New Jersey Exposure Sites

Many of our clients are unsure of how they could have been exposed to asbestos. We have hired some of the best investigators in the business. Our investigators will track down who was responsible to help ensure that they can be held accountable.

Below is a partial list of New Jersey buildings and job sites where asbestos exposure may have occurred. If you or a loved one have mesothelioma, or other asbestos-related injury, and wish to consult a New Jersey mesothelioma attorney about your legal rights to compensation, CLICK HERE for a free consultation or call us at 866-373-5000.

Seaview Country Club

Panther Valley

Fura Construction Company

Atlantic Coast Electric Railway Company
Grace and Hyde Company

Alpha Coal Co.
Alpha Portland Cement Company

New Jersey State Reformatory for Men
State of New Jersey Dept. of Institutions & Agencies


Crocker-Wheeler Company

Ancora State Hospital
New Jersey State Hospital
New Jersey State Mental Hospital

North Hunterdon High School

New Jersey State Hospital - Building #22

Arlington Copper Company
E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Company
Flintkote Manufacturing Company

Asbury Park
Atlantic Coast Electric Light Company
Atlantic Coast Electric Railway Company
Carlton House
Consolidated Laundries Corporation
Convention Hall
Eastern New Jersey Power Company
Fisher Baking Company
Kingsley Arms Apartments
Sea Shore Electric Railway Company

Athenia Steel Company
Standard Table Oil Cloth Company

Atlantic City
Ambassador Hotel
Atlantic City Convention Hall
Atlantic City Electric Company
Atlantic City Gas Company
Atlantic City Sewerage Company
Atlantic Insulation
Best of Life Park
Breakers Hotel
Chalfonte-Haddon Hall Hotel
Claridge Hotel - Park Place
Convention Hall
Flamingo Hotel
G.E. Atlantic City Elec. Co.
Haddon Hall Hotel - New Function Room Wings
Holiday Inn Columbia Place
John Sykes Company
Lit Brothers
Lombardy Motel
Miller Masons
New City Hall Building
New Jersey Bell Telephone Company
Norton Hotel
Pagent Hotel
Riggs Distiller and Company, Inc.
Seashore Supply
Shellborne Hotel
South Jersey Gas Company
Stockton College
The Ventnor
Vespoli Construction

Auburn Light, Heat & Power Company

Sussex Building Supply Company

Art Metal, Security Division
Frank Hill Smith, Inc.
General Dynamics Corp.
General Refractories
Oliver-Brennan Bros Inc.
Security Steel Equipment

William J. Joyce, Passaic Quarry

Armour Glue Works
Armour Soap Works
B.T. Babbitt, Inc.

Union Bag and Paper Company

American Smelting & Refining Company
California Oil Company
California Refining Co.
California Research Corp.

Barrington Manor Apartments
Barrington Plant
Edmund Scientific Co.
Owens Corning Fiberglas Corporation

Basking Ridge
Bernard Township High School

Morton Johnson Co. Inc.

Babcock & Wilcox Company

A.W. Booth & Brothers
Allen George
American Dyewood Company
American Radiator Company
Babcock & Wilcox Company
Baker Castor Oil Company
Bayonne Hospital and Dispensary
Bayonne Navy Base - Steam Piping Supply Center
Bayonne Plumbing Supply
Bayonne Refractories Corp.
Bayonne Senior High School
Bayonne Shipyard
Bergenport Chemical Works / Standard Oil Company
Berman Industries
Best Food Division of Corn Products Company
Best Foods
C.P.C. North America
Cape Liberty Cruise Port
Dodge and Olcott Company
Dorado Oil Works
Edible Oils Company
El Dorado Oil Works
Electric Launch Company
Electro Dynamic Works
Esso Standard Oil Company
Exxon Chemical Company USA
Fifth Ward School
First Ward School
Fourth Ward School
General Cable Company
Hess Oil & Chemical Corp.
Humble Oil & Refining
Hunt-Wesson Foods, Inc.
I.C.I. America, Inc.
Ingram-Richardson Corp.
International Nickel Company
John Boyle and Company
L.F. Donahoe
Lombard Ayres and Company
Military Ocean Terminal
Naval Supply Depot
New Junior High Vocational School
Norton & Sons Printing
Nucoa Butter Company
Orford Copper Company
Pacific Coast Borax Company
Palmer Asphalt
Pattern Shop
Pharma Chemical Corporation
Rutherford Chemical Co.
Safety Insulated Wire & Cable Company
Standard Oil Company
Supply Department
Texas Company
Third Ward School
Tide Water Oil Company
U.S. Naval Base
U.S. Naval Supply Depot
U.S. Navy Yard
Verona Corporation
Verona Pharma Chemical Co.
Wesson Oil and Snowdrift Company
Wigton-Abbott Corp., Mahony-Troast Construction Co.

Central Region High School
New Jersey Pulverizing

Bayway Refinery
Esso Standard Oil Company
Exxon Refinery
Exxonmobil Oil Corporation
Humble Oil & Refinery Company
Phelps Dodge Copper Products Co.
Ralph M. Parsons Co.
Standard Oil Company

Bedford Park
Johnson & Johnson Products


Beesely’s Point
Atlantic City Electric Company
B.L. England Station
Beasley Point Powerhouse

Aluminum Shapes

Belle Mead
GSA Supply Distribution Facility
Minnesota Mining
Nichols Engineering & Research
Sterling Drugs

A. Wilson & Company
Alden Leeds
American Dyewood Company
Andrew Jergens Company
Clara Maas Hospital - Nurses Residence
Clara Maas Memorial Hospital
Clayburn Contracting Company
De Witt Brothers and Company
Domestic Linen Supply Company
Eastwood Neally
Essex County Geriatrics Center
Federal Leather Company
Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company
L. Sonneborn & Son
Liquid Carbonic Corporation
Maas and Waldstein Company
Napier and Mitchell Manufacturing Company
National Yeast Corp.
Tennaco Chemical Company
Wallace & Tiernan Inc.
Westinghouse Lamp Company

Bellmawr Industrial Park
Owens Corning Fiberglas Corp.
Jersey Central Power of Light Co.

Celanese Corporation - Band Casting Plant
Celanese Plastics
Celanese Polymer Co.
Dsm Nutritional Products
Hercules Powder Co.
Hoffman-La Roche, Incorporated
Hoffman-La Roche, Incorporated - Vitamin C Plant
Woolsulate Corp.

Eclipse Aviation

Bergen Powerhouse
Public Service Enterprise Group

Bergen Junction
Seaboard By-Products Coke Company

Berkeley Heights
Berkeley Chemical Corp.
Berkeley Heights Elementary School
Berkeley Heights Regional High School

Fibreboard Plant, Kaylo Manufacturing Plant
O C Berlin Plant
OCF Berlin Kaylo Plant
Owens Corning Fiberglas Corp.

Owens Corning Fiberglass

Beaunit Mills Inc.

Permutit Company

Black Rock
Linde Air Products Co. (Union Carbide & Carbon Corp.)

Salvatorian Fathers School/Faculty Building

JCP&L Yards Creek

Automantic Heating Supply
Bloomfield Board of Ed - Maintenance Shop
Charms Company
Clark Thread Company
Combinations Rubber Manufacturing Company
Condensite Company of America
Consolidated Safety Pin Company
Franklin H. Colby
General Electric Company
Lehn and Fink, Inc.
Lummus Company
Scientific Glass Company
Simms Magneto Company
Specialties Manufacturing Company
Sprague Electric Company
Sprague Works
Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co.
Westinghouse Lamp Company

Spencer Products

Fiber Mark Inc.
Perry Electric Company

American Paper Company
Bogota Paper and Board Company
Continental Paper Company
Federal Paper Board Company, Inc.

Drew Chemical
E.F. Drew Company
General Storage Battery Company
New Jersey Power & Light Company
Norda Essential Oils & Chemical Co.
Riverside Hospital
Wecoline Products Company

Bordentown Reformatory
Circuit Foil Company
Johnstowne Boiler Plant
New Jersey State Reformatory

Bound Brook
Airco Commercial Acetylene
Allied Chemical Corp.
American Cyanamid Corporation
Bakelite Company
Bound Brook Crushed Stone Company
Bound Brook Woolen Mills
Calco Chemical Company
H.L. Einstein Bound Brook Woolen Mills
New Development Lab
Nw Laboratory Development
Path Film Corp.
Phenoxy 8 - Semi Works Unit
Research Cottrell Inc.
Ruberoid Company
Sherwin-Williams Company
Standard Paint Company
Union Carbide Corporation
Whiting Corporation (American Cyanamid)
William Harlig Agt.
Woolen Mills

New Jersey State Hospital

Branchberg Switch

North American Chemical Corp.

Monsanto Chemical Company
Owens Illinois Inc.
Regal Petroleum Products Corp.
Rollins Purle Inc.

Aberfoyle Manufacturing Company
Aikler Construction
AP Green
Bridgeton Condensed Milk Company
Bridgeton Electric Company
Cross Transportation
D'Agostino Brothers
Deerfield Packing Corp.
E. Pitchard, Incorporated
Hunt Foods, Incorporated
Jersey Package Company
Martin Dyeing and Finishing Company
Owens Illinois Glass Company
P.J. Ritter Conserve Company
Seabrook Farms

Bridgewater Township
American Cyanamid
American Hoist
American Smelting
Arsarcon Federal
Aventis Pharmaceuticals
Devro Pilot Plant
New Intermediate School
Somerset County Vocational High School

Mcguire Air Force Base

Western Electric Company

Plastic Ware

A.H. Mcneal
Alcoa (formerly Reynolds Metals)
Aluminum Company of America
Burlington Powerhouse
Carey Chemical Co.
Chamberlain Corporation
Defense Plant Corporation
Hercules Incorporated
Hercules Powder Company
Hooker Chemical
National Gypsum Co.
New York Shipbuilding
Ng Manufacturing Plant
Occidental Chemical Corporation
Penn Jersey Boiler Repair Co.
Polyone Corporation Polyone Engineered Films Inc.
Public Service Electric & Gas Company
Public Service Electric Company
Public Service Enterprise Group
Public Service Gas & Electric Company of NJ
Rheem Manufacturing Company
Riverside Metal Company
U.S. Pipe & Foundry Company
United States Army Ordnance Plant
United States Cast Iron Pipe & Foundry Company

Burlington County
Intermediate School

Bushing Ridge

A I C Chemical Co. - Hamburg Turnpike
Amerace Corporation
American Hard Rubber Company
Pequanoc Rubber Company
Rubber Co. - Powerhouse Pequanmock

Curtis-Wright Corporation - Propeller Division
Custom Components
Mount St. Dominic Academy
St. Catherine Of Siena

Alex Chasey & Sons
American Dredging Company
Armstrong Cork Company
Atlantic Engineer
Atlantic Match Company
Atlantic Navigator
Atlantic Seaman
Bell Telephone
Berkeley (USS)
C.W. Breneman Company, Inc.
Cadillac Dog Food
Caisilite Warehouse
Camden (USS)
Camden Coke Company
Camden County Court House
Camden County Highway Dept. - Maintenance Complex
Camden County Parks
Camden Courthouse & Jail
Camden Forge Company
Camden Grain Company
Camden Heating Company
Camden Iron Works
Camden Paperboard Company
Camden Safe Deposit Company
Camden Shipyard
Camden Training and High School
Campbell Soup Company
Caraustar Industries
Cities Service Oil Company
Clayburn Engineering
Conyngham (USS)
Cooper Medical Center
Cooper Point School
Cove Engineer
Cove Navigator
Empire State
F.A. Poth and Sons, Inc. - Kaighns Point
Farr and Bailey Manufacturing Company
Flexitallic Gaset Co. Inc.
Flintkote Company
Frostie Root Beer Plant
Garlock Inc.
General Contracting Company
George A. Munger Department Store
Giant Tiger Supermarket
International Harvester
J. Eavenson and Sons, Inc.
J.R. Evans
Joseph Campbell Preserve Company
Joseph L. Lamarra Plumbing
Joseph Strauss (USS)
Kind & Knox Gelatin Co
Kitty Hawk/Hull Number 146 [Ship]
Lady of Lourdes Hospital
Latex Fibre Industries (Formerly West Jersey Paper)
Lit Brothers
Macandrews & Forbes Company
Monsanto Chemical Co.
Mount Navigator
N. Bantivoglio & Sons
N.S. Savannah Merchant Ship
National Waterproof Papers Inc. (Scott Paper)
New York Naval Shipyard
New York Shipbuilding Corporation
Ny Shipbuilding Corp.
Pen Jersey Welding
Penn Jersey Shipbuilding
Pennsylvania Railroad Company
Petroleum Transportation Co. Boat
Public Service Coke Plant
Public Service Corporation of New Jersey
Public Service Electric & Gas Co.
Quaker Shipyard
R.C.A. Victor
R.T.C. Shipyard
Radio Corp of America Manufacturing Co.
Roxy Theater
Royal Cocoa Company
Rutgers University
South Dakota
St. Thomas Q
Taylor-White Extracting Company
Thomas A.
Thomas Q.
United States Gypsum Company
Universal Rundle Corp.
US Shipbuilding Corporation
US Steel
West Jersey Homeopathic Hospital
West Jersey Paper Manufacturing
Workman Company, Inc.

Cape May
Atlantic City Electric - Service Building
Cape May Light and Power Company
North West Magnesite Co. - Cottrell Unit, 3

Cape May Point
Northwest Magnesite Co.

Diamond Shamrock Company
Gaines Chemical
Gas Liquification Plant
Jacques Wolfe & Co.
Nopco Chemical Company
Transcontinental Gas Co.

Carlton Hills
Janos Asbestos Co.

Carneys Point
American Gas and Electric Company
Carneys Point Works
Chambers Works
E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company
Federal Shipbuilding
Pure Carbonic Corp., Inc.
United Gas Improvement Company

Liebig Works
Mexican Petroleum Corporation
American Agricultural Chemical Company
American Oil Company
Continental Can
De La Mar Copper Refining Company
Fmc Corporation
Gatx Terminals Corporation
General American Tank Storage & Terminal Company
I.T. Williams and Sons
Liebig Manufacturing Company
Liebig Works
Metal and Thermit Corporation
Mexican Petroleum Corporation
Philadelphia Quartz Company
Standard Oil
United States Metals Refining Company
Warner Chemical Co.
Westvaco Mineral Products
Wheeler Condenser & Engineering Company

Cedar Grove
Overbrook Hospital

Cedar Knolls
Cedar Knolls Acoustical Lab

United Asphalt

John E. Diament Company

Alpha Portland Cement

Standard Oil Company

Chamber’s Works
E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company

Tidewater Pipe Company, LTD

Betz Laboratory

Cherry Hill
Bank of New Jersey
Cherry Hill Board of Education
Cherry Hill High School
Johnson School
Municipal Maintenance Co.

Scott Paper Company
Sun Oil Company

Chews Landing
South Jersey Paving Company

Chrome Steel Company
Delamar Copper Refining Company
Goldschmidt Detinning Company
Metal and Thermit Corporation
United States Metals Refining Company

Hercules Powder Company

Grimme Combustion Company

Eagle Oil Company
Eagle Oil Works
Standard Oil Co.

General Motors Corporation
Inland Manufacturing Company
Karnak Chemical Corp.
Lewis Asphalt Eng. Co.
US Gypsum

Clark Township
Hyatt Bearings Division, General Motors Corp.
New Departure-Hyatt Bearings Div., General Motors Corp.

Hungerford & Terry, Inc.

Midland Glass Co.

Automatic-Data Processing
BNK Restoration
Clifton High School
Clifton Paperboard Company
Collins & Akin
Country Club Towers
Curtis-Wright Corporation Propeller Division
Eureka Printing Company
Eureka Textile
Federal Suites
Federal Sweets & Biscuit Co.
Federal Telephone and Radio Corp.
Fritzsche Brothers, Inc.
Givaudan Chemical
Givaudan Corporation
Givaudan-Delawanna, Inc.
Good Path Oil Cloth Company
Hoffman-La Roche
Miles Chemical, Pakamaine Plant
Shelton, Incorporated
Takamine Laboratory, Inc.
Velvaray Corp.
Waldrich Bleachery - Boiler Room
Whippany Paperboard Company
Whippany Papers
Woolsulate Corporation

Clinton Reformatory
Foster Wheeler Corp.
New Jersey State Reformatory for Women

Comfortair Corp. - Closter Medical Bldg.

Borough of Collingswood
Wayne Terrace Apartments

Central Railroad of New Jersey
Eagle Works
Standard Oil Company, Eagle Works

Constable Hook
Asiatic Petroleum Corporation - Bayonne Plant
General Chemical Company
International Nickle Company
Orford Copper Company
Seaboard Refinery
Standard Oil Company
Tidewater Oil Company

College of St. Elizabeth

Hermet Inc.

Carter Products, Inc.
Cities Service Oil Company
Federal Chemical

Central Railroad of New Jersey, Engine Terminal
N J Bell Telephone
Union Junior College

Heke Inc.
Tammy Brok Country Club

Lafferty Asphalt

Diamond Alkali Company
Standard Silicate Company

Phelps Dodge

Atlantic Coast Electric Railway Company
Deal Artesian Ice Company

Atlantic City Electric Co. - Deepwater Station
Chambers Works
Combustion Engineering
Deepwater Generating Station
Deepwater Light and Power / Deepwater Power Plant
DuPont Chambers Works
E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company
Gibbs & Hill - Atlantic City Electric Co.
Pan American Sulphur-Chambers Works
Public Service Electric & Gas

Deepwater Point
E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Company

Deerfield Beach
Harry Reitheiner

Aluminum Shapes, Inc.
Aluminum Smelting Company
Delair Shipyard
Kieckhefer Container Company
Union Paving Co.

Builders Supply Company

Advance Piece & Dye Works (A/K/A Waldrich Co.)
Antoine Chris Company
Givaudan Corporation
Waldrick Company

Elementary School

Thiokol Chemical Corp.

Deptford Township
J. Braimard School

Stalman Shipyard

Dover Rockaway & Port Oram Gas Company
Hedden Company
Hermet Inc.
Howmet Corporation
Jersey Acoustics & Fireproof
Jersey Central Power & Light Co.
Mckeirnan Tire Co.
Microcast Receiving
Mr. F. J. Bex
National Metal Hose & Tubing Company
New Jersey Iron Mining Company
New Jersey Power and Light Company
Ng Manufacturing Plant
Paul Guenther Inc.
Picatinny Arsenal
Roof Chevrolet
U.S. Government (Picatinny Arsenal)
Ulster Iron Works

Duck Island
Public Service Electric & Gas

Botany Worsted Mills
Forstmann & Huffman Company
New York Belting and Packing Company
Pantasote Company
Passaic Worsted Spinning Company
Paterson Parchment Paper Company
United State Rubber Company

Dundee Lake
National Silk Dyeing Company

Railway Shop

Central Railroad of New Jersey
National Starch Products, Inc.
Ransome Machinery Company

Dutch Neck
West Windsor Township School

Eagle Point
Texas Company

Naval Ammunition Depot

East Brunswick
Continental Baking Company

East Hanover
Fritzsche Brothers, Inc.
Fritzsche, Dodge and Olcott
Michigan Consolidated Gas Company
Sandoz Pharmaceutical Corporation

East Long Branch
Consolidated Gas Company of New Jersey

East Newark
Clark Thread Company
East Newark Realty Corp. (First Republic Corp. of America)
Edison Electric Lamp Company
Engelhard Corporation
Federal Telephone & Radio Corporation
Stewart Hartshorn Company

East Orange
A.P. Smith Company
All Souls Hospital
American Specialty Products
Bayonne Hospital
Bergen County Courthouse
Bergenfield High School
Berkeley Heights Regional High School
East Orange General Hospital
Fairlawn High School
Foster Wheeler
General Tire & Rubber Co.
Hackettstown High School
Holy Name of Jesus Church
Hudson County Hospital
L.D. Reeder Company, Eastern Division
Lawler Electric Co.
New Milford High School
Newark Office Building
Parsippany High School
Perth Amboy Hospital
Port Ewen School
Port of New York Authority
Ridgewood High School
Rumsen High School
Rumson Elementary School
Schadel & Beyer Inc.
Schering Corporation - Esso Research Labs
Sparta High School
St. Virgil's - New Jersey Turnpike
Surburban Electric Light and Power Company
Tung Sol Electric Inc.
United Cork Co.
VA Hospital
Ward Baking Co.
Westinghouse Lamp Company
Woolsulate Corp.

East Paterson
Marcal Paper Mills Inc.

East Rutherford
American Oil Company
Asiatic Petroleum Corporation
Flintkote Co.
Fuchs & Lang Manufacturing Company
Janos Asbestos Co.
Public Services Metering Station
Trubek Laboratories

East Windsor Township
Mcgraw Hill Publishing

Eastern Camden County
Eastern Camden County High School

Whippany Paper Board Company, Inc. (A/K/A Durham Paper Board) - Eden Mill

Alcoa (formerly Reynolds Metals)
Allied Chemical Corporation
Aluminum Company of America
Amerada Hess Corporation
Archer Daniels Midland Company
Edgewater Sugar House
Ford Motor Company - Power House
General Chemical Company
Hills Brothers Coffee, Inc.
Irving Maidman Company
Lever Brothers Company
New York Glucose Company
Shady Side Plant
Spencer Kellogg & Sons, Inc.
United States Aluminum Company
Warner Sugar Refining Company

Aluminum Company of America
Edison Water Department
Ford Motor Company
Implant Systems Plant
John F Kennedy Hospital
Mobil Chemical Co.
Muscarelle, Mead Container Plant
Nuodex Chemical Plant
Pabco Factory
Philip Carey Corp.
Porter Hayden Company
Raritan Arsenal
Raritan Oil
Revlon, Inc.
Sid Harvey of NJ
Tenneco Plant

Egg Harbor City
Atlantic City Electric Company
Better-Bilt Door Co.
Central Glass Company

Acands, Inc.
Alexian Brothers Hospital
American Hardware Co.
American Metal Treatment Company
Anatrona Chemical Company
Armstrong Construction & Supply
Armstrong Contracting & Supply
Babcock & Wilcox Company
Ballard Sprague & Thomas
Banks Shipyard
Battin High School
Bell Telephone
Bronze Powder Works Company
Central New Jersey Railroad
Chosen Freeholders of Union County
Diehl Manufacturing Company
Division of Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Dry Ice Corporation of America
Elizabeth Brewing Company
Elizabeth General Hospital
Elizabethtown Gas Light Company
Elizabethtown Water Company
Esso Standard Oil Company
Exxon Refinery
Exxonmobil Oil Corporation
F.H. Kalbfleisch Corporation
General Chemical Co.
General Refractories
Govt Cage
Jenkins Rubber Company
John Stephenson Company
Kimberly Clark Corporation
Loizeaux Builders Supply
Magruder Color Corporation
Morey La Rue Laundry Company
Nuodex Products Co.
Owens Corning Fiberglass Corp.
Peter J. Schweitzer, Incorporated
Phelps Dodge Copper Products Corp.
Ralph M. Parsons Co.
Reichhold Chemicals, Inc.
Sealand Service
Simmons Company
Singer Co.
Singer Manufacturing Company
Standard Oil Company of New Jersey
Storehouse Bayway Refinery
Suburban Electric Company
The Singer Co.
Theodore Roosevelt School #17
Thermatomic Carbon Company
Thomas & Betts Corporation
Union County Courthouse
United Electric Company of New Jersey
Warner Quinlan Asphalt Company
Waverly Terminal Company
Zimmermans Bakery

A. & F. Brown Company
Alden S. Swan & Company
Anatron Chemical Company
Babcock & Wilcox Company
Barrett Company
Barrett Manufacturing Company / W.H. Rankin Company
Central New Jersey Railroad
Central Railroad of New Jersey
Elizabethtown Consolidated Gas Company
Elizabethtown Gas Light Company
G.M. Wheeler
Henry R. Worthington
Hess Oil
Moore Brothers Company
Rolling Mill Department
Samuel L. Moore & Sons Corporation
Singer Manufacturing Company
St. Patrick's School House
W.H. Rankin Company

Humble Oil and Refining Company

Elmwood Park
Marcal Paper Mills Inc.

Atlantic Loading Company
Pleasant Mills Paper Company

B & M Welding
Yanker Residence

Englewood High School
Superior Steatite
Ral Englewood Inc.

Englewood Cliffs
Lipton Building, Boiler Room

Billets Aluminum Company

Union County Courthouse

Essex Powerhouse
Hangerford Electric Manufacturing Company
Public Service Company of New Jersey
Public Service Electric & Gas
Public Service Enterprise Group

Essex Station
Public Service Gas & Electric Company of NJ

El Paso Natural Gas Company

Antheil Elementary

Ewing Township
Sherbrook Manor

Fair Lawn
Altria Corporate Services, Inc.
American Can Co.
Fisher Scientific Company

Chem San International
Coen Manufacturing
Frey Concourse
Summitt Scientific Company
Unimatic Manufacturing Company
Vulcan Materials
Woolsulate Corporation

Fisher Scientific Co.
National Biscuit Company
T. A. Edison School

Kraft Foods N.A.

East Coast Finishing Co.
Firecote Company, Inc.
Kane Acoustical Company

Hopco Products
Mopco Products Div.
Qualco Products Co.

Dittmar Powder and Chemical Company
Freehold Acres Plumbing Supply, Inc.

Baldt Anchor, Chain & Forge Company
Church Brick Company
Murport Chemical Company
Stephan Fermentation Chemicals, Inc.

Finderne, Lauler
H.W. Johns Manville Company
Johns-Manville Sales Corporation
Singer Manufacturing Company

Kimble Glass

Rare Chemical Incorporation
Vicking Corp.

Florence Pipe Foundry & Machine Company
R.D. Wood Company

Florham Park
Esso Research & Engineering Center
Fairleigh Dickenson University
Tennessee Eastman Company

Ashland Chemical Company (aka Catalin Corp. of America)
Badger Manufacturing Co.
Catalyn Inc.
F M Rojeck Inc.
Hatco Chemical Co.
Hayden Newport Chemical Co.
Heyden Chemical Corporation
Matco Chemical
S.D. Plants Hayden Newport Chemical
Tenneco Chemicals
Tenneco Refinery
W.R. Grace and Company
Zeston Inc.

Forked River
Burns & Roe Inc.
Jersey Central Power and Light Company
Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant
Rust Engineering Co.

Fort Dix
BP Refinery
Fort Dix Hospital
Mcguire Air Force Base
New Fort Dix Hospital
P.B.S. Incorporated
Post Exchange - Bldg. T15-76
U.S. Air Force
U.S. War Depot

Fort Lee
Cerro Purchasing Corporation
National Distributors Co. Inc.
Riviera Inn

Fort Monmouth
2700 Hexagon Building Camp Wood - Building 9
Fort Monmouth - Bldg. 2504
Hospital Boiler Room - Building 209

New Jersey Zinc Company
South Branchburg Pumping Station - Round Valley

Franklin Junction
Franklin Furnace

Franklin Lakes
Ibm Corporation
Mance Corporation

A. & M. Karagheusian, Inc.
Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Co.
Nestle Company, Inc.
Nestle USA

Frenchtown Inc.
Frenchtown Porcelain

Garden State Parkway
Cheesequake Restaurant

Factory & Mill Supply
Garden State Paper Co.
Garfeld Manufacturing Co.
Garfield Factory
Hamersley Manufacturing Company
Hammerschlag Manufacturing Company
Heyden Newport Chemical Corp.
Marcal Pare Company
New Jersey Worsted Company
New Jersey Worsted Mills
New Jersey Worsted Spinning Company
Richard Rowe

Aeolian Company
Millen Industries
National Gypsum Company
Schlecter Hardware & Industry
Sunoco Products Company

Energy Fuels Nuclear, Inc.

California Oil Co. - Power House

Gibbsboro Air Force Station
US Air Force Station

Atlantic City Electric Co. - Greenwich Station
Ballard Sprague & Thomas Co. Inc.
Du Pont Powder Company
E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company
Eastern Dynamite Company
Eastern Laboratory
Experimental Station
Geo Specialty Chemicals Inc.
Greenwich Station
Hercules Powder Company
Hercules, Inc.
Monsanto Chemical Company
Pan American Sulphur Chambers Works
Repauno Construction
Repauno Works

Gilbert Station Powerhouse
Jersey Central Power & Light

Hercules Incorporated
Hercules Powder Company
Kimble Glass Co. (aka Owens-Illinois Glass)
Union Powder Corporation

Aura School
Eastern Light and Fuel Company
Glassboro State Teachers College
John Repp Ice & Cold Storage Company
Owens Illinois Glass Company - Closure & Plastics Div.
Peoples Gas Company
Whitney Glass Works

Glen Gardner
N. J. State Hospital
New Jersey State Colony for Feeble Minded Males
New Jersey State Sanatorium

Glen Ridge
Mountainside Hospital

Gloucester City
Argo Mills
Camden, Gloucester & Woodbury Electric Railroad Co.
GAF Corporation
Gloucester City Incinerator
Gulf & Western Chemicals Div. (aka New Jersey Zinc Corp.)
Hinde and Dauch Paper Company
New England Co.
New Jersey Zinc Company
Pusey and Jones
Ruberoid Company
Sherwin-Williams Company
Steam Rent, Incorporated
Welsbach Company

Gloucester Township
Asphalt Handling Plant
Atlantic Oil Refinery
Atlantic Refining Co. - Asphalt Handling Plant
Board of Education
Dickman & Hansen
GAF (Ruberoid)
Harshaw Chemical Company
New Jersey Zinc Co.
Ruberoid Company
Texaco Oil
US Coast Guard
Welsbach Co.

Charles S Wood & Co
E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Company
Freeport Mexican Fuel Oil Corporation
General Aniline & Film Corporation
Grasselli Chemical Company
General Aniline

Grassili Station
Ashland Chemical Company

Green Brook
Central Railroad of New Jersey

Eastern Potash Company
International Coal Carbonization Co.

Ace Welding & Boiler Repair
American Insulation Company
Bergen County Courthouse
Bergen County Jail
Bergen Record
Dentronics Inc.
Frank Ackerman Incorporated
Gas and Electric Company of Bergen County
Hackensack Gas Works
Hackensack Hospital
Hackensack Specialty
Hackensack Water Dept.
Halocarbon Products
Huyck Felt Plant
Jersey Photo Engraving
Lydon Brothers Corporation
Park Lane Apartments
Parkway Insulation Co.
The Record, River St.
Western Electric Co.
Wright Aeronautical Corporation

Centenary Jr. College
Genner Bros of New Jersey
Hackettstown Elementary School
M & M Candies

Bancroft School
Camden Paint Manufacturing
Joyce Construction

Burlington Company Tract Company

Allied Chemical
B. F. Goodrich Chemical Co.
Blue Bird Dyeing Company
Preakness Hospital

Hamilton Township
American Standard
L.A. Young Company
Mercer Generating Station
P. S. Mercer Generating Station
Public Services Electric
Public Services Electric & Gas Co.

Atlantic Loading Company
C. & E. Canners Inc.
Kessler Memorial Hospital
Whitehall Labs (American Home Products)
Wm Kessler Manufacturing Co.

Hampton Storage Boiler Plant

Hancock’s Bridge
Public Service Enterprise Group
Salem Nuclear Generating Station

Hanover Township
Dusenberg Engineering Plant
Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital

Harrington Park
Harrington Park School

American Gas & Chemical Corporation
Anaconda Co.
Atha Steel Works
Bayway Refinery
Chile Exploration Co.
Crucible Steel Company of America
Dresser Pump
Driver-Harris Wire Company
Edison General Electric Company
Edison Lamp Works of General Electric Company
General Electric Company
General Motors Corporation
Harrison By-Products
Harrison Works
Hartz Mountain Company
Hodgman Rubber Company
Hyatt Bearings Division, General Motors Corporation
Hyatt Roller Bearing Company
Hydraulic Works
International Steam Pump Company
John H. Cooney, Inc.
Keasbey - Merck
Kentile Floors, Inc.
Marine Engine & Machine Company
National Industrial Supply
Otis Elevator Company
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp.
Owens-Corning Supply Corporation
Public Service Electric & Gas Company
Public Service Enterprise Group
Public Service Production Company
Radio Corporation of America
RCA Manufacturing Co.
Robert A. Keasbey Co. Inc.
Swift and Company
Swift Plant
Theobald Industries
Whiting Corp. (Worthington Pump & Machine Corp.)
Woburn Decreasing Company, Chemical Division
Worthington Pump & Machinery Corporation

Carneys Point
E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Company
Laflin and Rand Powder Company

Inmont Corporation
Interchemical Corp.
Lafavorite Rubber Manufacturing Company
Lily Tulip
New Era Manufacturing Company
Textile Dyeing Company of America, Inc.
Universal Engineering

Heighland Park
Janeway and Carpender
John Waldron Company

G.W. Helme Company

Jos. Wharton
Wharton Steel Company

High Bridge
Taylor-Wharton Iron & Steel Company

Highland Park
Midland Ross Corporation
Waldron Hartig

Hightstown Rug Company
Kentile Corporation
Mcgraw-Hill Publishing Company Building
Peddie School

Smith Weilman

Hilldale Telephone Building
Mundet Cork Company

American Can
Bristol-Myers Company
Hatfield Wire & Cable Co.
Manhattan Welding
National Industrial Laundries
Tyrol Distributors
Union Plastics Corp.
Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Westinghouse M&R
York Insulation Company, Inc.
York Private Siding

Alorna Coat Corporation
American Export Lines
American Lead Pencil Company
Amersped Inc.
Beaver Mills
Bergen Turnpike Company
Bethlehem Steel Corporation
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard
Consolidated Iron Works
Construction Aggregates Corp.
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Company
Duddy Contracting
Ebbecke Furniture Company
Electric Development & Securities Co. of New Jersey
Elevator Supply and Repair Company
Erie Lackawanna Railroad
Franklin Baker Company
General Foods Corporation
Hackensack Water Company
Hamburg-American Packet Company
Hinde and Dauch Paper Company
Hoboken Land & Improvement Company
Hoboken Shipyard
Hudson Electric Light Company
J. Schmarzwalder and Sons
Jayval Marine Corporation
John W. Wallace Company
Keuffel and Esser Company
Keystone Dairy Company
Maxwell House
National Carbon Company
North Hudson Light, Heat, & Power Company
North Hudson Railway Company
North River Lt and Ifo.
Osborn Flexible Conduit Company
Pennsylvania Railroad Company
Progressive Silk Finishing Company
R.B. Davis Company
S.M. Meyenberg
Standard Chemical Products Inc.
Stevens Institute of Technology
Sweets Company of America, Inc.
Texaco Oil Refinery
Tietjen and Lang Dry Dock Company
Todd Shipyard
Tootsie Roll
United Electric Company of New Jersey
United Electric Division
United States Army for Washington Laundry
United States Naval Training Stevens Institute
W.A. Fletcher Company

Hoboken Ferry
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Company

Jersey Central Power & Light
New Jersey Power and Light Company

American Insulation
Bell Laboratories
Bell Telephone Co.
Western Electric Co.

Atlas Finishing Company
William Bradley

Shopping Center, Homer Lee and Hopatcong Rds.

Public Service Gas & Electric Company of NJ

Hope Creek
Public Service Enterprise Group

Allied Chemical Corp.
Hopewell Electric Light and Power Company

Hudson County
Hudson County Public Safety Building
Hudson Powerhouse
Public Service Electric & Gas
Public Service Enterprise Group

Regal Paper Co.

Indian Mills
Indian Mills School

American Aluminum Casting Co.
International Coal Products Company
Irvington Smelt & Refining
Lionel Corporation
Seabord Plastics/Supplies

Sea-Land Services

Basf Wyandotte Chemicals Corporation

Jersey City
Adam Black & Son
American Can
American Sugar Refining Company
Armour and Company
Automobile Club of America
Baker Castor Oil Company
Barnes Manufacturing Company
Bishop and Babcock Company
Brewster Cocoa Manufacturing Company
Brunswick Laundry, Inc.
Butler Brothers
C. Heidt and Son
C.F. Mueller Company
Central Lard Company
Central Railroad of New Jersey
Certified Distributors
Charles Schloerb
Chemical Manufacturing Co.
Christ Hospital
Colgate-Palmolive Company
Commercial Trust Company of New Jersey
Consolidated Traction Company
Continental Candy Corporation
Crucible Steel Company of America
Davey Company
Eastern Carbon Works
Eastern of New Jersey, Inc.
Eiser Hardware Co.
Empire Ace Insulation Manufacturing Corp.
Empire Ace Siding
Erie Elevator Company
Erie Lackawanna Railroad
Erie Railroad Company
Eureka Fire Hose Manufacturing Company
Exchange Place
F.B. Poss Company, Inc.
F.O. Matthiessen & Weichers Sugar Refining Company
George Fangmann, Inc.
George Stratford Oakum Company
Greek American Confectionery Company
H. Koppers Company
Hall of Records
Halstead and Company
Hasman & Baxt Co. Trans
Hudson & Manhattan Railway Co.
Hudson Companies
Hudson County Courthouse
Hudson County Laundry
Hudson Generating Station
Hudson Laundry Company
Hudson Manhattan Railroad Company
Hudson Powerhouse
J. Dixon Crucible Company
James R. Sangster Windsor Hotel
Jersey City Barrell Works
Jersey City Hospital
Jersey City Paper Company
Jersey City Sewerage Authority
Jersey City Welding
John Mehl and Company
Joseph Dixon Crucible Company
Kellog Manufacturing
Lafayette Provision Company
Lembeck and Betz, Eagle Brewing Company
Liberty Healthcare
Luhrs and Boettcher
M.W. Kellogg Company
Marion Station
Matthiessen and Wiechers Sugar Refining Company
Merchants Refining Company
Metrovest Equities
Midland Ross International
Morris Basin Dry Docks
Mutual Chemical Company of America
National Air Cell Covering Company
National Spring Company
Natural Products Refining Company
P. Lorillard and Company
Passaic Zinc Works
Pennsylvania Railroad Company Meadows Shops
Peter Bippus
Peter J. Schweitzer, Inc.
Port of NY Authority
Public Service Electric & Gas Co. - Hudson Generating Station
Public Service Enterprise Group
Public Service Gas & Electric Company of NJ
Riegel Sack Company
Schiavona Bonoma Corporation
Seaboard By-Products
Snare & Triest Company
St. Frances Comm.
St. John's Housing
Standard Asbestos Co.
Standard Laundry Company
Standard Motor Construction Company
Standard Oil Company, New Jersey Eagle Works
Standard Wet Wash Laundry Company
Store Door Delivery
Swift and Company
The Central Railroad New Jersey
The Davey Company
U. S. Army Incinerator Plant
U. S. Army Warehouse Supply
U.S. Army Engineer District NY
U.S. Gypsum Company
Union Terminal Cold Storage Company
United Fabricators
United Gas Improvement Company of Philadelphia
Us Navy Rec. Office
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
W. Ames and Company
W. Side Sewage
W.O. Davey and Sons
West End Gas Plant
Western Electric Company
Western Union Company
Whitlock Cordage Company
William L Dickinson High School-Gymnasium Bldg.

Lehigh and Wilkes Barre Coal Company

Airflow Industries Inc.
St. Ann's School

African Dawn
African Lagoon
African Lake
African Star
African Sun
American Gunner
American Stores Warehouse
American Trapper
Blue Ridge (USS)
Board of Education
Congoleum-Nairn, Inc.
Coppers Coke
Destructor Plant, Building #23
E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company
Edward F. Terry Manufacturing Company
Federal Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co.
Federal Shipyard
Ford Motor Company
Fore River Shipyard
Fred Morris
Gardner Asphalt
H. Bright Co.
Harlan R. Dickson
John W. Weeks
Kearney Powerhouse
Kearney Shipyard
Kearny Generating Station
Kearny Post Office
Koppers Company, Inc.
Lewis Hancock
Martin Dennis Company
Metropolitan Refractories
Metropolitan Refractories Corporation
Monsanto Chemical Co.
Nairn Linoleum Company
Owens Corning
Pioneer Bay
Pioneer Lake
Prudential Grace Lines
Public Service Electric & Gas Company
Public Service Electric Company
Public Service Enterprise Group
Public Service Gas & Electric Company of NJ
River Terminal Development Company
Rocky Mount
Santa Adela
Santa Barbara
Santa Catalina
Santa Cecilia
Santa Flavia
Santa Juana
Santa Margarita
Santa Maria
Sargent N C V Division Zurn Ind
Schickhouse Division of Swift & Co.
Silver Star
Swift and Company
Terry and Tench Company
Theobald Animal Products Refinery
Theobold Industries, Inc.
Tompkins Tidewater Terminal
United Cork Co.
USS Lang [Ship - Dd]
Wallace L. Lind
Wasco Chemical Co.
Western Electric Company
Zurn Industries

Union Carbide Corporation

Board of Education, Harding School
National Tool & Manufacturing Co.
Schering Corporation
Schering Plough
St. Theresa's Church
Warren Harding School - Ruberoid Co.
Westfield Sheet Metal
White Laboratories, Inc.

Alliant Techsystems
Atlantic Dynamite Company
E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Company
E.I. DuPont De Nemours Powder Company
Giant Manufacturing Company
Hercules Powder Company

Robert A Keasbey Co.

Bzura, Inc.
Jersey Central Tractor Company
Monmouth Chemical Company
Monmouth Lighting Company
Rendrock Powder Company

King Park
Kings Park State Hospital

John A. Roebling's Sons Company

Lake Denmark
US Naval Ammunition Depot

Lake Junction
Hercules Powder Company

Glidden Company
Lakehurst Naval Air Station
Lakehurst Naval Hospital

Ella G. Clarke School
Fairmont Hotel
Forest Hotel Company
K. & G. Builders
Lakewood and Coast Electric Company
Lakewood Hotel and Land Association
Lakewood Water, Light and Power Company
Wheaton Plastics Company - Lakewood Industrial Park

Lambertville Rubber Company

Francis H. Leggett & Company
Triangle Conduit & Cable Co.

Laurel Hill
General Chemical Company
Phelps Dodge

Lawer Alloways Creek
Public Service Electric & Gas

Lawrence Township
Notre Dame School - Chancery Office
Princeton Press
Rider College

E.R. Squibb and Sons
Lawrenceville High School
Rider College

Smidth Company - New Machine Shop

Bayside State Prison
New Jersey State Prison Farm

Erie Railroad Company

Liberty Corners
Gulf Degremont

Atlas Mineral Machine Company
Lincoln Waterproof Cloth Company
Plainfield Joint Sewage District Plant
Raritan Aniline Works

AC & S Inc.
Allied Chemical
American Cyanamid Company
Bayway Refinery
Becco Inc.
Bectel Corp.
C. F. Braun
Celotex Corp.
Cities Service
City Service Oil Co.
Coca Cola Company
Distillers Company Limited
E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company
Enjay Chemical Corporation
Esso Bayway Refinery
Esso Lab & Office Building
Esso Reseach & Engineering
Esso Standard Oil Co. - Bayway Refinery
Exxon Company USA
GAF Corporation
General Aniline & Film Corporation
General Motors Corporation
Goodwin & Pray
Hatfield Wire & Cable Corp.
Humble Oil & Refining Co.
Lawrence Engineering & Research
Linden Motor Freight
Linden Powerhouse
Merck, Sharp and Dohme
Mobil Oil
New Public Service Generating Station
Nopco Chemical
Public Service Electric & Gas Co.
Public Service Enterprise Group Power
Public Service Gas & Electric
Ralph Parsons Co.
Resyn Corp.
Smith & Kanzler Corp.
Solar Compounds
Solvents Recovery Service, Incorporated
Standard Oil
The Supermarket Services Inc.
Union Carbide Corp.
US Gypsum
Warner Plant


Sika Chemical
Refined Products

Brighton Florists
Mainland Regional High School

Little Falls
Clayburn Contracting Company
Little Falls Laundry
Montclair Water Company
North Jersey Training School for Feeble Minded Females
Passaic Valley Regional High School

Little Ferry
Bergen Hackensack Sewer Authority
Hess Oil & Chemical Co.
Little Ferry Engine, Terminal
National Distributors Co. Inc.
Scientific Design Company, Inc.
Scientific Design Plants

Dennis Rowe Construction
Foster Wheeler Engineering Corporation
Livingston Telephone Building
Public Service Gas & Electric
St. Barnabas Hospital

Boettger Piece Dye Works
Felecian Sisters Infirmary
Lodi Dry Dyeing Company
Rochelle Park Velvet Company
United Piece Dye Works

Long Branch
Alleghany Building Units
Consolidated Gas Company of New Jersey
Electronics Association, Inc.
Garden State Towel Supply Co.
JCP&L Long Branch Gas Plant
Jersey Central Power & Light Co.
Monmouth Medical Center
Monmouth Memorial Hospital

Betty Bacharach Home

Lower Alloways Creek Township
Public Service Electric and Gas Company
Salem Nuclear Power Plant Artificial Island Hancocks Bridge

Kidco Inc.

Esso Oil Refinery

F. F. R. Building Specialties

Benedict-Miller, Inc.
Bergan Express
L.C. Bowers and Sons
Leslie Company
Lyndhurst High School
Polyurethane Specialties
Refined Products, Inc.
Schuster Trucking
Tanatex Chemical
United Cork Company

US Veterans Hospital

Drew University

Madison Township
Sayrewood Insulation Company

E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Company
E.I. DuPont De Nemours Powder Company

Abex Company

Abex Corporation
American Brake Shoe & Foundry Company
Clayburn Contracting Company
Ford Motor Company
Ford Plant
Mountain Side Farm
Ramapo Foundry Company

Mantua Terrace School District
Shell Chemical

H.W. Johns-Manville Company
Joe Manara E Building
Johns Manville Corporation
Johns Manville Plant
Johns Manville Products Corporation
Johns-Manville Company
Johns-Manville Fiberglass Corp.
Johns-Manville Research

Maple Shade
Stonehard Chemical Co.

Immaculate Heart of Mary School

Margate City
Margate Amherst Ave. School

Brewster Cocoa Manufacturing Company
Commercial Motor Company
Marion Powerhouse
Mulhens and Kropff
Public Service Corporation
Public Service Electric Company
Public Service Enterprise Group
Public Service Railway Company
West End Gas Works

Marlboro State Hospital
New Jersey State Hospital

Joseph A. Mccollum, Inc.

B.L. England Station

Martins Creek
Martins Creek Portland Cement Company

Martinsville School

Gibson Homans Co.
Keyport & Matawan Railroad Company
Middlesex & Monmouth Electric Light, Heat & Power Co.

Barber Asphalt Paving Company
Bertrin Pet Co.
Henry Maurer & Son

Mayfair Elementary School

Mays Landing
Atlantic City Courthouse Jail
Bethlehem Loading Company

Maywood Chemical Works
School Number 1
Stepan Company

Mcafee Quarry
Bethlehem Steel Corporation

Mcquire Air Force Base
Mcguire Air Force Base

Kidco Inc.
Medford Knitwear Company

Mellville Manufacturing Company

Menlo Park
Edison Electric Lamp Company
Minerals & Chemical Corporation
Thomas A. Edison

Mercer Powerhouse
Public Service Electric & Gas
Public Service Enterprise Group

Union Paving Company
Wedgewood Walk Apartments

Berg Associates
City Investment Company
Cornelius Wax Refining Co.
Ford Motor Company
Mr. Bernard Berg
Paraffine Company
St. Luke’s Educational Building
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
War Department Raritan Arsenal
Westinghouse Electric Corporation

Air Reduction Sales
General American Transport Corporation
Middlesex Water Co.
Morgan Yacht Basin, Inc.

Midland Park
Federal Boiler Company

Jersey Central Power & Light Co.
New Jersey Power & Light Co.
Regal Paper Co.
Reliant Energy Wholesale Group
Riegel Paper Corporation

Elizabethtown Water Company
Millburn Electric Company

National Gypsum
NG Manufacturing Plant
United States Veterans Hospital

Alsol Corporation
Michelin Tire Company
Milltown Industrial Site

Armstrong Cork Company
Gas Engineer Compressor
Kerr Glass Manufacturing Corp.
Kerr Group, Inc.
Millville Construction and Supply Company
Millville Dyeing & Finishing Co.
Millville Manufacturing Company
Prudential Insurance Company
Wheaton Glass Co.

Baker Construction
Fairfield Dairy Company
First Church of Christ, Scientist
Montclair State Normal School
Mountainside Hospital

A & P Tea Co.
A & E Insul-Consultants Inc.
A & E Specialties Inc.

Janos Asbestos
Superior Bearings & Bronze Co.

John Wannamaker Store
Ksm Products
Moorestown Plant
Ksm Division of Omark Inc.

Morris Plains
Maltine Manufacturing Company
New Jersey State Hospital
Warner Chilcott Labs
Warner Lambert Pharmaceutical

Morris Township
Union Carbide Plastic Corporation

All Souls Hospital
Allied Chemical Corp.
Eggert Oil
Graystone Hospital Dormitory
Greystone State Hospital
Jersey Central Power & Light Co.
Manhattan Rubber Manufacturing Company
Mepco Inc.
Morris and Somerset Electric Company
Morris County Courthouse
Morristown Gas Light Company
Morristown Memorial Hospital
New Jersey State Hospital/Greystone Park
Our Lady of Grace School
Sandoz Chemical Co.
Shahpur Chemical

Abbott Manufacturing Inc.

Mount Holly
Ankokas Dyeing & Processing Company
Barrett Bituminous
Burlington Company Tract Company
Charles S. Wood & Co.
Veterans Administration Hospital

Mount Hope
Empire Iron and Steel Company

Mount Lakes
Dixon Brothers

Mount Laurel
Town of Mt. Laurel - Municipal Utilities

Mount Olive
Belmont Drywall

Murray Hill
Airco Cryoplants Corp.
Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc.
Mitronics Hi-Temp

Natural Dam
Oswegatchie Paper Company Inc.

Fitkin Memorial Hospital
Jersey Shore Medical Center Fitkin Hospital
Neptune Police Department

Citizens National Bank
Compac Corp.
Ludlow Papers (aka Stocker Manufacturing)
Nichols Engineering & Research
Permanent Pipe Products
Singer Manufacturing Company
St. Michaels Parochial School

Plainfield Union Water Company

New Brunswick
Administration Building
American Standard
Armstrong Contracting & Supply
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Caldors Shopping Center
Calon Insulation
Delco Remy Division of General Motors Corporation
E.R. Squibb & Sons, Inc.
Federated Products Corporation
General Motors Corporation
International Motor Co.
Johansen Co.
John Waldron Company
Johnson & Johnson
Metallo Gasket Co.
Middlesex County Courthouse
Monmouth County Courthouse Project
New Brunswick Lab.
Norfolk and New Brunswick Hosiery Company
Okonite Company
Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp.
Pensacola Factories
Public Service Electric & Gas Co.
Public Service Enterprise Group
Quaker Oats
Rhodia, Inc.
Rutgers University
Simplex Automobile Company
Squibb & Sons
St. Peter's General Hospital
St. Peter's Medical Center
Standard Aircraft Corp.
Tarco Plumbing & Heating Co.
Triangle Conduit & Cable
Waldron Hartig

New Durham
B.T. Babbitt, Inc.
Hackensack Water Company
Peerless Rubber Manufacturing Company

New Lisbon
New Lisbon State Colony
State Colony for Feeble Minded Males
State Of New Jersey - Bureau of Risk Management

New Market
Baryta Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Masco Chemical Company

New Milford
Hackensack Water Company
Hovnanian School
New Milford High School Addition

New Providence
Bonnie Burn Sanatorium
John Runnels Sanatorium
Lucent Technologies

New Wilford
Hackensack Water Company

New York
Cia Colombiana De Electricidad

744 Elroy Investors Llc
A & P Bakery
A. Gross & Company
Allied Chemical
American Hair & Felt Company
American Insurance Company
American Lumber & Treating Co.
American Smelting & Refining Co. (Federal Metals Div.)
American Synthetic Dyes, Inc.
American Wood Fireproofing Company
Anheuser Busch, Incorporated
Arace Trailer - Newark Airport
Asbestos Spray Corp.
Asbestospray Corporation
Ashland Chemical Company
Atlantic Oil
Baeder Adamson & Company
Balbach Smelting and Refining Company
Ballantine Brewing Company
Bamberger Store
Barrett & Company, Inc.
BASF Plant
Bayer Brothers Leather Company
Benjamin Atha & Company
Benjamin Moore & Co.
Bertin-Mason Company
Bethlehem Steel Shipyard
Blanchard Brothers & Lane
Bonded Insulation & Aluminum
Budweiser Brewery
Bulldog Drummond Insulation Co.
Butterworth-Judson Company
C.B. Christiansen Company
Celanese Chemical Co.
Celanese Corporation Of America
Celanese Plastic Co.
Celluloid Manufacturing Company
Central Commercial and Manual Training High School
City Hospital
Clark Mile End Spool Cotton Company
Clark Thread Company
Cloray N.J., Inc.
Colden Tannery / Richard Neuman Tannery
Colonnade Apartments
Consolidated Color and Chemical Company
Consolidated Traction Company
Cornwall Hospital
David C. Seymour
Decarlo Brothers
Delaware Lackawanna & Western Railroad Company
Diamond Alkali Company
Dixon Chemical & Research
Domestic Sewing Machine Company
Dr. Abraham Coles
Duranoid Manufacturing Company
Duratex Company
E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Company
Eagle Company
Eagle-Picher Corporation
Edison Electric Lamp Company
Edison Lamp Works of General Electric Company
Ellis Adding Typewriter Company
Empire Ace Insulation Manufacturing Corp.
Engineering Development Center
Enterprize Steel Fabricators
Erie Lackawanna Railroad
Ervington Varnish Company
Essex Chemical Corporation
Essex County Courthouse
Essex County Hall of Records
Essex County Vocational School
Essex Station
Express Container
F.P. Howell and Company
Fed Met Refractories
Federal Office Building, Broad and Walnut Streets
Federal Shipbuilding & Drydock Co.
Federal Shipyard
Federal Transportation
Firemens Insurance Company Building
Fisher Baking Company
Foster Engineering Company
Francis I. Peckham
Frontier Chemical Company
Fuller Company
General Electric Co.
General Electric Lamp Works
General Phonograph Corporation
Gittlin Bag Company, Inc.
Goldsmith Leather Co.
Good Brothers Leather Company
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
Gould and Eberhardt
Graphic Building Corporation
Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, Inc.
Gulf & Western
H. W. Porter & Co.
H.J. Hoerner and Sons
H.K. Porter
Hahne & Co. Department Store
Hahne and Company Department Store
Halcon International
Hamburg Cordovan Leather Works
Heller and Merz Company
Heller Brothers Company
Hensler Brewing Company
High Street Realty Company
Hoffman Beverage Company
Hospital of St. Barnabas & for Women & Children
Hotel Lahore
Hudson County Hospital
Hudson County Mental Hospital
Hudson Generating Station
Hudson Oil Company, Inc.
Industrial Hardware
Inland Chemical Company
Interchemical Corp.
International Combustion Tar & Chemical Co.
International T & T
International Telephone
Ironbound Laundry Company
Isbell-Porter Company
J.H. Ladew Company
Jas. A. Banister Company
Jh France Refractories Company
Jim Rogers Construction
Johansen Co. Kolker Chemical
John D. Cutter and Company
John Gilber Plumbing
John L. Reid
Johns-Manville Sales Corporation
Joseph E. Connolly
Kane Acoustical Company
Kenneth D. Bailey
Keystone Sheet Metal Works, Inc.
Kolker Chemical Corporation
Koppers, Ryerlite Division
Krueger Hygiene Ice Company
L. Bamberger and Company
L. S. Plaut Co.
L.E. Waterman Company Fountain Pens
L.R. Metal Treating
Lea Fabrics Company
Lederle Labs
Lewis Brothers
Lister Agricultural Chemical Company
Ludens Candy
Luminous Material Corporation, Lab Building
Lyon and Sons Brewing Company
Maas and Waldstein Company
Manhattan Welding, Inc.
Market Street Gas Works
Maryland Medical Center
Max Hertz Leather Company
Medical Center
Meeker Foundry Co.
Merchants Refrigerating Company
Meter Division, Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Metropolitan Refractories Corporation
Military Park Underground Garage
Military Plaza Hotel
Mohawk Refining Corp.
Moldcast Products Company
Morristown Memorial Hospital
Mountain Ice Company
Muncie Oil & Coal Co.
Mutual Benefit Building
Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company
National Metallargic Company
National Newark and Essex Building Corporation
New Jersey Bell Telephone Building
New Jersey Wood Vulcanizing Company
New Jersey Zinc Company
New York Plow Company
New York Quinine
Newark Airport
Newark Bay Cogeneration
Newark Boxboard Co.
Newark City Hall
Newark City Hospital
Newark College of Engineering
Newark Paraffine Paper Company
Newark Police Broadcasting Room
Newark Processing Co.
Newark State School
Newark Works
North Jersey Railway Company
North Jersey Street Railway Company
Nyack Hospital
Office Building, Prudential
Old Center Market Building
Organic Salt and Acid Company
Otto Heineman Phonograph Supply Company
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp.
Owens-Corning Supply Corp.
P. Ballantine & Sons
PA NY Li Railroad
Pabst Brewery
Passaic County Sewage Plant
Passaic Valley Sewage
Pennsylvania Railroad Company
Perfect Laundry Company
Pipe & Tube Bending Corp. of America
Pittsburgh Consolidated Chemical Co.
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company
Plibrico Sales & Services
Port Authority Trucking Terminal
Port Newark
Porter Hayden Corp.
Powerhouse-Essex Station
Prudential Building, Academy & Halsey Streets
Prudential Insurance Company of America
Prudential Life Insurance Company
Public Service & Gas Co.
Public Service Electric & Gas Company
Public Service Enterprise Group Power
Public Service Gas Plant
Public Service Railway Company
Pure Oil Company
R.A. Keasbey
Reilly Tar & Chemical Co.
Richardson Factory
Richardson Manufacturing Company
Right Finishing Company
Robert A. Keasbey Company
Robinson Roders Company
Roland I. Hopper
Rubberset Company
Ryerlite Div. of Koppers
Scheuer Building
Schiffenhaus Packaging Corporation
Seidler Chemical & Supply Co.
Sherwin-Williams Company
Sid Harvey of N. J., Inc.
Sommer Herman & Associates
Splitdorf Electrical Company
Sprayed Fireproofing Contracting
Sprayon Insulation & Acoustic, Inc.
St. Barnabas Hospital for Women and Children
St. James Hospital
Standard Leather Company
Standard Metal Manufacturing Company
Stanley Tools
Stanwood Rubber Company
State Office Building
Still House
Storms Company
Submarine Boat Corporation
Supreme Heat Treat
T.P. Howell and Company
Tea Tray Company
Theodore E. Chandler
Thomasset Colors Division, Sterling Drug Corporation
Tung-Sol Electric Corporation
Union Brewing Company of Newark
Union News Cafeteria - Pennsylvania Station
United Gas Improvement Company
United States Electric Lighting Company
United States Industrial Alcohol Company
Universal Caster and Foundry Company
V.J. Hedden and Sons and Company
Vulcan Materials Company
Wallwork Brothers
West Side Plumbing
Western Electric Co.
Western Electric Light Company
Western Electrical Instrument Company
Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company
Weston Electrical Instrument Company
Westside Plumbing
Wilbur B. Driver Company
William M. Wood
William Seiverling
Woolsulate Corp.
Worthington-Gamon Meter Co.
Wyandotte Chemical

Shieldalloy Company

Nixon Nitration Works

North Arlington
E.I. Du Pont De Nemours
Kemp, Inc.

North Bergen
Armco Building, Dell Ave.
Armour and Company
Consolidated Bleaching
Diana Stores
Gibraltar Corrugated Paper Company
Hackensack Water Dept.
Harry Schwartz Yarn Company
Herman Basch, Inc.
New York & New Jersey Cremation Co.
North East Plaza
Public Services Electric & Gas Co.
Stuhrmann Plumbing & Heating
Thermal Refractories Company

North Brunswick
Condren Corp.
Johns Manville Products
The Okonite Company
Tondren Corp.
Tri County Supply

North Caldwell
Essex County Penitentiary

North Fords
Woolsulate Corp.

North Newark
Maas and Waldstein

North Plainfield
Sommerset Plumbing & Supply

Allied Chemical Corp.

Aerco Corporation
National Distributors Company Inc.

Hoffman-La Roche, Inc.
L. Sonneborn & Son
Nutley Plant
Nutley Oil Burner Supply

Oak Tree
L A Dreyfus Co.

New Jersey Homes

Ocean City
Atlantic City Electric Co. - Beesley Point Power Station
New Music Pavilion
Ocean City Theatre
Ocean City Research

Ocean County
Mcguire Air Force Base – Bomarc Missile Facility
North Dover Elementary School

Ocean Grove
Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association

New Jersey and Pennsylvania Concentrating Works

Old Bridge
Ceramics Products Company
Mercury Chemical Co.
Quigley Co.
Ralston Purina Co.
Sayrewood Insulation Company
Susquehanna Coal Company

Old Mays Landing
Old Mays School

Glendale Pub Service Dept. Power Plant
Hackensack Water Co. - New Milford Pumping Station
Medec Realty Corporation
Oradell Public Library

Edison Phonograph Works
Edison Portland Cement Company
Edison Storage Battery Company
Independent Engineering Company
Mcfetter Garage
Orange Food Market
Orange Memorial Hospital
Rheingold Brewery
Scannelli Plumbing
Schadel & Byer
Sherman Chapin
Superior Steam Generators of NJ, Inc.
Thomas A. Edison Inc.

Wharton Steel Company

Essex County Hospital

Empire Iron and Steel Company

Oyster Creek
Jersey Central Power & Light
Oyster Creek Atomic Power Plant

United States Air Force Base, Fallout Protection

Palisades Park
Oil City Petroleum Co.
S.A. Schonbrunn and Company, Inc.

New Jersey Zinc Co.

Atlanta Gulf & Pacific Co.

Bergen Pines Hospital
Bowling Alley, Recreation Center
Food Fair
Garden State Plaza Shopping Center
International Playtex
Municipal Building
Osw Demonstration Plant
Public Services Electric & Gas Co.
Rexall Chemical Company

Park Ridge
Mittag and Volger
Our Lady of Mercy Parochial School

E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company
Finishes Plant
Hercules Powder Company
Hercules, Inc.
International Smokeless Powder & Chemical Company
Jersey Billets Dv Superior Ind
Photo Products Division
Union Powder Corporation

Vicon Construction Co.

Botany Worsted Mills
Brighton Mills
Central Engineering & Supply Co.
Delawanna Plant
Dundee Textile Company
Forstmann & Huffman Company
Forstmann-Huffmann Woolen Mills
General Mills
Good Path Oil Cloth Company
Major Car Corporation
Manhattan Raybestos Rubber Company
Manhattan Rubber Manufacturing Company
Marcal Paper Mills, Inc.
New Jersey Energy & Supply Co.
New York Belting and Packing Company
Okonite Callender Cable Company
Okonite Company
Pantasote Company
Passaic Lighting Company
Passaic Piece Dye Works
Passaic Pioneer Properties
Passaic Worsted Spinning Company
Sid Harvey of NJ
United States Rubber Company

Allied Textile Printers, Inc.
American Locomotive Company, Cooke Works
American Textile Processing Company, Inc.
Arrow Piece Dyeing & Finishing Co.
Auger & Simon Silk Dyeing Company
Beltramo Piece Dyeing & Finishing Company
Board of Health
Brewster Finishing Co. Inc. (aka Colonial Printworks, Inc.)
Cedar Cliff Silk Company
Commercial Piece Dyeing Company
Continental Baking Co.
Continental Can Co.
Cooke Locomotive and Machine Company
Cooke Works
David Henry Building Company
Dolphin Jute Mills
Edison Electric Illuminating Company
Estate of Benjamin Eastwood
F.C. Reinhardt
Fabian Office Building
Fabricolor Manufacturing Company
Florance Brothers Manufacturing Company
Grant Locomotive Works
Harmony Industry Realty Company
Harrison Coffee Corporation
Hygrade Plastics
Itt Continental Baking Co.
Jno. W. Ferguson Company
John R. Cooke
John W. Ferguson Company
K.A.D. Corporation
Kearney and Foote Company
Leslie & Elliott Co.
Louis Franke and Company
Marcal Paper
Menilla Poultry
Modern Decorating Company
National Silk Dyeing Company
New Jersey State Teachers College
New York, Susquehanna and Western Railroad
Okonite Company
Paramount Building
Passaic County Courthouse
Passaic Rolling Mill Company
Passaic Steel Company
Paterson Bridge Company
Paterson Gas Works
Paterson Housing Project
Paterson Police Department
Peerless Plush Manufacturing Co.
Perennial Printing Company
Public Service Corporation
Public Service Gas & Electric Company of NJ
Radiance Piece Dye Works
Royal Piece Dye Works
Sandy Hill Coal & Supply Company
St. Joseph’s Hospital
Star Poultry
State Teachers College
Strengs Piece Dye Works
Styles Sportswear
Ulrich and Company
Union Asbestos & Rubber
Unr Industries
US Gypsum Plant
US Tannery Plant
Van Raalte Company, Inc.
Victory Dyeing and Finishing Company
Washburn & Granger
Weidman Silk Dyeing Company
Weidmann Piece Dyeing Company
Welfare Office
Witco Chemical Co.
Wright Aeronautical Corporation

Patty’s Island
Cities Service

American Can Company
American Refractories
Bechtel Corp.
Dixon Chemicals Industries
E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Company
Houdry, Air Products Incorporated
Hunter Industrial Insulation
Mantua Chemical
Mobil Oil Company
Mobil Oil Refinery
New York Shipbuilding
Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp.
Patterson Oil Company
Paulsboro Chemical
Paulsboro Refinery
S.S. Marathon
Shell Oil
Sinclair Refinery
Socony Mobil Oil Company
Socony Vacuum Oil Co.
Vacuum Oil Company

Child & Scott Co.

B.F. Goodrich Company
Missile Master Facility
Pedricktown Missile Master Facility
U. S. Army
U. S. Army Missile Master

Stony Brook Lab Sacony - Nuclear Research

Penns Grove
A. Clemente, Inc.
Atlantic City Electric Co. - Deepwater Station
Atlantic City Electric Company
Chambers Works
Conectiv Energy Supply, Inc.
Deepwater Operating Company
E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Company
St. James High School

Armstrong Contracting & Supply
CE Glass
Continental Can Company
Eastern Industrial Leasing Corporation
Gasmin Company
H & H Industries
Hess Oil & Chemical Corp.
Hordis Brothers Glass Company
Magnetic Metals
Penn Jersey Boiler and Construction Inc.
Sullivan Insulation & Supply
Union Paving Company

Atlantic City Electric - Deepwater Station
Deepwater Operating Co.

Atlantic Electric Co.
Board of Education
Conective Energy Generation
Fogg and Hires Company
NRG Energy Inc.

P.S. Kramer

Perth Amboy
Amerada Hess Corporation
American Smelting & Refining Co.
Anaconda Copper Works
Asarco, Inc.
Bakelite Corp.
Barber Asphalt Paving Company
Bird & Son
Board of Water Commissioners
Boulevard Garage
C. Pardee Works Steel Department
C. Simkin and Sons, Inc.
California Oil Company
California Refining
Carborundum Company
Chesebrough Manufacturing Company
Chevron Oil Company
Duralco Manufacturing
E.I. Du Pont De Nemours
Elizabeth Industrial Supply
Federal Metal Division
G. Isaacs
General Cable Corp.
Guggenheim Smelting Company
Hess Oil & Chemical Corporation
Heyden Chemical Corporation
Industrial Insulators Corporation
Insulation Materials Corp.
International Smelting and Refining Company
M. Guggenheims and Sons
Madsen & Howell
National Lead Co.
New Jersey Shipyard
Paritan Copper Works
Pennsylvania Railroad Company
Perth Amboy Dry Dock Co.
Perth Amboy General Hospital
Perth Amboy Powerhouse
Perth Amboy Refinery
Phillip Carey Manufacturing Company
Public Service Electric and Gas Company
Public Service Electric Company of New Jersey
Public Service Enterprise Group
R. & H. Garage
Raritan Copper Company
Raritan Electric Light and Power Company
Raritan River Steel
Reserve Terminal Corporation
Roessler and Hasslacher Chemical Company
S T M Supply Company
Standard Underground Cable Company
State Insulation Corp.
Steel Mill
United Lead Company
Witco Chemical Company

A.S. Cameron Steam Pump Company
American Horse Shoe Company
American Sheet Iron Works
Baker Chemical
Delaware Rolling Mill
Dixie Cup
Dow Thern Unit
Gilbert Power Station
H. Stout
Ingersoll Rand Company
Ingersoll Sergeant Drill Company
Ingersoll-Rand Company
J.T. Baker Chemical Company
Jos. Wharton Andover Furnace
Morton Oil Co.
Phillipsburg High School
Sanco Piece Dye Works Inc.
Shahmoon Industries Inc. - Cupola Loading Platform
Tyco International Tyco Healthcare
Valley Supply

National Lead Co.

Picatinny Arsenal
Picatinny Arsenal

Beecham Inc.
Central Gas Works
Public Services Electric & Gas Co.

Caddy Corp. of America

Board of Education
Bulldog Drummond Insulation
C. Potter, Jr. & Company
Century Plainfield Tire Company
Hibbard-Rodman-Ely Safe Company
Insulation Materials Corp.
International Motors
Muhlenberg Hospital
Muldenberg Regional Medical Center
Newell and Wight
Niles-Bement-Pond Company
Plainfield Gas and Electric Light Company
Plainfield High School
Plainfield Iron & Metal
Plainfield Union Water Company
Public Services Electric & Gas Co. - Divisional Hqts.
Rivoli Silk Hosiery Company
Somerset Plumbing Supply
Spicer Universal Joint Manufacturing Company
St. Mary’s Academy - Novitiate Bldg.
Vacuum Cleaner Company
Watchung Die

Plainsboro Township
Atomic Energy Comm - Matterhorn Project
Fmc Corp. - New Pilot Plant
Gas Liquification Plant
James Forrestal Research Center
Matterhorn Project
Plasma Physics Lab Steam Plant

A.E. Stone Company
Atlantic City Electric
Atlantic City Water Dept.

Point Pleasant
Point Pleasant Electric Light and Power Company
Point Pleasant Traction Company

Lenox Inc.

Pompton Lakes
E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Company
Pompton Lakes School

Pompton Plains
Edward Engineering
Infra Red Systems Inc.

Port Cement
Northwestern States

Port Chalmers
Christ Church Smith Shop

Port Chester
Beech-Nut Life Savers

Post Elizabeth
Cosmos Shipping Company Inc.
Foundry Building
Singer Manufacturing Co.
Fluor-Western Insulation
PPG Industry

Port Lee
US Army

Port Moumouth
J. Howard Smith Inc.

Port Newark
American Lumber and Treating Company
Eastern Steam Specialty Co.
Eastern Steam Specialty Company
Federal Shipbuilding and Drydock Company
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
Lehigh Port Newark
Long Island Jewish Hospital
North Side of Port Newark
Port of New York Authority
Ppg Industry
Universal Transcont.
Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company
Westinghouse Electric International
William Spencer & Son Corp.

Port Oram
Joseph Wharton
Wharton Steel

Port Reading
Amerada Hess Corporation
Hess Oil & Chemical Corp.
Hess Refinery
Hess Trading & Transport
Koppers Company, Inc.
Reading Co.

United States Rubber Company

American Cyanamid Company
C.S. Robinson
E.R. Squibb and Sons
Frick Chemical Lab - Princeton University
Heyden Chemical Corporation
Institute for Advanced Study
Keene Corp.
Mccormick Hall - Princeton University
Princeton Hospital
Princeton Public Library
Princeton University, various buildings
Process Research Center
School of Electrical Engineering
Tenacre Foundation
Theological Seminary - Speer Library
University Power Company
Willard Company

Prospect Park
Sowerbutt Asphalt Co. - End of Planten Road

Micholson File Company

Fogg and Hires Company

Allen Industries
Duddy Contacting Co.
Egyptian Lacquer Manufacturing Company
Elizabeth Engineering Co.
Ford Motor Company
Johansen March Company
Merck & Company
Merck Chemical Co.
Middlesex Water Company
N. J. Prison Farm - New Laundry Facility
National Pneumatic Company
New Jersey Reformatory
New Jersey State Farm (Penal Institute)
Phelps Dodge Corp.
Philadelphia Quartz Company
Rahway High School
Standard Oil

Railroad Mills
Appleby and Helme

Merck and Company

Inductotherm Corp.

Randolph Township
County College of Morris
Westinghouse Electric Corp.

Frank C. Lawton
NG Manufacturing Plant
Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation
Ortho-Mcneil Pharmaceutical, Inc.
Raritan River Station - Jersey Central Power & Light
Raritan Woolen Mills
Somerset Manufacturing Company
Somerville Water Company

Red Bank
A.M. Water Works & Electric Co.
Shove Electric Company

Jam Industries, Inc.

E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company

Bergen Powerhouse
Continental Paper
F. S. Electric & Gas Co. - Bergen Gen. Station
Lowe Paper Co.
P. S. Mercer Generating Station
Public Services Electric & Gas Co. - Bergen Station
Ridgefield Powerhouse

Ridgefield Park
E. Werner, Jr., Inc.
Lincoln Paper Company
Tennessee Copper Co.

Bergen Aqueduct Company
R. S. Teasley

Ringwood Company

Rio Grande
John B. Hilgerts Sons
Rio Grande Sugar Refining Company

Riverdale Telephone Building

B.F. Goodrich Company
Keystone Watch Case Company
Milside Farms
Philadelphia Watch Case Company
Riverside Metal Company
South Jersey Asphalt

Hoeganaes Corporation
Hoeganaes Sponge Iron Company
Riverton and Palmyra Water Company
Rulon Co.

Rock Glen
Rock Glen Salt Company

Liondale Bleach Print and Dye Works
Mcwilliams Forge Company Inc.
Morris Hills Regional High School
Rockaway Rolling Mills

Rocky Hill
Atlantic Terra Cotta Company
Excelsior Terra Cotta Company
Hercules Powder Company
Hopewell Electric Light, Heat & Power Company

C.F. & I. Steel Corporation
Colorado Fuel & Iron
John A. Roebling's Sons Company

Asbestos Contracting & Supply
Austin Co.
Central Railroad of New Jersey
Church of the Assumption

Roselle Park
Mearl Corp.
Sid Harvey of New Jersey

Rumford Chemical Works

Owens Corning Fiberglas Corporation
Dexter and Carpenter

Runyon Pumping Station
Zenithern Company
Advanced Piece & Dye Inc.

Braender Tire & Rubber
Flintkote Manufacturing Company
Fraco Maintenance Contracting, Inc.
Fuchs & Lang Manufacturing Company
H. Kunz Sheet Metal
Kennedy Coating Company
National Transit Company
Sterling Tire Corporation
Transit Equipment Company

American Insulation Company

Saddle Brook
Fairlawn Erie RR
Insulation Sales Company
Trybee Company

Saddle River
Textile Dyeing Company of America Inc.
Zion Evangelical Church

Abbott's Alderney Dairy
Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation
Bridgeton Condensed Milk Company
H.J. Heinz Company
Hope Creek Nuclear Power Plant
John Fenwick School
Mannington Mills
Public Service Electric & Gas
Public Service Enterprise Group
Salem Nuclear Power Plant

Sandy Hook

De La Mar Copper Refining Company

Atlantic Resources
Gpu Genco
Jersey Central Power & Light Company
Kimble Glass Co.
Middlesex County Sewerage
N. J. Power & Light Co. - Sayreville Station
National Lead Company
New Jersey Steel & Structural
Ovitron Corp.
Owens Illinois Glass Company
Raritan River Station
Reliant Energy Wholesale Group
Sayerville Generating Station
Sayre and Fisher Company
Sayreville Housing Development
Titanium Division Plant

Scotch Plains
Bonnie Burn Sanatorium
Twin Falls Binders Board Mills
Union County Tuberculosis Hospital
Uniset Asphalt Corp.

Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Company

Chemical Construction Co.
Koppers Company, Inc.
Koppers Gas and Coke Company

American Co.
Black Top
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad Company
Erie Railroad Co.
Hudson County Hospital
Jersey City Hoboken & Paterson Street Railway Co.
Prospect Paint Co.

Amerada Hess Corporation
Hess Oil Refinery
Hess Oil Trading & Transport Inc.
Hess Trading & Transport
P. S. Sewaren Generating Station
Public Service Electric & Gas Company
Public Service Enterprise Group
Public Service Enterprise Group Power
Sewaren Powerhouse
Shell Eastern Petroleum Products
Shell Oil Company, Inc.
Vulcan Detinning Company
Westinghouse Electric Co.

Barrett Manufacturing Company
New York Coal Tar Chemical Company

Fortunato Drywall

Silver Lake
Carbolic Acid Works
Edison Chemical Works
Thomas A. Edison

New Jersey Neuro-Psychiatric Institute
New Jersey Village for Epileptics
Village of Epileptics

Frazer and Jones Company

Somers Point
Great Bay LLC

Fischer Scientific
Ronson Corporation

American Smelting and Refining
Asarcon Federal Products
Immaculate Conception School
Micro Modul Department
Somerset Hospital
Somerville Iron Works

South Amboy
E.H. Werner Power Plant (J.C.P. & L).
Eastern Coal Dock Company
Hoffman High School
Jersey Central Power & Light Company
Mahoningtown Shops
National Lead Company
Pennsylvania Railroad Company
Reliant Energy Wholesale Group

South Bound Brook
GAF (Ruberoid)
Ruberoid Company
Union Carbide & Carbon Co. - Development Lab

South Hackensack
A & P Corrugated Box Co.
Aeroil Products Company

South Kearny
Arden Chemicals
Badger Company
Base Wyandotte Corporation
BASF Corporation
H W Porter Co.
Metropolitan Refractories Corporation
Pittsburgh Plate Glass
Robert A Keasbey Co.
Whittaker Clark & Daniels

South Orange
Seton Hall

South Plainfield
Foot of Teeple Place
Kentile Floors Inc.
Middlesex Water Company
Northeastern Products
Northwest Magnesite
Our Lady of Fatima School
Spicer Manufacturing Corporation
United States Gypsum Company

South River
Borough of South River
Hercules Powder Company
National Brick Co.
United States Plywood Corporation
Weldrok Division

John Norman Plumbing & Heating

Spencer Vanetten Central School District

Immaculate Conception Church & School
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Peter J. Schweitzer, Inc.

Chemical Company of America

Cafco Machine Shop
Cellofoam Building, Usm
Change Room & Warehouse, Usm
Con Edison Demonstration
Musconetcong Iron Works
New Office Building, Usm
U.S. Pipe Co.
United States Mineral Wool Company

Seaview Hospital

Acadia Coal Company

Edison Portland Cement Company

Stockton State College

Parkview Elementary School

Holland Industries
Worthington Pump & Machinery Corporation

Vander Veer School Addition

A.M. Water Works & Electric Co.
American Water Works & Electric Company
Celanese Research Corporation
Ciba Geigy Corporation
Ciba Pharmaceutical Products Company
Ciba-Geigy Chemical
Commonwealth Water and Light Company
Commonwealth Water Company
Estate of N.H. Chesebrough
Hotel Beechwood
Millburn Shopping Center
Schering Plough Corporation
Washington Grammar School

California Packing Corporation
Del Monte Corporation
Mcalister Equipment Leasing Company

General Motors, Chevrolet Division

Bell Telephone Project
Fairleigh Dickenson University - Student Commons Bldg.
Holy Name Hospital
Mahoney Troast Construction Co.

Thermoid Rubber Company

Bendix Aviation Eng. Corp.
Bendix Corporation
Croll - Reynolds Co.

Pennwalt Corporation Kynar Plant
Thorofare Industrial Park
West Department Ford Building of Education

Toms River
Christ Church
Cincinnati Chemical Corp.
First National Bank of Toms River
Riggs Distiller & Co.
Toms River Cincinnati Chemical Co.

Tonawanda Iron Company

Automatic Filter Systems
John Pacilio Plumbing and Heating
M Yurick Co.
N. J. Training School
S B Thomas Incorporated
Thomas Bakery
Totowa Memorial School

A.C. Reaves
Achenbach & Butler, Inc.
Acme Hamilton Rubber
Acme-Hamilton Manufacturing Company
Agasote Millboard Company
Ajax Rubber Company, Inc.
Allied Chemical
American Biltrite
American Bridge Company
American Bridge Division, US Steel Corporation
American Heating
American Radiator & Standard Sanitary Corporation
American Smelting & Refining Company
American Standard Corporation
American Steel & Wire Company
Arctic Ice Cream Company
Bachelors Officers Quarters
Baldwin Hill Company
Baldwin-Ehert-Hill Inc.
Board of Education
Brunswick Ave. Gas Works
Buckthorne Industries
C.M. Plastics Moulding Co.
Capital Plaza Cinema
Capitol Building
Colorado Fuel & Iron Corporation
Columbia Carbon Company
Congoleum-Nairn, Inc.
Crane Company
Crescent Insulated Wire & Cable Co.
Crescent Insulated Wire & Cable Co.
Crumley Station Powerhouse
De Laval Steam Turbine Company
Department of Labor & Industry - New Office Building
Eastern Scrap & Salvage
Elmer St. Plant
Empire Tire and Rubber Company
Federated Metals Division
General Electric Company
General Motors Corporation
George L. Moffett Company
Goodall Rubber Company
H. K. Porter (Thermoid Div.)
Heating Distributors
Henkels & Mccoy
Homasote Company
Home Rubber
Hydrocarbon Research Company
Jam Industries Inc.
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
John A. Roebling's Sons Company
John E. Thropp Sons Company
John Mcshain Inc.
John Moses
Joseph Stokes Rubber Company
Keene Corporation Industrial Insulation Div.
Kuhn and Jacobs
Lafayette Arms Apartments
Luzerne Rubber Co.
Magnetic Pigment Company
Mercer Generating Station
Mercer Hospital
Mercer Pottery Company
Monsanto Chemical Co.
Murray Rubber Company
Naval Station - Jet Division
New Jersey and Pennsylvania Traction Company
New Jersey Department of Labor and Industry
New Jersey Manufacturers Casualty Insurance
New Jersey State Hospital
New Jersey State Prison
New Jersey Steel and Iron Company
Newark Paraffine Paper Company
NG Manufacturing Plant
Panelyte Industrial Division of Thiokol Chemical Corp.
Panelyte Industries
Pennsylvania Railroad Company
Peoples Brewing Company
Phoenix Plant
Piper Brothers
Princeton Worsted Mills, Inc.
Public Service Corporation of New Jersey, Electrical Dept.
Public Service Electric and Gas Company
Reeves Engine Company
Rheems Factory
Riggs Distler
Roebling Securities Corporation
Sears, Roebuck & Company
Sid Harvey of NJ
St. Francis Hospital
St. Regis Paper Company
Stokes Molded Products Div. of Electric Storage Battery Co.
Supply Office U.S. Naval
Ternstedt Division, GMC
Thermoid Rubber Company
Thickol Chemical Corporation
Thomas Maddock's Sons Company
Tottersall Company
Trane Company
Trenton and Mercer County Traction
Trenton Engine Company
Trenton Hospital
Trenton Iron Company
Trenton Junior High School #3
Trenton Paper Co.
Trenton Psychiatric Hospital
Trenton State House
Trenton State Psychiatric Hospital
Trenton Street Railway Company
Trenton Times Corporation
Trenton, Lawrenceville and Princeton Railroad
U.S. Naval Air Training Test Station
U.S. Naval Supply Office
U.S. Navy Air Turbine
Union Paper Cup Company
US Steel
Warren Balderston
Wenton, New Hope & Lambertville Railroad
Westinghouse Lamp Company
Woodrow Wilson Elementary School
Youngs Rubber Company
Zonolite Corp.

A T & T Co. - Long Lines Dept.
Fish Products Company

General Chemical Company
Hudson River Works
United States Aluminum Company

Union Beach
International Floors & Fragrances
Jersey Central Power & Light Co.

Union City
Bonded Sheetmetal Company
Combustion Sales Corp.
Home Fuel Oil Co. of Hudson
N J Bell Telephone
Sears, Roebuck & Co.
Sid Harvey of NJ
William Peter Brewing Co.

Union Township
Borden Metal Products
Byrne & West, Inc.
Certified Distributors
Elastic Stop Nut
Graver Water Condition Company
International Paper Co.
Joseph Krauss, Inc.
Mastic Asphalt Corporation
Memorial General Hospital
Pharma Chemical Corporation
S J Byrne & Co.
Schering Corporation
School for the Deaf
Western Electric

Upper Montclair
Bellaire House Apartment

John G. Gibson Plumbing & Heating
Oxford Apartments

Playboy Club, Great Gorge

American Photo Products Company
Claridge House Apartments
Essex Mountain Sanitarium
H.B. Whitehorne Middle School
J.G. White Engineering Corporation
Vitro Laboratory

Victory Mills
Saratoga Victory Manufacturing Company

Borough of Vineland
Central Utilities - N. J. Memorial Home
Circle Controls
Frank Bergamo Carpentry
Jersey Package Company
Kimble Glass Company
Municipal Electric Utilities
New Jersey State Institution for Feeble Minded
Owens Illinois Glass Company
Reliable Oil Burner Supply
Uddo & Taormina Company
Venice Maid Company
Vineland Electric Utilities
Vineland High School
Vineland Municipal Electric Plant
Vineland State School

Vulcanite Portland Cement Company

City Services Oil Company

Garrett Corporation

Midvale Sweet Shop
Scientific Incineration Svcs
Wanaque River Paper Company

American Cyanamid Company
Chemical Construction Company
Warner Quinlan Asphalt Company

Warren Glen
Riegel Paper Corporation

Warren Mills
Warren Manufacturing Company

Ideal Farms Bldg.
Wyandotte Chemical Corp.

Sawyer-Mann Electric Company
Sprague Electric Company
Westinghouse Lamp Works

Carnegie Steel Company

Waverly Park
Weston Electrical Instrument Company

American Cyanamid Building, Kane Acoustic
E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Company
GAF Corp.
Industrial Metal
International Specialty Products Corporate Group
Mack Molding Co.
Northeast Burn Zol Corporation
Township of Wayne
Union Carbide Corporation

Blickman Manufacturing Plant
Hackensack Water Company
New York Central and Hudson River Railroad
Orourke Engineering and Construction Company

West Bergen
Eastern Carbon Works

West Cladwell
3M Company

West Deptford
West Deptford Jr - Sr High School

West Elizabeth
Aeolian Company
Bristol-Myers Company

West Hoboken
Consumers Brewery Company
William Bradley

West Long Branch
Wall Street School

West Orange
Charles S. Wood & Co.
New Brunswick Housing Project
Public Services Electric & Gas Co.
Roosevelt Junior High
Thomas A. Edison - Plant Service Div.

West Paterson
Julius Schmid, Inc.

West Trenton
Navy Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Ewing Township
United States Naval Aeronautical Turbine Lab

Koppers Company, Inc.
Westfield Veterinary Group

Eagle Point Plant
Texaco Refinery
Texaco, Inc.
Texas Company
Verga School
West Deptford High School
West Jersey and Sea Shore Railroad

Onyx Hosiery, Incorporated
Picatinny Arsenal
Wharton Steel Company

Bell Labs, Western Electric Company
Bell Telephone Labs
International Paper Company
Mcewan Bros Inc.
Rowe Manufacturing Company
Southern Kraft Division International Paper Company
Western Electric Co.
Whippany Paper Board Company, Inc.

White Oak Ridge
East Orange Water Works

White Plains
Westchester County Department of Public Works

B. Nolte Sons Inc.

Penn Lincoln Laundry
US Naval Air Station
Wildwood Municipal Building
Wildwood Plant - Jersey Central Power & Light Co.

Wildwood Crest
Boiler Service Center

Durant Insulated Pipe Co., Inc.
Durant International Corporation
Edinboro State Teachers College
Maxwell Air Force Base - Air University
University Of Michigan - King of Prussia Motel
Violet Packing Company

Winslow Township
Alliance Clay Products
Hydraulic Press Brick Company
M&R Refractory Metals

Wood Ridge
Curtiss Wright Aeronautical Company
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Metropolitan Refractory
Wright Aeronautical

New Jersey State Sanitarium

Amerada Hess Corp.
Bulls Ferry Chemical Company
Federal Terra Cotta Company
J.H. and C.K. Eagle
Merck and Company
Metal and Thermit Corporation
Metro Refractories Corp.
Middlesex Concrete Prod.
Middlesex Water Company
New Jersey Glue Company
Public Service Electric & Gas (Sewaken Station)
T.A. Gillespie Company
Utilities Insulation
Woodbridge High School
Woodbridge Pottery
Wright Aeronautical Corporation

Oakview School
Shell Oil Company

Sunshine Biscuit

Mcguire Air Force Base

K. & L. Refr Constr Company
Knott Fred
Youth Correction Center

New Jersey Mesothelioma Lawyers

Our attorneys are proud to represent mesothelioma victims and their families across the United States, including hardworking men and women in New Jersey.

New Jersey State FlagThe only known cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos. Throughout the 20th century tons of asbestos were mined in the United States and used in many industries, including New Jersey oil refineries, shipyards, chemical plants, schools and universities.

Additionally, naturally occurring asbestos deposits can be found throughout the state of New Jersey.

Major cities in New Jersey where asbestos exposure is known to have occurred at jobsites include:

  • Newark
  • Jersey City
  • Paterson
  • Elizabeth
  • Edison
  • Woodbridge Township
  • Lakewood Township
  • Toms River
  • Hamilton
  • Trenton

Filing a Mesothelioma Claim in New Jersey

It is important to know that every state has its own laws and if you wait too long, your claims may be barred.

Our New Jersey mesothelioma attorneys are focused solely on mesothelioma cases, allowing us to be sensitive to the concerns of our clients suffering while navigating the unique legal aspects of these cases and maximizing each client's recovery.

New Jersey Mesothelioma Treatment Centers

There are a number of cancer centers and physicians in New Jersey that treat mesothelioma. The following are a list of some of the cancer centers that specialize in  treatment of mesothelioma cancer. If you would like to learn more, CLICK HERE to contact our client service team or call us at 866-373-5000.

Cancer Institute of New Jersey Mesothelioma Treatment Center    Newark Beth Israel Medical Center Mesothelioma Treatment
Cancer Institute of New Jersey
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
195 Little Albany Street
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08903
  Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
Saint Barnabas Health Care System
201 Lyons Avenue at Osborne Terrace
Newark, New Jersey 07112

New Jersey Mesothelioma Physicians

Dr. Bruce G. Haffty, M.D.
The Cancer Institute of New Jersey
195 Little Albany Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08903
(732) 253-3939


Mesothelioma Resources

Mesothelioma is a rare and very serious form of cancer found in the lining surrounding the lungs, the stomach, or the heart. The only known cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos.

It often takes 10 to 60 years after exposure to asbestos before the symptoms of mesothelioma develop. This period of time is referred to as a latency period. Because of the latency period, the disease commonly affects men and women that are at least 50 years of age and that worked with asbestos between 10 and 60 years ago.

New Jersey Mesothelioma Facts

Today, the use of asbestos and the handling of asbestos materials are regulated in New Jersey as well as the rest of the United States, but its use is not banned. It is recognized as a hazardous material and is monitored by OSHA and the EPA but exposure risks still exist. The United States still consumes 30 million pounds of new asbestos per year. Additionally, many old homes, factories, schools, warehouses, and commercial buildings still contain old asbestos products.

Asbestos also occurs naturally in New Jersey as a component of soils and rocks.

The average incident rate of mesothelioma in the United States is 1 / 100,000 - the incident rate for the state of New Jersey is above the National average with an incident rate of 1.6 / 100,000.

There are a number of different jobs that caused a larger amount of exposure to asbestos on a more frequent basis. Below you will find today's employment numbers for several of these high risk jobs in New Jersey:

Occupation 2008 New Jersey Employment
Construction 166,183
Mechanical Engineers 6,200
Electricians 16,300
Teachers & Instructors 35,150
Mechanics & Technicians 22,600
Plumbers, Pipefitters & Steamfitters 10,850


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