour Division
Great Falls Refinery
Malmstrom Air Force Base
Phillips Petroleum Company
United States Army Air Base


Alcotane Limited (A/K/A Holly Sugar Corp.)

United States Gypsum Co.

Helena Power Transmission Company
National Mining and Exploring Company
Western Ranch Supply Company

Brick & Builders Supply
C. & C. Plywood Corporation

Canex Oil Refinery
Farmers Union Central Exchange
Farmer's Union Cooperative Oil
Fuce Plant
Laurel Oil and Refining Company
Union Tank Car Co.

Ej Bartells
Lewiston Brick & Tile

Champion Paper
J. Neils Paper Company
St. Regis Paper Company

Burlington Northern Santa Fe
Northern Pacific Railroad Company

Miles City
Water and Electric Light Company
Miles City Air Force Base

Amalgamated Sugar Company
American Crystal Sugar Company
Armstrong Contracting & Supply Corporation
Clausen Refrigeration
Evans Products Company
Great Western Sugar Company
Hoerner Waldorf Corporation
Intermountain Lumber Company
Iowa Valley Sugar Company, Inc.
Missoula Light and Water Company
Missoula White Pine Sash
Montana State University
New Mens Residence
Paper Mill & Digester
Schmidt Plumbing & Heating
Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation
Stone Container Corporation, Paper Mill
University Center
University of Montana
Van Evan Company
Waldorf Hoerner Paper Products Company

Montana City
Kaiser Cement & Gypsum

Mullan Tunnel
Northern Pacific Railway Company

Out Bank
Union Oil Company

Granite Bimetalic Consolidated Mining Co.
Taylor & Knapp Ball Mill

Diehl Lumber Company

Cascades Plywood Company
Dupuis Lumber

Red Lodge
Northwestern Improvement Company

Holly Sugar Corporation
Lewis & Clark Station
Midland Sugar Company
Montana Dakota Utilities Co.
Sidney Montana Powerhouse

Silver Bow
Stauffer Chemical Co.

Silver Lake
Anaconda Copper Mining Company

Texaco, Inc.

Thompson Falls
Pack River Lumber Co.

Three Forks
Cyprus Industrial Minerals Company
Sierra Talc and Clay Company, Inc.
United Sierra Division, Cyprus Mines Corp.

J. Neils Lumber Company
Montana Light & Power Company

Virginia City
Conrey Placer Mining Company

Warm Springs
Montana State Hospital
Warm Springs State Hospital

Montana Coal and Iron Company

Amalgamated Sugar Company

Alta Montana Company

Montana Mesothelioma Attorneys

Our mesothelioma lawyers are proud to represent mesothelioma victims and their families across the United States, including hardworking men and women in Montana.

Montana State SealAsbestos exposure is the only known cause of mesothelioma. Tons of asbestos were mined in the United States throughout the 20th century and used in many industries, including Montana power plants, mines, oil refineries, schools and universities.

The state of Montana also has deposits of naturally occurring asbestos, and is home to the Libby, Montana asbestos and vermiculite mines operated for decades by the prominent asbestos corporation W.R. Grace & Company.

Major cities in Montana where asbestos exposure is known to have occurred at jobsites include:

  • Billings
  • Missoula
  • Great Falls
  • Bozeman
  • Butte
  • Helena
  • Kalispell
  • Havre
  • Anaconda
  • Libby

Filing a Mesothelioma Claim in Montana

Our Montana mesothelioma law firm's sole focus on mesothelioma cases allows us to be sensitive to the concerns of our clients suffering while navigating the unique legal aspects of these cases and maximizing each client's recovery.

It is important to know that every state has its own laws and if you wait too long, your claims may be barred.

Montana Mesothelioma Treatment Centers

The following are cancer centers in Montana that specialize in the treatment of mesothelioma cancer. If you would like to learn more, CLICK HERE to contact our client service team or call us at 866-373-5000.

Montana Cancer Center Mesothelioma Treatment     Center for Asbestos Related Disease in Montana

Montana Cancer Center
500 West Broadway
Missoula, Montana 59802


Center for Asbestos Related Disease
214 E. 3rd Street
Libby, MT 59923

Montana Mesothelioma Physicians

Patrick Gibson Beatty, M.D. Ph.D.
Montana Cancer Center
500 W Broadway St
Missoula, MT 59802
(406) 728-2539


Katherine Markette, M.D.
Montana Cancer Center
325 Owens St
Missoula, MT 59802
(406) 329-5655   


Williams C. Nichols, M.D.
Montana Cancer Center
500 W Broadway St
Missoula, MT 59802
(406) 728-2539


Mesothelioma Resources

Mesothelioma is a rare and very serious form of cancer found in the lining surrounding the lungs, the stomach, or the heart. The only known cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos.

It often takes 10 to 60 years after exposure to asbestos before the symptoms of mesothelioma develop. This period of time is referred to as a latency period. Because of the latency period, the disease commonly affects men and women that are at least 50 years of age and that worked with asbestos between 10 and 60 years ago.

Montana Mesothelioma Facts

Today, the use of asbestos and the handling of asbestos materials are regulated in the United States but its use is not banned. It is recognized as a hazardous material and is monitored by OSHA and the EPA but exposure risks still exist. The United States still consumes 30 million pounds of new asbestos per year. Additionally, many old homes, factories, schools, warehouses, and commercial buildings still contain old asbestos products.

Asbestos also occurs naturally in Montana and was commercially mined for decades.

The average incident rate of mesothelioma in the United States is 1 / 100,000 - the state of Montana is below the National average.

There are a number of different jobs that caused a larger amount of exposure to asbestos on a more frequent basis. Below you will find today's employment numbers for several of these high risk jobs in Montana:

Occupation 2008 Montana Employment
Construction 31,811
Mechanical Engineers 350
Electricians 2,230
Teachers & Instructors 1,090
Mechanics & Technicians 2,810
Plumbers, Pipefitters & Steamfitters 1,890


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