Ohio Exposure Sites

Many of our clients are unsure of how they could have been exposed to asbestos. We have hired some of the best investigators in the business. Our investigators will track down who was responsible to help ensure that they can be held accountable.

Below is a partial list of buildings and job sites where asbestos exposure may have occurred  in Ohio. If you or a loved one have mesothelioma, or other asbestos-related injury, and wish to consult an attorney about your legal rights to compensation, CLICK HERE for a free consultation or call us at 866-373-5000.

Goodyear Aircraft

Dayton Power & Light Co.
Dayton Power & Light Co., Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co., Columbus & Southern Electric
Dayton Power & Light Company
Delaware Power & Light
J.M. Stuart Electric Generating Station
Oberle Jordre Company
Insulation Services Company

Ohio Northern University

Adams County
Plum Run Siding

Monsanto Chemical Company

Bayer Company, Inc.
Monsanto Chemical Company
Monsanto Company
Port Plastics Plant
US Cast Iron Pipe & Laundry Company

Wheeling Township Coal Mining Co.

Goodyear Aerospace Corp.

Air Line Junction
New York Central Railroad Co; Engine Terminal Power Plant

A. Shulman Company
Adamson United Company
Aircraft Braking Systems
Akron & Cuyahoga Falls R.I. Company
Akron Brewing Company
Akron Children's Hospital
Akron City Hospital
Akron Electric Company
Akron Gas Company
Akron General Health
Akron General Hospital
Akron Heating and Ventilating Co.
Akron Iron Company
Akron Milling Mining and Manufacturing Co.
Akron Rubber Reclaiming Company
Akron Safety Building
Akron Standard
Akron Standard Mold
Akron Steam Heating Co.
Akron Steel Treating Plant
Akron Street Railway and Illuminating Co.
Akron Thermal
Akron Tower Supply Company
Akron University, various bldgs.
Akron Water Works Company
Akwell Corporation
Alkali Rubber Company
American Cereal Company
American Hard Rubber Co.
American Rubber and Tire Co.
Apron City Hospital
Atlantic Foundry Company
B. F. Goodrich Chemical Co.
Beach Street Heating
Biggs United Company
Brown Graves Company
C.P. Hall Chemical
Carrier Corporation
Carter Jones Lumber Co
Cashway Lumber Co
Castle Homes
City Of Akron, Dept. Of Public Services
Crawford Garage
Crouse Clay Products Company
Dayton Press
Defense Plant Corporation, Plant C
Diamond Crystal Salt Company
Diamond Rubber Company
F. Schumacher
Falor St. Plant
Feroit Bros.
Firestone Synthetic Rubber & Latex Company
Firestone Tire & Rubber Co.
General Foods Corp.
General Tire & Rubber Company
George J. Renner Brewing Co.
Goodrich Chem Co
Goodyear Aerospace
Goodyear Aircraft Corporation
Goodyear Plant
Goodyear Synthetic Rubber Co.
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co
Gorge Power House
H.B. Camp Company
Hadghorn Construction
Industrial Artcraft
International Harvester Co.
J.C. Heintz Co.
J.W. Geopfert
James C. Heintz
John Knapp Sons Foundry
Kelly Springfield Tire & Rubber Company
Killian Manufacturing Company
Kovatch Castings
Lockheed Martin Maritime Systems
Loew's Theatre
M. Burkhardt Brewing Company
Mahoning Valley Supply, Inc.
Marathon Tire and Rubber Company
Mau-Sherwood Supply Co.
Mcnell Machine & Engineering Company
Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems
Midwest Rubber
Miller Rubber Company
Mohawk Rubber Company
Muehlstein Company Incorporated
National Drywall, Incorporated
National Rubber Company
National Rubber Machinery
Naval Air Training Station
Northern Ohio Traction and Light Company
Northern Ohio Tractor Company
Nurses Home City Hospital
O.C. Barber
Ohio Edison Company
Ohio Gasket & Shim
Parker Drywall
Peoples Hospital
Philadelphia Rubber Works Company
Portage Hotel Company
Portage Machine Company
Portage Straw Board Company
Quaker Oats Company
R.C.A. Rubber Company
R.W. Manufacturing Company
RCA Rubber Company
Renner Brewing Company
Richards Fence
Robinson Brothers Company
Robinson Clay Products Company
Rubber Company
Schriber Sheet Metal
Sears, Chapel Hill Shopping Center
Seiberling Plant
Seiberling Rubber Company
St Paul's Church
Star Rubber Company
Temperature Control
Temple of Healing Stripes
Thomas Phillips Company
Toronto Station
University Of Akron
Vicksburg Railroad Power & Manufacturing Co.
W.F. Murdock
Wellman-Seaver-Morgan Company
Werner Company
Western Ohio Railway Company
Whitman and Barnes Manufacturing Co.
Whitmore Robinson and Company
William Lay Company
WTE Corporation

Diamond Alkali Company

Alliance Cold Storage and Packing Co.
Alliance Gas and Power Company
Alliance Research Center
Alliance Tubular Products Company
American Steel Foundries Company
Arbuckle, Ryan & Company, Inc.
Armour and Company
Babcock & Wilcox Company
City Water Department
Crane Company
Davison Chemical Company
Defense Plant Corporation
Johns - Manville
Lexington Abrasives, Inc., Sandcap Abrasives
Mcdermott Technology, Inc.
Morgan Engineering Co.
Mount Union College
Reeves Brothers Company
Residence Center
Rush Street Boiler House
Solid Steel Company
Stark Electric Company
Stark Electric Railroad Company
Suburban Light and Power Co.
Transue and Willliams Company

Amana Refrigeration

West Clermont Co Consol. School
West Clermont Local School District

Cleveland Quarries Company
Ohio Quarries Company

Goodyear Aerospace Corp.

Air Nitrate Plant
United States Government Nitrate Plant #4

Emanuel Baptist Church

Fulton Tubing
La Choy Food Products Company

Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company

Arlington Junior High School

Ashland College
Ashland High School
Ashland Oil
Ashland University
Babcock & Wilcox Company
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co.
EMD Components
F.E. Meyers Co.
Faultless Rubber Company
Krebs Calkins Company
Pentair, Inc.
U-Brand Corp.

Aetna Rubber Company
American Fork and Hoe Company
Archer Daniels Midland Co.
Ashtabula C Plant
Ashtabula General Hospital
Ashtabula Powerhouse
Ashtabula Scrap & Reclamation Plant
Ashtabula Tele Co
Ashtubula Metals Co.
Bechtel Corp
Bow Socket Company
Bridgeport Brass Company
Cabot Corp.
Cabot Titania Corporation
Centerior Energy Corporation
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co.
Detrex Chemical
Diamond Alkali
Diamond Shamrock Corp.
Dupont Chemical
Eldon Cronquist, Inc.
Electro Metallurgical Company
Ferro Alloys Division
Firstenergy Corporation
General Tire & Rubber Co.
General Tire Chemical Plant
Glen L. Martin Chemical Plant
Great Lakes Engineering Works Shipyard
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Co.
Linde Air Products Co.
Mallory Sharon Metals Corp
Mallory-Sharon Titanium Corporation
Mcbride Plbg & Htg Mallory Sharon Mtls Corp
Metal Reduction Plant
Millennium Chemical
Molded Fiber Glass Body Co
National Distillers Corp.
New Jersey Zinc Company
New York Central RR
New York Central System
New York Railroad
Olin Corporation
Olin Mathieson Corp
Penn Central
Pennsylvania and Ohio Railway
Pennsylvania Company
Pennsylvania Railroad Lines
R.M.I. Company
Ralph M. Parsons Co & Stouffer Chemical Co
Reactive Metals Inc.
Reliance Electric
Rmi Co.
Rmi Metals
S.C.M. Chemical Plant #2
Sherwin Williams Company
Stamberger Company
Stauffer Chemical Co.
Thomas Jefferson Elementary School
Titanium Plant
True Temper Group
U.S. Industrial Chemical Corp.
Union Carbide Corporation
Union Carbide Electro Metallurgical
Union Carbide Metals Company

Ashtabula Harbor
Ashtabula Water Supply Company
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Co.
Pittsburgh & Conneaut Dock Company
Pollock - Becker Company
Thomas Jefferson Elementary School

Reynolds Metals

Athens State Hospital
Baltimore & Ohio Team Track
City Hall
Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric (Poston Station)
Martin Builders
Ohio State University
Service Products, Inc.
Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation

National Fire Proofing Company

Cashway Lumber Co

Avon Beach Station
Bolling Oven
Cleveland Aircraft
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company
H.K. Ferguson
Van Sickle Ind.

Avon Lake
Arrow Aluminum
Avon Lake Power Plant
B. F. Goodrich Chemical Co
Cincinnati Gas & Electric
Cleveland Electric Company
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co.
Fruehauf Trailer
Goodrich Chemical Company
Goodrich Experimental Lab
Goodrich Gulf Chemical Co.
Illuminating Company - Avon Lake Power Plant
Orion Power Holdings Incorporated
T. O. Murphy Co. - Production Application Lab.
Us Steel
Western Enterprise

Suburban Power
Gray Iron Foundry

Baileyville Church
Baileyville Church

Worley Brothers

Ohio State Power Company

Crown Zellerbach Corporation
Fairfield Paper Company
Gaylord Container Corporation

General Motors Corporation
Hinde & Dauch

Rockwell Manufacturing Co.

Akron Rubber Reclaiming Co.
Akron Standard
American Aluminum Company
American Sewer Pipe Company
American Strawboard Company
Anna Dean Farm
Babcock & Wilcox Company
Barberton Aluminum
Barberton Citizens Hospital
Barberton City Schools
Barberton High School
Barberton Land and Hotel Company
Barberton Laundry
Barberton Manufacturing Co.
Bebensburg Power Company
Columbia Chemical Company
Columbia Southern Cement
Columbia Southern Chemical Corp.
Creedmore Cartridge Company
Diamond Brick Company
Diamond Match Company
Electric Rubber Reclaiming Company
Heating Plant
Lambert Tire and Rubber Company
M & C
Midwest Rubber Reclaiming Company
National Drilling Mach Company
O.C. Barber
Ohio Brass Company
Ohio Pipeline
Oxford Paper Company
Paul Henry Ice Plant
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company
Pittsburgh Valve and Fitting Company
Polysar Rubber Service
Portage Rubber Company
PPG Industries
Pure Gum Specialty Company
Republic Steel
Ric Wil Company
Rockwell Manufacturing Company
Rubber Products Company
R-W Manufacturing Company
Seiberling Plant
Seiberling Rubber Company
Seiberling Tire & Rubber
Southern Alkali Corporation
Sterling Works
Stirling Ave. Plant
Weld Rod Dept.
Yoder Brothers, Incorporated

Smith Lumber Company
United Dairy Company
Watt Car & Wheel
Watt Mining Car Wheel Company

Insulation Services Inc.

Polson Rubber Company

Cincinnati Bell Telephone
CSB Telephone Company

Bay Bridge
Sandusky Portland Cement Company

Bay Village
Bayview Hospital

La Place

Beaver Creek Board Of Education

Delco Products Division of General Motors Corp.

Abex Corporation
Akron, Bedford & Cleveland Railway Co.
Bedford High School
Bedford Pilot Plant
Best Foundry Company
Brush Laboratories - Quartz Pilot Plant
Clevite Corporation
Fabricated Metal Spec.
Ford Motor Company - Walton Hills Plant
Halex Division
Hawthorne Valley Club
I. Schuman
Interstate Engineering Company
Jack Heintz, Incorporated
Kelley Steel Erec.
Lear Siegler, Inc., Power Equipment Division
Lester Engineering
Lester Industries
Mason Tire and Rubber Company
Mcmyler Interstate Company
Northern Ohio Traction and Light Company
Owen Tire and Rubber Company
Piezoelectric Division
Russo Orn.
S.K. Wellman Company
Scott & Fetzer
Taylor Chair Company
Union Carbide
Winnen Incinerator
Wunderlich Fabricating Co.

Bedford Heights
Bedford Heating

Beechmont Mall - Hot Shoppes
Woolworth Store

Burnham Boilers

Bellaire Gas & Electric Company
Bellaire Light and Power Company
Bellaire Nail Works
Bellaire Steel Company
Carnegie Steel Company
National Steel Works
Semet-Solvay Company
W.S. Carroll, Pres., Board of Trustees

Big Four Railway Company
City Of Bellefontaine, Ohio Water Works Dept.
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway
New York Central System

Roberts Insulation

General Electric (G.E.)
Norfolk and Western RR
Norfolk Southern Railroad

Belmont County
Ohio Edison Company

Columbian Storage Plant - Columbian Storage
East Ohio Gas Company

Ashland Oil
Carbon Black
Chevron Asphalt Company
Marrietta Plant Project 7
Shell Chemical Co
Shell Oil Company
Union Carbide Bakelite

Alloy Engineering
Alloy Industry
Cleveland Alloy
Foseco Inc.
German Methodist Orphan Asylum
Goodyear Tire
Industrial Power Piping
Poro Incorporated

Berline Heights
Ohio Edison Company, Erie

Basic Incorporated

AEP Beverly Power Plant (A/K/A Muskingham River Power Station; A/Ic/A Ohio Power)
American Electric Powerhouse
Beverly Power Station
Dow Chemical
Interlake Iron Corporation
Muskingum /Beverly/ Ohio Power Powerhouse
Muskingum River Power Plant
Ohio Power Company

Mader Machine

Humes Trailer

Blue Ash
Steelcraft Manufacturing Company
Ursiline Academy

Bluffton College
Central Ohio Light & Power Co.
Ohio Power Company

Castruction Co
Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co.

Jaile Company

Bowling Green
Acands, Inc.
Bowling Green Light and Power Company
Bowling Green State University
H. J. Heinz Company
Lake Erie Bowling Green & Napoleon Railway Co.
Pearl Oil Company

Babcock & Wilcox Company

Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad

B.F. Goodrich
Brecksville VA Hospital
Broadview Heights Hospital
Goodrich Research Center
Veterans Administration Hospital

Modeglas Fibers, Inc.

Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway Company

Aetna Standard Iron & Steel Company
American Sheet Steel Company
Standard Iron Company

Brier Hill
Brier Hill Steel Co.
Erie Railroad Co.
Youngstown Sheet & Tube

Sayers and Scovill

Ohio Power Co.
American Electric Power - Cardinal Power Plant
Babcock & Wilcox
Brilliant Power Station
Buckeye Power, Incorporated
Cardinal Operating Company
Ohio Power Company
Steubenville Mingo and Ohio Valley Tract Company
Tidd Plant
Union Boiler - Cardinal Plants #1 & #2

Columbus Steam and Furnace Coal Company

Brook Park
Ford Motor Company
Foseco, Inc.
Foundry Services, Inc.

Strimpu Nick, Inc.

Brooklyn Station
Kessler Company

Brooklyn Village
General Motors Corporation

Chevrolet Motor Plant
Ford Motor Company - Foundry
Foseco Inc.
Goodyear Tire

Nasa Lewis Research Center

Dayton and Northern Railway Company

Brunswick Elementary School
Marks Tractor

Bard Manufacturing Co
Becker, Barnes & Becker Rendering Co
Bryan Municipal Light & Power
Hootman Aluminum Foundry
Pet Milk Company
Raymond P. Life Company
Van Camp Packing Company



American Clay Machinery Co.
Bucyrus Electric Light Company
Bucyrus Gas & Electric Company
Carroll Foundry and Machine Works
Hadfield Penfield Steel Company
Lutz Concrete Company
Sozonian Vault Company
Timken Roller Bearing Co

Burton Elementary School

Butler County
Dues Warehouse

Rolling Hills High School

Cleveland Graphite Bronze Company

River Pumping Station

American Metal
American Sheet & Tin Plate Co.
Cambridge Brewing Company
Cambridge Glass Company
Cambridge State Hospital
Centria, Incorporated
E.G. Smith Construction Products
Hoffman-La Roche
National Cash Register Company
Universal Pottery
Vanadium Corporation
Wayne Mining Company
Jones & Laughlin Steel Company (N/K/A Ltv Steel)
Ltv Sheet and Tube
Republic Steel
Youngstown Sheet & Tube

Canaan Coal Company

Canal Dover
American Sheet & Tin Plate Company
Dover Forge and Iron Company
Hardesty Milling Company
Penn Iron and Coal Company
Reeves Coal Company
Reeves Iron Company

Tri Cash & Carry Lumber Co

A.J. Phipps
A.K. Property Corporation
A.P. Green Fire Brick Company of Ohio
A.P. Green Refractories Company
Acme Wet Wash Laundry
Allen School
American Electric Power Company
American Forge and Machine Company
American Roll & Foundry Company
American Sheet & Tin Plate Company
American Steel
Apple Creek State Hospital
Ashland Oil & Refining Company
Aultman Company
Aultman Health Services
Aultman Hospital
Babcock & Wilcox
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Co.
Bell Stone School
Berger Manufacturing Company
Bliss Company
Bormot Company
Brand Plastic
Brownell Stoker and Combustion Company
Cambridge State Hospital
Canton Bearing Plant
Canton Casting
Canton City Sewage Disposal Plant
Canton Die
Canton Drop Forge Plant
Canton Drop Forging and Manufacturing Co.
Canton Electric Company
Canton Electric Light & Power Co.
Canton Forge and Axle Company
Canton Hughes Pump Company
Canton Laundry & Cleaning Co.
Canton Light, Heat & Power Co.
Canton Malleable Iron Company
Canton Saw Company
Canton Screen Plant,Truscon Division
Canton Sewage
Canton South High School
Canton Steel Foundry Company
Carnahan Tin Plate and Sheet Co.
Carnahan Tin Plate Works
Carnegie Illinois Steel Corporation
Castle Lumber Company
Cedar Locust - Housing For Elderly
Cedar School - Boiler Room
Central Alloy Steel Corporation
Central Catholic High School - Boiler Room
Cleveland Axle Manufacturing Co.
Cloverleaf High School
Cloverleaf School
Columbia H.C.A. Healthcare
Columbia Southern
Columbia Southern Chemical Corp.
Columbia Southern Personal Bldg.
Crane Company
D. & H. Machine
Defense Plant Corporation
Diamond Crystal Salt
Diebold Inc.
Diebold Safe and Lock Company
Dover Library
Dunlap Hospital
East Fairfield Church
East Ohio Gas Company
Edward R. Hart Company
Erwine School
Evans Savings & Loan
Falcon Tin Plate Company
Firestone Synthetic Rubber
Firestone Synthetic Rubber & Latex
Firestone Tire & Rubber Co
First National Bank
First U.P. Church
Ford Motor Co
Foster Wheeler
Franklin School
Gambrinous Steel Plant
Garaway High School
Garfield School
General Electric
General Motors Corp.
General Tire
Goodyear Aerospace
Goodyear Aircraft Co.
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co
Gorell School
Grace Evangelical Church
Green A P Refractories of Ohio
Green Junior High School
H. A. Preston School
Hammond Acoustical Company
Harrison School
Hartford Junior High School
Helfrich Die Cast
Hellenic Cultural Center
Hercules Motor Corporation
Hess and Clark
Holmes East High School
House of Loretta
Hupp Corporation
Hygienic Dental Job - Steam & Condensate
Industrial Fabricating Job
Irwin School
Irwin Steel Fabricators
J M Smucker Co
J&L Steel
J. C. Penney
J.H. Mclain Company
Jones and Laughlin Steel Company
Kent State University, various bldgs.
Knight Tire and Rubber Company
Lawson Dairy
Lima State Hospital
Lincoln School - Freedom School
Linde Air Products Co. (Union Carbide & Carbon Corp.)
Longcoy Elementary School
Ltv Republic Steel
Ltv Sheet and Tube
Mansfield Hospital
Masonic Temple
Medical Center Association, Limited
Merchants Heat, Light and Power Company
Mt. Union College
New Philadelphia School
Northern Ohio Traction and Light Company
Ohio Bell
Ohio Power Company
Ohio Products
Ohio Tar & Asphalt
Old Trial School
Orville Municipal Light
Osnaburg Township School
Phipps A J Co
Pinegrove Twp School
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co
Poor & Company
Quaker Oats Company
Reiter Corporation
Renkert Building
Republic Stamping and Enameling Company
Republic Steel Corp.
Republic Technologies International
Reynolds Memorial Hospital
Roll Machine Works
Roosevelt School
Sebring Tire
Springfield Mfg.
St. Francis Convent
St. Joseph Hospice
St. Joseph School Addition
St. Thomas Aquinas High School
St. Thomas Hospital
Stark County Jail
Stark Rolling Mill Company
Stark School - Burns School
Steam Vanadium Corp.
Superior Dairy Company
Superior Sheet Steel Company
Timken Co.
Timken "Dueber" Bearing
Timken "Gambrinus" Bearing Plant
Timken Mercy Hospital
Timken Mercy Medical Center
Timken Products
Timken Roller Bearing Axle Company
Timken Steel - Harrison Plant
Tri Way School
Tuscarawas Valley High School
Twinsburg Pumping Station
U.S. Naval Ordnance Plant
U.S. Steel Corporation
Union Metal
United Alloy Steel Corporation
United Engineering & Foundry Co
United Furnace Company
United States Post Office Job
United Steel Company
Valley Job
Wallace & Tiernan Inc.
Washington High School
Wean United
Wheeling Hospital Job
Whitman & Barnes Manufacturing Co.
Wilson Rubber Company
Wooster College
Wooster Municipal Bldg.
Wright Wrench and Forging Company
Wright Wrench Manufacturing Company

National Lime & Stone Co

Franklin Boxboard Corporation
George Pacific Paper

Cleveland Ade Manufacturing Company

Carrollton Pottery Company
Howe Sound Company
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Oxford Miami Paper Company

Chatfield Manufacturing Company
Elforose Sugar Company
Hess Spring and Axle Company
J.B. Campbell Manufacturing Company
Longview Hospital
Lunkenheimer Valve Co.
Union Distilling Company

Castalia Portland Cement Company

Cedarville Board Of Education
Hagar Strawboard and Paper Company

Electro Metallurgical Company

Celina Stearic Acid Company
Decatur Ind., Incorporated
Mersman Brothers and Brandts Company
Mersman Brothers Corporation
Municipal Power Plant
Somers Corporation

Copperweld Steel

Diamond Shamrock
Gates Mills

AEP General James A. Gavin Plant
AEP Kyger Creek Power Plant
Cheshire Power Station
Gavin Powerhouse
Ohio Electric Company
Ohio Power Company
Ohio Valley Electric Corporation

A.P.I. Instrument
Bessie Benner Metzenbaum Children's Center Of Cuyahoga County

Chicago Junction
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company

Atomic Energy Commission
B & O
Champion Paper
Chillicothe Boiler #7
Chillicothe High School
Chillicothe Mills - Rec Area #1
Chillicothe Paper Company
Chillicothe Tire and Rubber Co.
Eastern Avenue Lumber Co
Kalman Floor Covering
Malone Sewing Machine Co.
Mead Corporation
Mead Paper Company
Mead Pulp and Paper Company
Mead Straw Pulp Company
Ross County Medical Center
Rust Engineering
Southern Ohio Insulation Co.
Veterans Administration Hospital

Connector Ind. Of Am.

5Th 3rd Union Trust Building
A. Gottlieb Container
A. H. Pugh Printing Company
A.E. Burkhardt & Company
A.P. Green Fire Brick Company Of Ohio
A.P. Green Refractories Company
A.P. Green Services Division
A.S. Taft Power Building
Acands, Inc.
Acme Sash & Door Company
Air Nitrates Corporation
Alcohol Plant Tank
Allis Chalmers Manufacturing Co., Norwood Plant
Alms and Doepke Dry Goods Co.
American Bituminus & Asphalt
American Book Company
American Diamalt Company
American Oak Leather Company
American Portland Cement Company
American Tool Works Company
Amsco Solvents & Chemicals
andrew Jergens Co.
andrews Soap Company
Aquarium - Cincinnati
Armstrong Contracting & Supply
Arnold, Hoffman & Company, Incorporated
Atkins & Pearce Manufacturing Company
Ault & Wiborg Company
Avco Corporation
Aventis Pharmaceuticals
B. & O.
B.F. Goodrich Company
Baldwin Company
Baldwin Piano Company
Baldwin-Ehert-Hill Inc.
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Basic Science Building
Beekman "A" Housing Project
Benjamin Hey Co
Berger Brewing Company
Bernert Heat Treating
Bethesda Oak Hospital
Bethesda Steam Line
Big Four Railway Company
Block-Pollak Iron Company
Blymer Ice Machine Company
Board Of City Affairs
Board Of Education School District
Bob Evan's Restaurant
Brauer Supply
Breeding Insulation Co. Inc.
Briggs Manufacturing Company
Brighton Corporation
Brown Plastering Company
Bruckman Brewing Company
Buckeye Cotton Oil Company
Buckeye Foundry Company
Bulk Mail
Bullock Electric Manufacturing Company
Burger Brewing Company
Butler County Jail
Byrnes Conways Co.
Canal Street Garage
Carew Building
Carew Tower Building
Carrousel Shopping Center
Carthage Mills, Incorporated
Central Thomson Houston Company
Central Trust - Cafeteria
Central Union Depot & Railway Co.
Charles Boldt Company
Chevron - #61 & #62 & #63
Chevron Asphalt Company
Children's Home
Children's Hospital
Christ Hospital
Christian Moerlein Brewing Co.
Cincinnati Abbatoir Company
Cincinnati and Columbus Traction Company
Cincinnati and Eastern Electric Railway Company
Cincinnati and Newport Railway Company
Cincinnati and Suburban Bell Telephone Company
Cincinnati Bell
Cincinnati Car Company
Cincinnati Chemical Company
Cincinnati Club
Cincinnati Coffin Company
Cincinnati Corrigating Company
Cincinnati Country Club
Cincinnati Edison Electric Company
Cincinnati Electronics
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company
Cincinnati Gas Light & Coke Company
Cincinnati Gasket
Cincinnati General Hospital
Cincinnati Gymnasium
Cincinnati Ice Machine Company
Cincinnati Ice Manufacturing & Cold Storage Co.
Cincinnati Inc.
Cincinnati Industries Inc.
Cincinnati Machine
Cincinnati Masonic Temple Company
Cincinnati Milacron
Cincinnati Milling Co.
Cincinnati Milling Machine Co
Cincinnati Municipal Airport
Cincinnati Music Hall Association
Cincinnati Post Office
Cincinnati Rubber Manufacturing Company
Cincinnati Savings Curtain Wall
Cincinnati Specialties
Cincinnati Street Railway Company
Cincinnati Suede
Cincinnati Terminal Warehouse Company
Cincinnati Traction Company
Cincinnati Union Terminal Company
Cincinnati Water Works
Cincinnati Work House
Cincinnati, Newport & Covington Railway
City and Suburban Telegraph Association
City Hall
City Of Cincinnati Department Of Public Works
City Of Cincinnati Water Works Department
Clopay Building
Clyffside Brewing Company
Coca Cola Bottling Company
Cognis Corporation
Collective Contract
Columbia Park Station
Columbia Power Company
Consolidated Telephone
Constellation Steel Mill
Container Corporation Of America
Convention Hall
Cook Well Strainer Company
Coryville Ice Company
Crane & Breed Casket Company
Crawford Power
Crawford Steel Construction
Crescent Building
Crest Hills Junior High School
Crosley Division, Avco Manufacturing Corporation
Crosley Radio Corporation
Crystal Springs Ice Company
D.T. Williams Valve Company
Davis Tailoring Co
Dayton Power & Light Company
Deaconess Hospital
Diamond Shamrock Chemical Co
Dixie Terminal
Drackett Company
Dues Warehouse
E. Kahn's Sons Company
Eagle-Picher Corporation
East Evanston Elementary School
East Side High School
Eastman Kodak Company
Edgecliff Hi-Rise
Edmund W. Hall
Edwards Building Company
Egan Company
El Matador Bar
Electric Autolite Company
Elizabeth Gamble Deaconess Home Association
Ellis & Watts Company
Emerald Materials
Emery Bleach Facilities
Emery Industries, Inc.
Emery Parking Deck
English Woods
Essex House
Estate Of Harold C. Schot
Estate Of Joseph T. Carew
Estate Of L.B. Harrison, Textile Building
Evendale Plant
Excelsior Laundry Company
F.B. Morgan Power Company
F.L. Emmert Company
Factory Power Company
Fayette Memorial Hospital
Federal Building
Federal Color Laboratories
Federal Office Building & Courthouse
Federal Reserve
Ferron Concrete Construction Co.
First National Bank - Tri County
Fisher Industries, Inc.
Fleischmann Company
Flight Propulsion Laboratory Dept.
Fob Plenums
Fomoco Duct Insulation
Ford Motor Company
Forest Hills School
Forest Park Middle School - Hamilton County
Formica Corporation
Formica Insulation Company
Fox Paper Company
Fpld Bldg. 700-1 - Fred Burggraf No. 300
Franciscan Sisters Of The Poor Hospital, Mt. Airy Campus
Franklin Enterprises, Incorporated
Freiberg & Workum
French Bauer, Incorporated
Gardner Board and Carton Company
Garfield Tower
General Electric Company
General Hospital
General Insurance Company
General Protestant Orphan Home
George Heekin Junior Residence
George W. Dittman
George Wiedemann Brewing Co.
Gibson Art Building
Gidding Jenny Barkhardt - Colerain & Springdale
Gingiss Formal Wear - Northgate Mall
Globe Corporation
Good Samaritan Hospital
Goodall Company
Grinnel Building
Gulf Oil Company
Gulf Oil Refinery
Gwynne Building
H H Meyer Refrigeration Packing Co.
H. & S. Pogue Company
H. Miller
H.H. Meyer Packing Company
Hallmark Cards
Hamilton Company Training
Hamilton County Commissioners
Hamilton County Court House
Hamilton County Home
Harkness & Cowing Company
Henkel Of America, Incorporated
Henry P. Thompson
Heran Court Beverage & Ice Co.
Herancourt Brewing Company
Herbert Chemical Co
Hillshire Farm & Kahn's
Hilton Davis Chemical Co
Hilton Inn
Hilton-Davis Chemical Co.
Hospitality Motor Inn
Hotel Gibson
Hotel Metropole
House Of Pierre - Route 747
Hudepohl Brewing Company
Huenefeld Company
Hughes High School
Hunters Corp
Huseman Snack Food Co.
Hyde Park Bank
I T C - Building Annex - 132 Foot Tank
Incinerator Plant
Indian Refining Company
Indiana Michigan Electric Co - Tanners Creek
Ingalls Building
Institutional Industries
Insulation Contracting & Supply Co.
Interstate Bakeries
Ivory Dale Plant
Ivorydale Factory - Food Products Storeroom
J. Shillito
J.A. Fay and Egan Company
J.B. Schaaf
J.H. Day Company
J.L. Ballinger
Jack Herb Florist
Jewish Hospital
John A. Stewart Electric Co.
Jones Brothers Electric Co.
Jos. J. Gest, Miami Oil & Soap Works
Julian and Kokinge Company
Jung Brewing Company
Kahn's & Co
Kahns Livershop Drain
Kahn's Old Pork Boning Room
Kaiser Agriculture Chemical Co.
Kao Jergens
Keebler Biscuit Company
Keene Corporation
Keene Insulating & Contracting
Kemmons Wilson #3
Kenner Products
King Kwik - 9380 Kenwood Road
Kings Island Amusement Park
Kirk & Blum Mfg. Co
Kodel Radio Corporation
Kramig Foamglass
Krippendorf and Dittman
Kroger Candy
Kroger Grocery & Baking Company
Kroger Meats
Kuempel Company
Lane and Bodley Company
Laurel Homes Housing Project
Lawrenceberg Plumbing & Heating
Levey Ink
Lille Lee Apts
Limbach Building
Lincoln Elementary School
Little Miami Plumbing
Lodge and Davis Machine Tool Co.
Long View State Hospital
Losantiville Country Club
Louisville & Nashville Railroad
Lunken Airport
Lunkenheimer Company
M E Campbell Junior High
M. Werk Company
M.B. Farrin Lumber Company
Mabley & Carew
Mariemont Library
Marjorie P Lee Home
Maumee Chemical
Mcalpins - 3Rd Floor
Mead Corporation
Mead Paper
Meiers Wine Cellar
Memorial Community Center Building
Merchants Ice & Cold Storage Company
Mercy Franciscan Hospital, Mt. Airy
Mercy Hospital
Merrell National Laboratories
Methodist Book Concern
Methodist Publishing House
Metro Sewer District Of Cincinnati
Metropolitan Housing Authority
Meyer Huschart Packing Company
Miami Fort Power Plant
Miami Oil and Soap Works
Miami Valley Lab
Mill Creek Distilling Company
Mill Creek Sewage
Miller Dubrul & Peters Manufacturing Co.
Model Pattern & Foundry
Monsanto Chemical Company
Monsanto Company
Mount Lookout Junior High School
Mount St. Joseph College Delhi
Muddy Creek Tr Plant
Muddy Creek Waste Water
Multi-Color Type Company
Munters Corp
Muth Bakery
Nadler Shoe Store
National Biscuit Company
National Distillers & Chemical Corporation
National Distillers Products Corporation
National Lead Company
National Life Insurance Co.
National Sinktop
New General Office Building
New Way Linen
New York Central System
Nivision-Weiskopf Company
Northgate Mall
Northwest High School
Norton Machinery Company
Nutone Inc.
Oak Hills Savings & Loan
Ohio Mechanics Institute
Ohio National Life Insurance Co.
Our Lady Of Cincinnati College
Our Lady Of Mercy Hospital
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp.
P & G
P.R. Mitchell Company
Pandg Ivory Dale Plant
Pasquale's Pizza
Patheon Pharmaceuticals
Paul Stewart and Company
Peck-anderson and Peck Company
Pepsi Cola Bottling Company
Peters Cartridge Company
Phelps Apartments
Philadelphia Apartments
Pilot Chemical
Pilot Piping
Pittsburg Plate Glass Co.
Plastics Moulding Corporation
Pleasant Run School
PMC Specialties Incorporated
Poguls Tri-County Shopping Center
Pollak Steel Company
Post Publishing Company
Potter's Shoe Store
Power Building Company
Proctor & Gamble Co
Progress Lithographing
Providence Hospital
Provident Savings Bank and Trust Company
Provident Tower
Public Works Sewage Service Dept.
Queen City Supply Company
R A Taft Center
R. E. Kramig & Co.
R.B. Brunemann & Sons, Incorporated
Radel Concrete
Radio Corporation Of America
Ramada Inn
Rapid Railway Company
Raymond Walters College
Re Kramig Company
Red Top Brewing Company
Retail Clerks Union
Rich Ladder & Manufacturing Company
Ridgewood Steel Company, Carthage
River Pumping Station
River Transportation
Riverfront Stadium - Cincinnati Reds Executor Offices
Royal Crown Cola
Royal Plastic Manufacturing, Inc.
Rubel Baking Company
Rust Engr.
Saint Bernard School
Samdy's Restaurant
Samuel Hannaford and Sons, Architects
Sanders Hall
Sandy's Restaurant
Sara Lee Food & Beverage
Sayers and Scovill Company
Schenley Distillers, Inc.
Schenley Distillery
Schulte Brass
Schweitzer Brothers
Sears & Roebuck Company
Senco Products
Seventh St Tire
Shell Oil
Sheraton Alms Hotel
Shillitos Department Store
Shillitos Parking Garage
Signode Corporation
Sinton Hotel
Sisters Of Charity
Smurfit Diamond Packing Corp
Snak Shack
Snow Filtration
Southern Ohio Bank
Springdale Sausage Processing
St. Paul Church
St. Ursula Convent & Academy
Standard Brands, Incorporated
Standard Silicate Company
Stearns and Foster Company
Stearns Technical Textile Company
Steinman & Meyer Furniture Company
Stuart's Store - Northgate Mall
Suburban Traction Company
Sur Seal Gasket & Packing
T.J. Cookson
Tamers Creek
Tanners Creek
Tennis Railway Equipment Company
Terrace Hilton Hotel
Terrace Plaza Hotel
The Factory Power Company
The Witt Co
Thomas Emery Sons, Incorporated
Thomas T. Gaff
Tool Steel Gear & Pinton
Traction Building
Trailer Company Of America
Tresler Oil Tank
Triumph Manufacturing Company
U. S. Post Office Terminal
U.S. Shoe Corporation
U.S. Steel Corp
Union Central Life Insurance Company
Union Gas and Electric Company
Union Heat, Light and Power Company
Union Trust Building
United States Playing Cards
United States Printing Company
University Of Cincinnati, various bldgs.
Us Shoe
Veteran's Affairs Hospital
Vulcan Copper & Supply Company
W M Powell Company
Walden Book Store - Northgate Mall
Walgreen Drug Store
Walnut Hills High School
Waltz Furnace Co
Weir Frog Company
Weiskopf Division
Welco Industries
West Hills High School
Western and Southern Life Insurance Company
Western Bowl
Western Electric Co.
Western Electric Company
Western Hills High School
Western Hills Pumping Station
Widows & Orphans Home
William G. Solt Co.
William Powell
Williamson Company
Willis Music
Willson Dairy
Winton Forest School
Winton Hill Technical Center
Winton Place School
Withrow High School
Withrow School
Witt Co
Wynn Oil Company

American Strawboard Company
Armstrong Contracting & Supply
C.E. Sears and Company
Circleville High School
Circleville Light and Power Company
Circleville Plant
Container Corporation Of America
Dupont Chemical
E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company
General Electric Company
H.M. Crites Milling Company
Heffner Milling Company
Jefferson Smurfit Corporation
Mid -West Box Company
Ohio Cereal Company
Ohio Utilities Company
P.P.G. Industries, Inc.
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co
Pressing and Orr Company
Reynolds Near

Enercon Systems

Olin Mathieson Aluminum

Cambridge Developmental Center

Gulf Refining Company

A.M. Higley Corp
A.P. Green Fire Brick Company Of Ohio
A.P. Green Refractories Company Of Ohio
Abex Corporation
Acacia Heat
Acands, Inc.
Ace Metal
Acme Machinery Company
Acme Stove & Repair
Acoustical Department
Addressograph Multigraph Corp.
Advance Drum & Barrel
Advance Sales
Advance Tec.
Aetna Rubber Company
Aetna Welding
Air Injector Corp.
Akron, Bedford & Cleveland Railway Company
Albrecht Tool
Alcoa Aluminum
Alcoa, Incorporated
Aldon Products
Alfred A. Pope Building
All Steel Inc.
Allen Products Co., Inc.
Allied Engineering Company
Allied Rubber & Mice
Allis - Chalmers
Alloys & Chemical Manufacturing Co.
Alton Company
Aluminum Coating
Aluminum Corporation Of America
Aluminum Smelting & Refining Company
Amac Enterprises
Amax Specialty
American Ball Bearing Company
American Box Company
American Fork and Hoe Company
American Greetings Incorporated
American Handling Equip.
American Hoist
American Monarch
American Nut and Bolt Company
American Sheet & Tin Plate Company
American Shipbuilding Co.
American Spring Wire
American Steel & Wire Company
American Stove Company
American Tank
American Wire Mills
American Works Corporation
Anunciation Church
Apex International
Apex Smelting Company
Apex Welding
Armature Coil
Armstrong Contracting & Supply
Armstrong Cork Company
Army Air Force
Arrow Aluminum
Art Galvanizing
Arthur G. Mckee & Company
Arwood Corp.
Associated Sheet Metal Company
Atlas Car
Atlas Foundry
Austin Powder Company
Automobile Club
Avon Lake Powerhouse
Avtron Manufacturing, Inc.
B.F. Goodrich Chemical Company
B.F. Goodrich Company
Babcock & Wilcox Co
Bailey Meter Company
Baker Raulang Company
Baldwell-Lemmon Co
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company
Bamburger Reinthol
Bardons and Oliver
Barrett Brewing Company
Barrett Company
Barth - Clevite
Barth - Mcneil
Bartlett Brothers Company
Basic Oxygen Furnace
Bd. Of County Comm.
Becker Seidel Company
Beckman Company
Bella Isle
Bethandale Corporation
Bishop & Babcock Manufacturing Co.
Blace Cleaners
Black Drill
Blau Knox
Blue Boar Cafeteria
Board Of County Commissioners Of Cuyahoga Co.
Bobby Brooks
Bodwell Lemmon Co
Boehm Pressed Steel Company
Boise Cascade
Boston & Ohio Railroad Co.
Bourne-Fuller Company
Bradley Electric Light, Heat and Power Co.
Brainard Plumbing Company
Brice Dreber Asylum
Britton Service Company
Brodess Construction
Bronson Portland Cement Company
Brost Foundry
Brown Hoisting Machinery Company
Browne and Fuller Company
Browning Company
Browning Engineering & Manufacturing Co.
Brush Beryllium
Brush Electric Company
Brush Laboratories
Brush Wellman, Inc.
Buckeye Electric Company
Buckeye Insulation Company
Buckeye Rubber Products Company
Burdett Oxygen Company
Byerlite Asphalt
C. Schmidt & Sons, Incorporated
C.A. Litzler Co., Inc.
Cabot Corporation
Cal-Hio Chemical Plant
Canadian Copper Company
Canal Steam Station
Carnegie Steel Company
Case Institute Library & Humaniti
Case Institute Of Technology
Case School Of Applied Science
Case Western Reserve University, various bldgs.
Cash Sale
Caxton Building Company
CDR Oscar
Cecil Peck
Cedar & Warrensville Center Md. - May Constructions
Cedar Ave. Power House
Cedar Road Apartments
Cei Powerhouse
Celotex Corporation
Centra Sales Co.
Central Brass
Central Furnace Company
Central National Bank
Cerro Copper & Brass Company
Certified Alloys
Chafer and Becher
Champaign Machine and Forging Company
Champion Machine and Forging Company
Chandler Price Company
Chase Brass & Copper Co.
Chemical Materials
Chemical Products Plant
Chemical Products Works
Chemical Rubber Company
Chicago, Indiana & Southern Railroad Company
Childers Products
Church Of Christ Scientist
Cincinnati & Hamilton Electric Street Railway Co.
City Asbestos Company
City Hospital
City Of Cleveland - Southerly Sewage Disposal Plant
City Of Cleveland Board Of Public Service
City Of Cleveland Dept. Of Public Utilities, Div. Light & Power
City Of Cleveland Division Ave. Pumping Station
City Of Cleveland Fairmount Pumping Station
City Of Cleveland Water Works, Kirkland Street Pumping Station
Clark & Greater Cleve Garden Center
Clark & J&L Steel
Clark Asbestos Co.
Clark Equipment Company
Cleve Bearing Prod
Cleve Cap Screw Co
Cleveland & Elyria Electric Railway Co.
Cleveland & Sandusky Brewing Corp.
Cleveland Akron Bag Company
Cleveland Arcade Company
Cleveland Arm H
Cleveland Armature
Cleveland Bakery
Cleveland Board Of Education
Cleveland Builders Supply Co.
Cleveland Cap Screw Co
Cleveland City Cable Railway Co.
Cleveland City Forge and Iron Co.
Cleveland City Railway Company
Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company
Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Cleveland Clinic Hospital
Cleveland Diesel Engine Division Of GMC
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co.
Cleveland Electric Light Company
Cleveland Electric Railway Company
Cleveland Electro Alloys
Cleveland Electro Metals
Cleveland Elyria Electric Railway Co.
Cleveland Energy Resource
Cleveland Faucet Company
Cleveland Foundry Company
Cleveland Frog and Crossing Company
Cleveland Furnace Company
Cleveland General Electric Company
Cleveland General Hospital
Cleveland Graphite Bronze Co.
Cleveland Hardware Company
Cleveland Hippodrome Company
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
Cleveland Ice & Refrigerating Company
Cleveland Lake Road Generating Station
Cleveland Laundry Company
Cleveland Medical Center
Cleveland Metal Abrasive
Cleveland Metal Products Company
Cleveland Metropolitan General Hospital
Cleveland Milling Company
Cleveland Mine
Cleveland Museum Of Art
Cleveland Oak Belt
Cleveland Pneumatic Tool
Cleveland Precision
Cleveland Provision Company
Cleveland Public Library
Cleveland Public Power
Cleveland Railway Company
Cleveland Regional Treatment Center
Cleveland Rubber Corporation
Cleveland Shopping News Company
Cleveland Stamping and Tool Company
Cleveland State Hospital
Cleveland State University
Cleveland Thermal Energy
Cleveland Trust Company Building
Cleveland Twist Drill Company
Cleveland Union Terminals
Cleveland Water Condition
Cleveland Water Works
Cleveland Welding & Manufacturing Co.
Cleveland Wire & Spring Company
Cleveland Wire Plant
Cleveland Works
Cleveland Works East
Cleveland Worsted Mills Company
Cleveland, Berea, Elyria & Oberlin Railway Co.
Cleveland, Painesville & Ashtabula Railroad Co.
Cleveland, Painesville & Eastern Railroad Co.
Cleveland, Southwestern & Columbus Railway Co.
Clevite Corporation
Clevite Engine
Clevite Research Center
Club Monarch
Club Products
Coit Road Plant
Colonial Refining Chemicals
Columbia Axle Company
Columbia Ice Company
Commercial Bookbinding Company
Commercial Forging Company
Commercial Forgings
Commercial Milling Company
Consol. Iron
Consolidated Engineering
Cont. Bakeries
Cooke Greenhouse
Copper Corner
Copperly Corporation
Corrigan-Mckenney Steel Company
Cp Wright & Co At St. Ann's Hospital
Crescent Works
Crosby Restaurant
Crown Rubber Stamp
Crucible Steel
Custom Machine, Inc.
Cuyahoga Greenhouse
Cuyahoga Light Company
Cuyahoga Soap Company
Cuyahoga Valley Railway
Cuyahoga Works
Dairy Delivery Company, Inc.
Dairymens Milk Company
Dangler Stove and Manufacturing Co.
Darling and Company
Davis Bakery
Davis Drywall & Insulation
Ddressograph Multigraph Corp.
Defense Contract Adm Service Region
Deluxe Check Printers
Department Of Public Welfare
Dept. Of Public Health and Welfare, Div. Of City Hospital
Dewstoe Brainard Company
Diamond Alkali Company
Diamond Fabricator
Diamond Shamrock Chemical
Die Cut Products
Diebolt Brewing Company
Division Ave. Pumping Station
Dobeckmun Company
Dow Chemical Co
Dr. Hansen Clinic Building
Drop Forge and Die
Duffy Constructions Co.
Dunbar - Sullivan
Dust Control
Dye Company
Dyson Joseph & Sons, Incorporated
E. Kitzel & Sons
E.F. Donleys Sons, Incorporated, 10203 Miles Ave.
E.H. Dyer and Company
E.I. Dupont De Nemours & Company
Eagle Ceramics
East Ohio Gas Company
Eastlake Plant, Unit 5
Eaton Corp.
Eberhard Manufacturing Company
Edgewater Plant
Edgewater Works
Electric Prod.
Electric Storage Battery Co.
Electric Weld
Ellsworth Coal Company
Elyria & Oberlin Electric Railway Company
Elyria Iron and Steel Company
Enamel Products Company
Endecon Corporation
Engineering Tool & Die
Erb Nasa - Se #7
Erie Dyeing Company
Erie Railroad Co.
Erieview Corp
Erieview Insulation
Erieview Plaza
Euclid & 55 Team Track
Euclid Div.
Eugene Cook Greenhouse
Evangelical Deaconess Hospital, 4229 Pearl Rd.
Ex-Cell-O Corp
F E I Inc.
F. Zimmerman Company
F.W. Paulin
Fairmount St. Pumping Station
Fairview Park Hospital
Fairview Park Hospital Nurses Home
Federal Knitting Mills Company
Federal Office Bldg.
Federal Reserve Bank
Federal Steel
Feldman Bros. Co.
Ferro Corporation
Ferro Engineering
Ferro Industrial Products
Ferro Machine & Finery Company
Firstenergy Corporation
Fisher Body (Div. Of General Motors)
Fisher Body and Casting
Fisher Body Corporation - Div. Of General Motors
Food Services
Ford Aluminum Foundry
Ford Engine Plant 2
Ford Motor Company
Forest City
Forest City Foundry
Forge Products
Foseco Chemical Company
Foseco, Inc.
Foundry Equipment Company
Frank Billings
Frasch Process Soda Company
Fulton Foundry
G&W Industries
G.C. Kuhlman Car Company
G.S. Equipment
Garden Center Of Greater Cleveland
Gardner Richardson Company
Garfield High School
Garlock-Frazee Laundry Company
Garrett-Cromwell Engineering Company
Gas Atmospheres Inc.
GE Chemical Products Plant
GE Cleveland Wire Plant
General Aluminum
General Battery Corp.
General Chemical Corporation
General Chemical Div., Allied Chemical & Dye Corp.
General Dry Batteries, Inc.
General Electric Co. (G.E.)
General Motors Corporation
General Welding Supply
Generating Station
Geo. H. Porter Heat Treating Company
Geo. S. Rider Company
George Washington Company
Gibson Homans Co.
Glass Cote Products Division
Glastic Corporation
Glenn Smith Co; Coal Blox Plant
GM Chevrolet Div.
Goodyear Building 54
Gorman-Lavelle Corporation
Gould, Inc.
Grabler Manufacturing
Grasselli Chemical Company
Great Lakes Flour
Greater Cleveland Garden Ctr
Green Ball Bearing
Ground Round
Grover Musical
Gulf Oil
Gund Brewing Company
Hal Lynn
Halex Corp.
Halora Corp.
Haltenback and Stephens
Hankins Container Co
Harshaw Chemical Co
Harshaw, Fuller & Goodwin Co.
Harvey Brothers
Hawthorn Hospital
Hedalloy Die
Heinrichs, A G
Herron Testing Lab
Higbee Company
Highland View Hospital
Hill Clutch Company
Hillside Junior High School
Hinckley Greenhouse
Hinde & Dauch Paper Company
Hines Flask Co.
Hoban Dominican High School Auditorium
Hoffman Bronze
Hollenden Hotel
Horsburgh - Scott
Horvitz Company
Hotel Cleveland Power Plant
Hudgeons Products
Hydraulic Pressed Steel Co.
Hydro-Blast Corporation
Ideal Tire & Rubber Company
Imperial Clevite
Independent Ice Company
Independent Towel Supply
Indianapolis Power & Light/Cleveland Thermal Energy
Industrial Fibre Corporation
Industrial Ovens, Inc.
Industrial Rayon Corporation
Inland Refractories Co
Intercon Systems
Interlake Steamship
International Salt Company
Interstate Engineering Company
J & D Welding
J & L - LTV Steel
J & L Steel Co
J E Upson
J. Kirschenbaum
J.C. Heintz
J.F. Randall
J.M. Wall Co.
J-D Welding
Jim Cursey
John C. Boehm
John Carroll University
John Kleri
John T. Hutchinson
Johns Manville Product Corporation
Johnson Company
Johnston & Jennings Company
Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp.
Jordan Welding
Joseph & Feiss Co
Joseph Dyson and Sons
Kaltenbach and Griess
Kemet Corporation
Kessler Company
Kifer Tool
Kindt - Collins
Kirkwood Carbon
Kirkwood Industries
Kirtland Pumping Station
Klausner Cooperage Company
Kobelco Stewart Bolling, Inc.
Koblintz Plumbing
Koller Bros.
Kottler Metal
Krochler Manufacturing Co.
L & M Stagecraft
L.B. Lockwood Company
L.S. & M.S. Railway Company, Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad Co.
Lady Of Lourdes
Lake City Vocational School
Lake Erie Electric
Lake Erie Iron Company
Lake Erie Provision Company
Lake Erie Screw
Lake Road Generating Station
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Co.
Lake Shore A Plant
Lake Shore Electric Railway Company
Lake Shore Station
Lakeside Hospital
Lakewood Asbestos & Insulation
Lamson & Sessions Company
Lang Body Company
Lanly Co.
Latonia Refining Corporation
Lau Blower Company
Lear Siegler
Lederer Terminal Warehouse Co
Lees Bradner
Leisy Brewing Company
Limbach Company
Lincoln Electric
Linde Air Products Co. (Union Carbide & Carbon Corp.)
Linderme Tube
Liquid Carbonic Corporation
Litzler Company Inc.
L-K Heating
Lorain and Cleveland Railroad Company
Ltv Steel Corporation
Ltv Steel Flat Rolled Company
Lubrizol Corporation
Lutheran Hospital
Lutheran Medical Center
Lyceum Theatre
M.A. Bradley
M.A. Hanna and Company
Magnesium Aluminum
Mallory Battery Company
Mameco Int.
Marietta College
Martin-Barriss Company
Martindale Electric Co.
Marymount Hospital
Master Fabricators
Master Metal
May Co.
Mc Glean Industries
Mcdowell-Wellman Engineering Company
Mcgean Chemical Company
Mcmyler Manufacturing Company
Meade Paper Company
Mechanical Rubber Company
Meriam Weld
Mesta Machine Company (For Alcoa)
Metals Applied
Metrohealth Medical Center
Metropolitan Alloys
Metropolitan General Hospital
Midland Steel Products Company
Midland-Ross Corporation
Midwest Products Co.
Miller Refractories
Missile Corporation Of America
Mittal Steel
Modern Tool
Monarch Aluminum Manufacturing Co.
Monarch Electric
Mondie Forge
Moreland Court Apartments
Motor Repair Manufacturing
Mount Sinai Hospital
Muncie, Hartford & Fort Wayne Railway
Municipal Electric Lighting Plant
Municipal Traction Company
Muny Light Plant
N. A. S. A.
Nasa Lewis Research Center
National Acme Company
National Advisory Committee For Aeronautics
National Artificial Silk Company
National Brass
National Bronze & Aluminum Company
National Carbon Company
National Casting
National Chemical Company
National Electric Lamp Company
National Lamp Works Of The General Electric Company
National Malleable
National Metal
National Power & Machinery Co
National Quality Lamp Division Of General Electric Company
National Screw and Manufacturing Co.
National Screw and Tack Co.
National Screw Manufacturing
National Tube
Nelacrest Gardens
Nelson Finishing
New St Anns Hospital
New York Central Railroad
New York Central System
Nickel Plate R.R.
No 1 Refinery
Nock Fire Brick Co
North American Manufacturing Company
North American Refractory
Northeast Ohio Reg. Sewer
Northern Boiler
Northern Texas Traction Company
Nuckley Covers
Nuclear Plating
Num Num Foods Inc.
Oakwood Country Club - Grill
Oatey Co.
Ohio Asbestos & Insulation Co.
Ohio Asbestos Company
Ohio Basking Company
Ohio Bell Telephone Co.
Ohio Box Board Company
Ohio Carbon
Ohio Chemical & Manufacturing Co.
Ohio Chemical Co
Ohio Crankshaft
Ohio Forge & Machine Corp.
Ohio Forge Company
Ohio Pipe & Supply Company, Inc.
Ohio Public Service Company
Ohio Sash and Door Company
Ohio Steel Foundry Company
Olin Mathieson
Oper. Division
Orange School
Orlando Bakery
Osborn Engineering Company
Osborn Manufacturing
Oster Electric
Oster Manufacturing Co.
Otis Steel Company
Overall Paint and Lead Co.
Overseas Packing, Inc.
P. Huberty
Packard Garage
Park - Ohio
Park Drop Forge
Park Drop Forge Co.
Park Ohio Industries
Parker Alliance Company
Parker-Fallis Insulation Co Inc.
Paulin Co.
Peerless Motor Car Company
Peerless Packing Company
Penn Central
Pennsylvania Company
Pennsylvania Railroad Company
Pentz Design
Peoples Packing Company
Perfection Industries
Perfection Stove Company
Perma Welding Company
Perry Payne Company
Pettibone Ohio
Phil - Mar Corp.
Phillip Mango Co.
PHS St. Michaels
Pickands Mather and Company
Pictet Ice Company
Pittsburgh Fleet
Pittsburgh Fleet SS Palmer
Pittsburgh Fleet SS Roberts
Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Co.
Plain Dealer Publishing Company
Plaster Process Casting
Plechaty Co
Porter Steel Treating
Potter Industries
Precision Casting Co
Precision Metal
Premier Industries
Prime Industries
Profile Grinding
Proseal Mfg.
Pull Auto Body
R. Koons
R.O. Apelt and Sons
R.O. Apelt Greenhouse
Rauch and Laug Carriage Company
Red Seal Electric Company
Regal Diamond Prod.
Reliance Electric & Engineering Company
Republic Powdered Metals
Republic Steel Corp.
Republic Steel, Babcock & Wilcox, Standard
Republic Steelcorp
Reserve Sheet Metal & Furnace Company
Rex - Budkeye
Rex Metals, Inc.
Richards Wholesale
Richmond Bros.
Ridge Road Incinerator, City Of Cleveland
Ridge Seal Electric Company
Ridge Tool
River Furnace and Dock Company
River Furnace Company
River Smelting Company
Robert Jamison Jr. High School
Rockefeller Building
Rocky River High School
Ron Dewey
Rossborough Supply
Rud Machine Co.
Russel Gasket Co
Safety Clothing
Safety Engineering
Sam W. Emerson Co.
Samsel Rope
Samuel Austin & Son Co.
Schlather Brewing Co.
Schmeller Aluminum
Schmeller Foundry
Schmidt & Sons, Inc.
Schweizer - Dipple
Scientific Cast Producers
SCM Chemical Glidden Corp.
SCM Corporation
Scocos Plumbing & Heating
Scranton Greenhouse
Seal E. Plastic
Seneca Tape
Service Systems
Shaker Company
Sharpsville Furnace Company
Shartle Brothers Machine Company
Shell Petroleum Corporation
Sheriff Street Market & Storage Co.
Sherwin-Williams Company
Sinclair Refinery
Smith Warner, Inc.
Smylie Bros Co Cedar Apartments
Society Nat'l Bank
Solid Steel Company
Sommerfeld Heat Treating
Sommers Rubber
South Bend Carton Company
South High School
Southerly Sewage Treatment Plant
S-P Mfg.
Space Comfort
Spiral Binding
Spohn Corp - 3 M Co Di Noc Div
Spohn Htg & Vent Co Case Institute Library & Humanities Bldg.
St Judd Church
St. Alexis Hospital
St. Ann's Hospital
St. Luke's Memorial Hospital
St. Michael's Hospital
St. Vincent Charity Hospital
Standard Oil Office & Lab
Standard Asbestos Manufacturing & Insulating Co.
Standard Brewing Company
Standard Brick Company
Standard Oil Company Of Ohio
Standard Piping
Standard Research Center - Chemical Research
Standard Tool Company
Standard Welding Company
Starr City Jail - C-1058
Statler Hotel
Steamer Dm Clemson
Steel Improvement & Forge Co
Stewart Bolling Company
Stolle Co.
Strong, Carlisle & Hammond Co.
Struthers Furnace Company
Suburban Heating - Clark Ave Bridge - Blast Furnace Area Underneath
Suburban Power Piping
Suncraft Products
Superior Brass
Superior Building
Superior Cast
Superior Die Casting
Superior Industries
Superior Metal Treating
Swasey Co. Boiler House
Sweland Building
Swift and Company
Swift Dry Cleaners
Sylvester & Co
T.R.W., Incorporated
Tec Lab
Terminal Tower Complex
Ternstedt Division, General Motors Corporation
The Clark Asbestos Co
The Cleve. Trencher Co.
The Lanly Co.
The Ody Co.
The Ohio Asbestos & Insulation Co.
Theatrical Equipment
Theodor Kundtz Company
Thompson Products Company
Thompson Ramo Products
Thompson Ramo Wooldbridge
Thornton Company
Tile Tite
Todd Welding Co.
Tomco Metal
Tray Laundry Company
Tropical Paint
Troy Laundry Company
True Temper Corp
Trw Valve
Trw, Inc.
U. S. Army Reserve Center
U.S. Steel Corp
Union Carbide & Carbon Chemical Corp.
Union Paper & Twine
Union Rolling Mill Company
Union Salt Company
Union Stock Yards
Union Terminal Building
United Salt Company
United States Aluminum Company
University Hospitals Of Cleveland
Upson Nut Company
Upson Walton
Up-To-Date Laundry Company
Ursaline College
Us Air Force
Us Post Office
Variety Stamping
Variety Steel Fabricators, Inc.
Veterans Administration Hospital
Victoreen Instrument
Victory Metal
Vistron Corporation
Vocation Guidance
Volk Supply Co
Vulcan Building
W. Bingham Co.
W. M. Pattison Supply Company
W.B. Cowles
W.E. Plechaty
W.H. Hanna and Company
W.S. Tyler Company
Wabash Smelthing
Wagner Awning
Waldron Firebrick & Insulation
Walker Heat
Walker Processing
Warner & Swasey Company
Wearn Bldg. Univ Hosp
Webb Fabricators
Weidman Company
Welded Ring
Wellman Company
Wellman Engineering Company
Wellman Leaver Engineering Company
Wellman-Seaver-Morgan Company
Werner G. Smith
West Ninth St. Terminal Warehouse
Western Mineral Wool Company
Western Reserve National Bank
Western Reserve Tunnel
Western Reserve University
Westgate Mall
Westgate Shopping Center
Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing
Wheeling Lake Erie Railroad Company
White Company
White Motor Company
White Motor Company
White Sewing Machine Company
Whk Broadcasting Studio
Widlar Company
Wilkoff S & Sons Co
Willard Storage Battery Company
William Reiss Steamship
Willys Overland Company, Reroofing Plant
Winton Heat
Winton Motor Carriage Company
Witco Chemical
Wm Pattison Supply Company
Wood-Spencer Co.
World Publishing Company
Xcleve. Museum, Nat
Yoder Company
Zurowski Greenhouse

Cincinnati Refinery
Gulf Oil Corporation
Gulf Refining Company

Clinton Power Plant
Hawkeye Chemical Company

Clyde Porcelain Steel Corporation
Municipal Electric Light and Water Works
Steel Buildings Company
Whirlpool Corporation
Whirlpool-Seeger Corporation

Coal Grove
Charles Murphy, General Contractor

General Electric

Avco New Idea Farm Equipment
New Idea Spreader Company

Cole Grove
Carlyle Tile

Colerain Township
Proctor & Gamble

Aultman Health Foundation
Canton Bearing Plant
Canton Drop Forge
Marathon Ashland Petroleum
Republic Technologies
Superior Dairy, Inc.
The Timken Company

Enamel Products Company
Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway Company
New York Central Railroad

Columbua & Southern Ohio Electric Company
Pennsylvania Railroad Company

Columbia Park
American Bitumals & Asphalt
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company
General Electric Co - Cincinnati Gas & Electric - Miami Fort Station

Columbia Station
C.H. Heinricks Greenhouse
Henry Dregers Greenhouse

Columbia Township
Maria Garden Center

C.O. Henriksen
Columbia Tire & Rubber Company
Columbiana Southern Church
Kaiser Refractories
Natural Resources Management Plant

A.C. Humko
A.P. Green Fire Brick Company Of Ohio
A.P. Green Refractories Company Of Ohio
Abitec Corporation
Acands, Inc.
Adrian L. Wallick
Air National Guard Facilities
Allen Refractories Company
American Insurance Union Building
American Zinc Company
American Zinc Oxide
Angel Jay L Inc.
Anheuser Busch Incorporated
Armstrong Contracting & Supply
Armstrong Cork Company
Asarco, Inc.
Asbestos Service Company
Ashland Chemical
Atlas Laundry-Linen Supply
August Wagner Breweries, Incorporated
B&T Metals
Bartholomew City Hospital
Battelle Memorial Institute
Board Of Public Service
Brown Steel
Buckeye Malleable Iron and Coupler Company
Buckeye Steel Castings Company
Buel Gatterdam Company, Inc.
Bushey Cotton Company
Candle Lite Homes
Capital City Products Company
Capitol Savings & Trust Company, S.A. Essmein
Carnegie Steel Company
Case Crane and Kilbourne Jacobs Co.
Central Aluminum
Central Market Street Railway Company
Central Union Telephone Building
Chemical Abstract Building
Chittenden Hotel
City Of Columbus - Gas Turbine Station
City Of Columbus, Municipal Electric Plant
Clark Grave Vault Co
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway
Columbus & Iron and Steel Company
Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric Co
Columbus Aircraft Div.
Columbus Army Depot
Columbus Bolt Works
Columbus Buggy Company
Columbus Center Building
Columbus Central Railway Company
Columbus Coated Fabrics
Columbus Consolidated Street Railroad Co.
Columbus Dispatch Building
Columbus Edison Electric Light Company
Columbus Electric Light & Power Company
Columbus Electric Street Railway Company
Columbus General Depot
Columbus Iron and Steel Company
Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority
Columbus Oil Cloth Company
Columbus Packing Company
Columbus Public Service Company
Columbus Py Power & Light Company
Columbus Railway and Light Company
Columbus Railway Company
Columbus Railway Power & Light Company
Columbus Savings and Trust Company
Columbus Sewage Pumping Station
Columbus Shops
Columbus Show Case Company
Columbus State Hospital
Columbus State Institute
Columbus Steel Company
Columbus Stove
Columbus Street Railway Company
Columbus Street School
Columbus Union Oil Cloth Co
Columbus Warehouse
Columbus Woolen Manufacturing Company
Continental Can
D.L. All Manufacturing Company
David Davies Packing Co
Defense Construction Supply Center
Defense Supply Agency
Delphi Corporation
Delphi Hardware Plant
Delphi Interior Lighting
Dresser - Ideco Company
Earl E. Bright, Inc.
Elledge Gasketing & Supply
Erection Shop, Yard B
F. & R. Lazarus and Company
F.W. Means and Company
Federal Glass Company
Fireproof Block Company
Fisher Body Div Gmc
Fitzpatrick and Hoepfner
Flow A Matic
Forrest Towel Supply Company
Franklin Plating
G.L. Larely Construction
Gallery Of Fine Arts
General Electric
General Motors Corporation
George Ingel Construction
Georgia Pacific Corporation
Grandview Yd. - N. W. Blvd. Track
Great Lakes Coal Mining Company
Great Southern Hotel
Gwinn Milling Company
Harrop Ceramic Service Company
Hartman Building
Hayden Company
Hayden Plant
Henry Holtzman & Son Company
Huffman Conklin Company
Huntington National Bank
Indianapolis Columbus & Southern Traction Co.
Indianola Heating and Lighting Company
Indianola Ice Company
Industrial Furnace Supply Co
Inland Steel
Institution For Feeble Minded Youth
J.F. Williams Milling Company
Jackson Pike Wastewater Treatment Plant
Janitrol Aircraft Division
Jeffrey Manufacturing Company
Johns Manville
Jonathan Clark and Sons Company
Jordan Mills, Incorporated
Junk Yard
Kal Kan Foods, Incorporated
Kal Kan Pet Care
Kay Lee Construction Co.
Kilbourne & Jacobs Manufacturing Co.
Kimble Glass
Kinnear Doors Corporation
Kroger Grocery and Baking Company
Kroger Warehouse
Kuempel Company
L. Hoster Brewing Company
Lakewood Engineering Company
Lazarus & Co F & R
Leonard Avenue School
Linmoor Junior High School
Lockbourne Air Force Base
M & R Dietetic Laboratories, Inc.
M.C.Lilly Company
Marion Franklin Recreation Center
Mccraken Power Plant
Mercy Hospital
Metal Forge Co
Mount Carmel Hospital
Mount Vernon Railway & Light Company
Municipal Electric Plant
Municipal Light Plant
New York Central Railroad
Norfolk and Western Railroad Company
North American Aviation Corp.
North American Aviation Inc.
North American Lead Company
North American Rockwell Corp
Ohio and Texas Sugar Company
Ohio Board Of Administration
Ohio Central Railroad
Ohio Education Association
Ohio Fuel Gas Company
Ohio Fuel Supply Company
Ohio Institute For Feeble Minded Youth
Ohio Malleable Iron
Ohio Penitentiary
Ohio State Penitentiary
Ohio State University, various bldgs.
Ohio Transmission & Pump
Owens Illinois Glass Company
P. Wayden Saddlery Hardware Company
Parsons Elementary School
Penn Centrals Avon Yards
Pennsylvania Railroad
Penrod Drywall
Peruna Drug Manufacturing Company
Peters Dash Company
Pickaway Power Station
Piping Contractors
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad
Plibrico Inc.
Plibrico Sales & Service Co
Public Service Company
Riverside Hospital
Rockwell (North American)
Ross Laboratories
Ross Willoughby Company
S. K. Resistite
S.A. Esswein Heating and Plumbing Company
Sandover Inner City Hud
Sanitary Plumbing Company
Sauer Inc.
Saunders & Esswein
Scioto Paper Company
Service Products Of Columbus Inc.
Service Products, Inc.
Sewage Treatment Plant
Shartle Machine Company
Smith Agricultural Chemical Company
Solid Waste Authority Of Central Ohio
Standard Chain Company
State Office Tower
Swift & Co.
Ternstedt Division, General Motors Corp.
The Scioto Paper Company
Timken Roller Bearing Company
Transportation Office
Troy Laundering Company
United Sheet Metal Co
W.T. Burdell Trustee
Wayne Dalton Corporation
Western Electric Company, Inc.
Westinghouse Electric Corp.
White Cross Hospital
William H. Conklin Company
Woodruff and Pausch Stone Company
Yost and Packard
Z & L Lumber Co

Columbus Grove
Cashway Lumber Co
Ohio Power Company

Columbus Park
Chevron Asphalt Company
Cincinnati Gas & Electric

American Electric Power Company
Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric
Columbus Southern Power
Conesville Power Station
Electric General - A&E Conesville Plant
Ohio Power

Brown Memorial Hospital
Conneaut Die Casting
Conneaut Electric Light Company
Conneaut Shovel Company
Exomet Inc.
N. & W. Railroad
New York, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad Company
Nickel Plate Railroad
NKP Conneaut Yard

Conneaut Harbor
Pittsburgh and Conneaut Dock Company

Tri Cash & Carry Lumber Co

American Art Works, Incorporated
Beach Enameling Company
Carnation Company
Clow Corporation
Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric Co. - Conesville Station
Coshocton Division
Coshocton Light and Heating Company
Coshocton Straw Paper Company
General Electric Company
H.D. Beach Company
Houston Hay Al and Sons
Ohio Service Company
Smurfit-Stone Corporation
St. Regis Paper Company
Standard Advertising Company
Stone Container Corporation
T.J. Hanley

Westerville Creamery Co

Pacific Railroad Western Lines
Pittsburg Coal Plate Glass
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company
PPG Industries Inc.

Marting Iron and Steel Company

City Ice Delivery Company
Crystal Springs Ice Company

Stokley Foods Incorporated

US Steel

Cuyahoga Falls
Akron & Cuyahoga Falls R.I. Company
Akron, Bedford & Cleveland Railway Company
Camp and Thompson
Falls Rubber Company
Green Cross Hospital
H. & M. Metal
Lawson Dairy Company
Marathon Tire and Rubber Company
Northern Ohio Traction and Light Company

Cuyahoga Heights
Apex Aluminum Smelting
Cleveland Regional Sewer District
Klausner Cooperage Company
Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District
Southerly Sewage

Toledo Bawling Green & Southern Traction Co.

United States Gypsum Company

Merck and Company

Oscar Mayer & Company

Accro Cast Corp
Aetna Paper Company Div. Howard Paper Mills
Albert R. Hostetter Company
Allied Egry Business Systems
American Lubricants Co.
andrew Plocher
Appleton Papers, Inc.
Babcox & Wilcox
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Co.
Barney and Smith Car Company
Beaver Remmer Plant
Bendix Corp Automation & Measurement Div
Board Of Education Of City Of Dayton
Board Of Public Service
Booher Insulation Company
Brownell Stoker & Combustion Co.
Buckeye Cellulose Corporation
Buckeye Iron and Brass Works
Burger Chef
C. W. Booher, Inc.
C.W. Raymond Company
Cargill, Inc.
Central Branch
Charles F. Ketterling Memorial
Charles Sucher Packing Company
Chrysler Corp.
Cincinnati Soap Company
City Of Dayton Water Works Pumping Station
City Railway Company
Cole-Layer Trumble Company
Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric Co., Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co.
Complete Insulation Company
Cross Pointe Paper Corporation
Davis Sewing Machine Company
Dayco Plant
Dayton & Troy Electric Company
Dayton & Xenia Traction Company
Dayton Airport - Midwest Steel Building
Dayton Arcade Company
Dayton Breweries Company
Dayton Builders Supply
Dayton Citizens Electric Co.
Dayton Electric Light Co.
Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company
Dayton Forge & Heat Treat
Dayton Forging
Dayton Ice Manufacturing & Cold Storage Co.
Dayton Lighting Company
Dayton Malleable Iron Company
Dayton Masonic Temple
Dayton Mental Health Center
Dayton Metal Products Company
Dayton Power & Light Co
Dayton Power & Light, Stuart Station
Dayton Press, Inc.
Dayton Rubber Manufacturing Company
Dayton Signal Depot
Dayton State Hospital
Dayton Steam Plant
Dayton Tire and Rubber Company
Dayton Union Railway Company
Dayton Walther Corporation
Dayton Wright Airplane Company
Delco Manufacturing
Delco Moraine
Delco Products Division Of General Motors Corp.
Delphi Automotive System
Delphi Chassis Systems
Domestic Engineering Building Co.
Doty Manufacturing Company
Duriron Company
Durst Milling Company
Emerson School
Everbest Drywall
Excelsior Laundry Company
Fatigue Text Lab Sonic Wright Patterson AFB
Frank Hill Smith
Frigidaire Division Of General Motors Corp.
Gartland-Haswell-Rentschler Foundry Co.
General Motors Corporation
General Motors Island Manufacturing
Globe Foundry
Good Samaritan Hospital
H.J. Osterfield Co
Harrison Radiator
Hewitt Soap Company
Holland Bread Company
Howard Paper Mills
Hughes-Bechtol Incorporated
Inland Manufacturing Company
International Paper Company
J.M. Stuart Station Unit 4
J.P. Wolf
James C. Oren
Kelso Wagner Company
Kettering Medical Center
Kroger Grocery & Baking Co
Lakewood Apartments
Longworth Station
Lowe Brothers Paint Factory
M.J. Gibbons Supply Company
Master Electric Company
Master Tire and Rubber Company
Mccall Printing, Aka Dayton Press
Mccook Field Storm Pump Station
Mead Paper Company
Meadowdale School
Miami Papers Company
Miami Valley Hospital
Moraine Products Div., General Motors Corp.
Municipal Airport
National Cash Register Company
National Home For Disabled Volunteer Soldiers
National Military Home
NCR Corporation
Oakwood Street Railway Company
Ohio Wesleyan University
Peckham Coal and Ice Company
Peoples Railway Company
Pinneo and Daniels Company
Platt Iron Works
Power & Light Co.
Premier Health Partners
Premier Rubber Company
Pressed Brick Company
Protective Treatment, Inc.
Recording & Computing Machine Co.
Reynolds and Reynolds Company
Rike-Kumler Company
Riverdale Station
Schantz & Schwind Brewing Co.
Sisters Of Charity Good Samaritan Hospital
Steele High School
Stillwell-Bierce and Smith Vaile Company
Stivers Manual Training High School
Stoddard Manufacturing Company
Sucher Packing Company
Tait Power Plant, Dp&L
The Ohio Metal & Manufacturing Co.
United Brethren Public Company
United States Army Engineers
University Of Dayton
Veterans Hospital - Wpafb
W.H. Kiefaber Co.
Wehner Brewing Company
Wildcraft Products
William Combs Construction
William Focke's Sons Company
Wright Construction
Wright Field
Wright Patterson Air Force Base
Wright State Campus, Science Building
Y & S Tool
YMCA Building
YMCA Hotel


A.E. Staley Manufacturing Company

American Louisiana Pipe Line Co.
Central Foundry
Defiance Box Company
Defiance Light and Power Company
Defiance Milk Products Company
Electrolite Corporation
General Motors Corp.
Johns - Manville
Lectrolite Corporation
S K Wayne Tool Co
Zeller Corp

Climax Tire & Rubber Company
Delaware & Magnetic Springs Railway Co.
Glass-Edsell Paper Company
Ohio Wesleyan University
Rainbow Tire and Rubber Company
Randall and Edsell
Southern Ohio Electric

Mount St. Joseph College
F.E. Seitz

Delphos Electric Light and Power Company
Hinde and Dauch Paper Company
Lima Supply
North Western Ohio Light Company

Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad

Dewyers Station

Dilles Bottom
Berger Power Plant
Dilles Bottom Station
Ohio Edison Co
Ohio Public Service Company
Ohio River Power, Inc.
Toledo Edison Company

American Cancer Society
Cashway Lumber Co
Dover Electric Light and Power
Dover Forge and Iron Company Canal
Dover Light & Power Plant
Dover Manufacturing Company
Dover Municipal Light Plant
Dover Utilities Department
Dover Works
General Electric Company
Greer Steel Company
La Belle Works
Municipal Light Plant
Reeves Manufacturing Company
Shenango Inc.
Union Camp Corp.

Dresden Paper Mills Company
Gaylord Container Corporation

Ashland Chemical

Ucan Products Co.

Akron Water Works Company

East Akron
Mohawk Rubber Company

East Cleveland
Cleveland Automobile Company
General Electric Co
Glenn L. Martin Company
Huron Road Hospital

East Fultonham
Columbia Cement Corporation

East Lake
Cleveland Electric Illuminating - East Lake Station

East Liverpool
Babcock & Wilcox Company
Beaver County Light Company
E.A. Liverpool Traction and Light Co.
East Liverpool High School
East Liverpool Traction and Light Co.
Mason Color & Chemical
Milligan Hardware
Tri State Railway & Electric Company
United Power Company
Webb Corporation
Wrights Cash & Carry Lumber Co

East Maumee
Campbell Soup Co.

East Moraine
Day Crome Brick & Block

East Norwood
Allis Chalmers Manufacturing Company
Bullock Electric Manufacturing Company
Heekin Can Company
United States Lithograph Co.
United States Playing Cards Co.

East Palestine
City Light and Power Company
East Palestine Rubber Company
National Tire and Rubbber Company

East Sparta
Ferro Corp

East Toledo
Henry J. Crane
Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Company

Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co.
Eastlake Power Station
Longfellow School
Myott Industries
Penn - Virginia Material
Sawyer Research Products, Inc.
Skrl Die Casting Inc.

Ohio Edison Company

Allen and Wheeler Company

Brush Beryllium Company
Brush Wellman

Tool Streel Gear & Pinion Company

Elmwood Place
Laidlaw-Dunn-Gordon Company
Worthington Pump and Machinery Corporation

American Brake Shoe Co.
American Radiator & Standard Sanitary Corp.
American Standard
Bendix Corporation
Bondix Westinghouse Company
Brown Fin Tube Company
Cleveland & Southwestern Tractor Co.
Cleveland, Berea, Elyria & Oberlin Railway Co.
Cleveland, Elyria and Western Railway
Cleveland, Southwestern & Columbus Railway Company
Concrete Mason
Dean Electric Company
Electro, Alloys Division
Elyria and Oberlin Electric Railway Company
Elyria Board Of Education
Elyria Canning Company
Elyria City Board Of Education
Elyria Foundry Co
Elyria Gas and Electric Company
Elyria Iron and Steel Company
Elyria Memorial Hospital
Empire Spring
Enercon Systems, Inc.
Ferro Corp
Fisher Body
Fisher Food
Garford Manufacturing Company
General Industries Company
George E. Milligan Office
Harshaw Chemical Company
Harshaw, Fuller & Goodwin Company
Hydro-Blast Corporation
Industrial Aluminum
Kasper Foundry Company
Logan Natural Gas and Fuel Company
Lorain County Electric Company
Ltv Republic Steel
Mufco Industries
Oberlin College
Perry Fay Manufacturing Company
Pfaudler Company
Republic Steel Corp
Ternstedt Division
Timms Spring
West River Auto
Westinghouse Bendix
Wheeling and Lake Erie Coal Company
Willys-Overland Company


Empire Stratton
Ohio Edison Co - W H Sammis Plant

Addressograph-Multigraph Corporation
Ajax Manufacturing
Chase Brass & Copper Company
Cleveland Precision
Euclid Glenville Hospital
Euclid Sewage Plant
Fisher Body Division Of General Motors
General Motors Corp.
Lincoln Electric Company
Stone & Webster Agent For
Thompson Products
Thompson Ramo-Woolridge, Inc.
Toroidal Winding
Trw Euclid Powerhouse
Trw, Inc.

Avco Manufacturing Corp., Crosley Division
Calhoun Residence Hall Plbg
Christ Hospital
Cincinnati Drum
Electric Autolite Company
Enemple Co
Estate Of Harold C. Schott
Formica Corporation
Fpld Bldg. 700 - Dock 1
Ge Aviation
General Electric Company
Holmes Hospital
Levey Ink - Tanks
Magnus Metals
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp.
Reading Power
Sawbrook Steel
Wrights Aeronautical

Harding Jones Paper Co

Composite Medi-Facility, Airforce Base
Division Us Steel Corporation
Murphy Roofing
Southwestern Portland Cement Co
Universal Atlas Cement
Us Steel
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Fairfax Ford - Redbank Road
Keebler Company, George Jones
Pogues Warehouse

Air Service Command
Butler County Vocational School
Fairfield Air Depot, Patterson Field
Fairfield South Elementary School
United States War Department, Patterson Field

Diamond Alkali Company
Diamond Shamrock Company

Fairport Harbor
Carnegie Steel Company
Diamond Alkali Company
Diamond Shamrock Chemical
Hill Hardware
Light and Power Plant
Pennsylvania & Lake Erie Dock Co.

Fairview Park
Fairview High School
Fairview Park Hospital

Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation

Falls Junction
Austin Powder Company

Fern Creek
Murray Company

Atomic Energy Plant
Mobil Chemical
Virginia-Carolina Chemical Corp.

Fernwald Nuclear Power Plant
Virginia Carolina Chemical

Ashland Oil Refinery
Continental Sugar Company
Eastman Kodak Company
International Breweries, Inc.
Krantz Brewing Company
Marathon Oil Company
Northern Ohio Sugar Company
Ohio Light & Power Company
Ohio Oil Company
Toledo Urban & Interurban Railway Do.
Toledo, Bowling Green & Southern Railway Company
Toledo, Bowling Green & Southern Traction Company
Whirlpool Corp

Southern Ohio Electric Company

Forest Park
John Wesley Methodist Church

Fort Clinton
Celotex Corporation

Fort Wayne
General Electric

Allied Chemical Corp.
Allied Signal, Inc.
Autolite Factory
Basic Incorporated
Bersted Manufacturing
City Heat and Light Company
City Water Department
Electric Autolite Company
Field W. Swezey
Ford Motor Company
Fostoria Electric Light and Power Company
Fostoria Foundry
Harter Milling Company
Isaac Harter Company
National Carbon Company, Inc.
National Electric Carbon
Standard Light and Power Company
Toledo, Fostoria & Findlay Railway
Union Carbide Corporation

Cheney Pulp & Paper Co
Eagle Paper Company
Franklin Board & Paper Company
Franklin Boxboard Corporation
Franklin Enterprises, Inc.
Logan Long Co
Miami Valley Coated Paper Co.
Scioto River Pumping Station, Dept. Of Public Service
Stone Container Corp., Boxboard Mills Division
Szere Pulp & Paper Company
Union Wax Paper & Parchment Co.

F.B. Zieg Manufacturing Company, Washing Machines
Kokosing Construction

Union Carbide

Bingham-Herbrand Corporation
Bleille Supply
Century Die
Continental Sugar Company
Crown Rubber Co
Dale Products
Fremont Gas & Electric Light Company
Fremont Progress Airport
Great Lakes Sugar Company
H. J. Heinz Company
Lakeshore Electric Railway Company
Memorial Hospital
Northern Ohio Sugar Company
Toledo, Fremont and Norwalk Electric Railway Co.
Union Carbide Corporation - Consumer Products

Columbia Chemical Divisioin

Town Of Gahanna - Wastewater Treatment Plant

Galion Community Hospital
Galion Lumber Company
Glidhill Machinery
Ny Central Rail Road Company
Ohio Central Traction

Akzo Chemical
Gallipolis State Hospital
Gavin Plant
John Gavin Power Plant
Kyger Career
Kyger Creek Power Plant
Ohio Hospital For Epileptics
Ohio Valley Electric Company
Philip Sporn
Porter Drywall

Kenyon College

Timken Roller Bearing Company

Garfield Heights
Marymount Hospital

Harbison Walker Refractories
Phoenix Electrical Polson Rubber
Robert Bossow, Inc.

Ohio Power Company, Gavin Plant

American Fork & Hoe Company
Ashtabula "C" Plant
Firstenergy Corporation
Geneva Metal Wheel Co.
Geneve Memorial Hospital
Memorial Hospital Of Geneva
Millenium Chemical Plant
Scm Chemicals Plant No. 2
True Temper Corporation

United States Gypsum Company

Mudlick Distilling Company

Charles Pfizer & Company, Inc.
Gibsonburg Lime Products Company
National Gypsum Co
National Mortar and Supply Company

A.M. Byers Company
American Steel Hoop Company
Benada Aluminum
Easco Aluminum
Girard Iron Company
Ohio Leather Co.
Youngstown Sheet & Tube

Central Silica Company

Glen Mount
Brian Hall Stone Company

Empire Plow Company

Alumiwal, Incorporated, Plant No. 1
Alumiwal, Incorporated, Plant No. 2
Anaconda Industries, Inc.

Miami Powder Company

Armstrong Contracting & Supply

Aetna Explosives Company, Incorporated

Larsen Foundry
Larson Castings
Larson Steel
Larsons Consol.
Larson Foundry

Grand River
A. E. Staley Manufacturing Co.
Republic Steel
Staley Mfg. Co

Dension University
E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company
Granville Technical Center
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp.
Technical Research Center

Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric Co.

Green Camp
Parker Hannifin Corporation

Green Springs
Columbia Gas Systems
Columbia Lng., Incorporated
Welman Power Gas, Incorporated

American Pad and Textile Company
Board Of Management Water & Light Dept.
Municipal Power and Light Department
Water and Light Department

East Hempfield Elementary School
Us Post Office

H.B. Camp Sewer Pipe Company

BASF Corporation
Corning Glass Works
Greenville Electric Light & Power Co.
Inmont Division, Basf
Swift & Company

Providence Hospital

Grove City
Grove City High School

Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric Co
Columbus Railway Power & Light Company

United States Gypsum Company

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company

Puritan Brick Company

Albert Bess
American Cyanamid Company
American Rolling Mill Company
Armco Steel Corporation
Asbestos & Asphalt Rfg. Co.
Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Corp.
Beckett Paper Company
Black and Clawson Company
Butler County Retarded Children's School
Champion Coated Paper Company
Champion International Corporation
Champion International Paper Mill
Champion Paper & Fiber Co.
Champion Paper Company
Cheasapeake & Ohio Railroad
Children's Mental Hospital
Cincinnati Brewing Company
Cincinnati Northern Traction Co.
City Of Hamilton - Municipal Electric Plant
City Of Hamilton Dept. Of Public Utilities
City Of Hamilton- Dept. Of Public Utilities - Electric Generating Plant
City Of Hamilton Municipal Bldg.
City Of Hamilton Water Works Department
City Power Plant
Diebold Inc.
Eagle Coopenage Company
Eagle Woodenware Manufacturing Co.
Electric Generating Station
Fisher Body Division Of General Motors Corp.
Fort Hamilton 'Hughes Memorial Hospital
Gordon and Maxwell Company
Hamilton Coke & Iron Company
Hamilton Dept. Of Public Utilities
Hamilton Electric Department
Hamilton Furnace Company
Hamilton Gas & Electric Company
Hamilton Ice & Cold Storage Co.
Hamilton Milk Company
Hamilton Otto Coke Company
Hamilton Steel & Iron Company
Hamilton Stores
Harring-Hall-Marvin Company
Hoover, Owens, Rentschler Co.
Hughes Hospital
International Paper Company
Keystone Construction Co.
Koppers Co., Inc.
Long and Alstalter Company
Mercy Hospital
Miami University - Hamilton Branch Campus
Mosler Safe Co.
Municipal Electric Plant
New Miami Middle School
Nicolet Industries Inc.
Niles Tool Works Company
Niles-Bement-Pond Company
Northwest High School - Auditorium
Ohio Casualty Insurance Co
Ohio Electric Railway Company
Ringel Building - Utilities Building
Roosevelt Jr High School
Shuler and Benninghofen
Snider Preserve Company
Sterling Paper Company
U.S. Plywood Champion Pa.
Union Wax Paper and Parchment Company

Hamilton County
Cincinnati Gas & Electric
Dayton Power & Light Company
General Electric Co.

Hanging Rock
Dow Chemical Co
Hanging Rock Iron Company

Consolidated Aluminum Corp.
Mobay Chemical
Olin Aluminum
Olin Mathieson Chemical
Ormet Aluminum
Ormet Corporation

Bowerston Shale Company

F.E. Shcumacher Company
Monarch Rubber Company
Teledyne Monarch Rubber Co.

Haselton Furnace #4
Republic Iron & Steel Company
Tyson Roller Bearing

Aristech Chemical Corporation
Dow Chemical
E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company
Fluor Incorporated
Oxo Chemical
Sunoco, Incorporated
Insulation Services Inc.
USS Agri Chemicals Co.
USS Chemical Company

Ely Ind.

Heath Refining
Kaiser Aluminum
Licking Memorial Hospital
Pure Die Co
Pure Oil Co
Standard Register Company - Newark Industrial Park - Building 10

Columbus, Buckeye, Lake & Newark Traction Co.
Indiana Columbus & Eastern Traction Company
Ohio Electric Railroad Company
Tucker, Anthony and Company


Tadd Spring

Carnation Co

Consolidated Railway Corporation
Kanawha Michigan Railway Company
New York Central Railroad Company

Boston & Ohio Railroad Company

Gulf Oil Corporation
Gulf Oil Refinery

andrews & Hitchcock Iron Co.
Banister Corporation
Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co.
Valley Mold

City Of Cleveland Boys Farm
Earthmoving Div.
Euclid Division
General Motors Corporation

Acands, Inc.
Cleveland Stevedore Company
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co.
Eastern States Farmers
Huron Lime Co
Plymer Plant, Glidden Company
Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad Co.

A.P. Green Refractories Company
A.P. Green Services Division
B.F. Goodrich
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co.
L. Pitschmann
Republic Aluminum
Republic Steel

A. & P. Tea Company
Allied Chemical
Allied Chemical & Dye Corporation
Alpha Portland Cement Company
Amcast Industrial Corporation
Amcast Industrial Corporation
Aristech Chemical Corporation
Barrett Division (Allied Chemical & Dye)
Belfont Iron Works Company
Boggs Industry Electric
Buckeye Ordnance Works
Columbia Chemical
Dayton Malleable Iron Company
Dayton Malleable/Sement Solvay
Dow Chemical - Hanging Rock Plant
Eagle Iron and Steel Company
Henrite Products
Heyden Chemical Corporation
Holland Furnace
Ironton Coke Corporation
Ironton Fire Brick
Ironton High School
Ironton Iron
Ironton Port Cement Company
J.J. Foundry
Kelly Nail and Iron Company
Kyova Pipe
Marting Iron and Steel Co.
Mosaic Tile
North American Refractories
Ohio Ferro-Alloys
Paul Moore Contracting
Rogers Brown Company
Semet-Solvay Company
Skelly Oil
Superior Cement
Union Iron and Steel Company
Viking Glass

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Co.
Emery Industries, Incorporated
Proctor & Gamble Co.

Buckeye Steel Mill
Hill Manufacturing Company
Jackson Iron and Steel Company
Mansbach Metal
Ohio Firebrick Co
Saunders & Esswein

Owens Illinois Paper

Ohio Valley Electric Corp. - Unit #2

Metro Sewer District Of Cincinnati

C.L. Gaugler Machine Company
Cashway Lumber Co
Heating Plant
Kent Produce Company
Kent State Normal School
Kent State University, various bldgs.
Lamson & Sessions Co
Mason Tire and Rubber Company
Theodore Roosevelt School
Williams Brothers Company
Highway Prod.

Durez Plastic and Chemicals, Incorporated
Hooker Electrochemical Co
Kenton Water Works
Occidental Chemical Corporation
Occidental Petroleum Corporation
Owens Corning Fiberglas Corporation
Oxychem/Occidental Chemical Corporation
Toledo and Ohio Central Railroad

Delco, Division Of General Motors Corporation
Delphi Chassis Systems
Frigidaire Plant #3
General Conference Of The Seventh-Day Adventists
Kettering Medical Center
Woloham Lumber Co

Kings Mills
Peters Cartridge Company

Kirtland High School
Lakeland Community College, Nursing Education Wing

La Carne
Erie Ordnance Depot

Copper Corner
John Disch
Marina Towers
St. John's Hospital

Cincinnati Workhouse

Allen Foundry & Machine
Anchor Hocking Glass
Anchor Hocking Glass Corp.
Board Of Trustees Of Ohio Boys Industrial School
Ce Glass Company
Diamond Power Specialty Corporation
Essex Group, Inc.
Fairfield School For Boys
General Mills
General Mills, Inc.
Hyme Plumbing - Ymca
Lancaster Glass Corp
Lancaster Jr. High School
Ralston Purina
Southeastern Correctional Facility

Detroit & Toledo Shore Line Railroad Co.

Scott Lumber Co

Howe Sound Company

D. & M. Cord Tire Company

Lebanon Boiler
Lebanon Correctional Institute
Lebanon Light & Power Plant
Municipal Electric Light Plant

Cherry Valley Iron Works
Leetonia Steel Company
Mckelfrey Iron Company
Salem Iron Company
The Leetonia Tool Company
Youngstown Ohio Railroad Company

Cashway Lumber Co

Delphis Green Plant
Essex Group Control
Essex International
Essex Wire
Lexington Soy Products Company
Mid-Ohio Sports

A.P. Green Fire Brick Company
Allen County Institution Power Plant
American Gas and Electric Company
American Strawboard Company
Ashland Oil
B.P. Chemicals
B.P. Oil Company
B.P. Refinery
Bechtel Corp
Bistron Corp - Acrylo Nitro Plant
Central Concrete Supply
Chicago Bridge & Iron Co
Clark Equipment Co
Clark Refining & Marketing, Incorporated
DWG Cigar Factory
Eagle Home & Building
Ford Motor Co.
Garford Motor Truck Company
General Dynamics
Insulco, Inc.
J.C. Penney Building
Lima & Toledo Traction Company
Lima Electric Railway & Light Co.
Lima Locomotive
Lima Memorial Hospital
Lima Ordnance Plant
Lima Packing Company
Lima Refinery Plant
Lima State Hospital
Lima Supply
Lyric & State Theatres
Mansfield Reformatory
Nitrogen Petrochemical Plant
North Western Ohio Light Co.
Ohio Electric Company
Ohio Electric Railway Co.
Ohio Industrial Insulation Co.
Ohio State Hospital Department Of Public Welfare
Ohio Steel Foundry Company
PCS Corporation
Proctor & Gamble
Sheller Globe
Sohio Refinery & Chemical
South Ohio Oil Company
St. Gerard's Parish Buildings
Standard Oil Co
Sun Oil Company
Superior Coach Co.
Teledyne Ohio Steel
Unsulco Inc.
Vistron Corp
Vistron Plant, Standard Oil
W.S. Lowe and Company
Whiting Corporation

Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railway Company

Linwood, Cincinnati
R.K. Le Blond Machine Tool Company

Don Overhault Company

Cashway Lumber Co
Youngstown and Ohio Railroad Company

Liverpool Traction & Light Company

Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric (Picway Station)
Lockbourne Air Force Base

Celotex Corp.
Erving Paper Company
Fox Paper Company
J.H. Tangeman and Company
Philip Carey Manufacturing Company
Pilot Chemical
Richardson Paper Company
Stearns and Foster Company
Stearns Technical Textile Company
The Philip Carey Manufacturing Co.
Wright Aeronautical Corporation

Geiger Brothers Mechanical Services, Inc.


Board Of Trustee Of Public Affairs
London Municipal Light Plant

Abex Foundry
Admiral King High School
American Bridge
American Ship Builders
American Ship Building Company
American Stove Company
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Co.
Beach Park Power Railway Company
Boston & Ohio Railroad Company
Burns Incorportion
Carlson Fabricating & Welding
City Water Department
Clark Asbestos Company
Cleveland Shipbuilding
Cromwell Steel Company
Darlson Fabrication & Welding Company
E.G. Grace
East Finishing Bay & Maintenance - HQ Bldg.
Edgewater Station
First Energy
Ford Foundry
Ford Lorain Assembly Plant
Ford Motor Co
Ford Motor Co.
George E. Milligan
Hatfield Electric
Henkes Auto Electric
J. Burton Ayers
Lake Erie Electric
Lake Shore Electric Railway Company
Leonard C Hanna
Lipsett Steel
Lorain and Cleveland Railroad Company
Lorain Community Hospital
Lorain County Electric Company
Lorain Refractories
Lorain Shipyard
Lorain Steel Company
Lorain Street Railway Company
Lorain Treatment Plant
Loraine Shipbuilding Company
Ltv Republic Steel
National Stove Company
National Tube Co.
National Tube Steel Mill
Nelson Division Trw
NG Manufacturing Plant
Ohio Edison Company
Ohio Public Service Company
Ohio Service
Otto Construction Co. - National Tube Division
Republic Steel Corporation
Sewell Avery
Spun Steel Div
St. Joseph Hospital
Standard Oil
Tanker Transway
Thew Automatic Shovel Company
Thomas Wilson
Turbo Blower & Steam Generating Fac - Lorain Works
U.S. Steel Corp; Lorain Works
West 40Th Street School
Whittier Junior High School
Wilfred Sykes

Lorain County
B. F. Goodrich Chemical Co - Avon Lake Chemical

Chevrolet, Division Of General Motors Corporation
Copperweld Steel
General Electric Company
General Motors

Lore City
Akron Coal Company

Tanker Transway

Flexible Company

Courier Journal - Condenser Line
Electric Melting Service
Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation
Ltv Steel
Pennsylvania Ohio Electric Company
Sharon Steel
Canton Harrison S. M.

Totes Incorporated

Mahoning & Shenango Railway & Light Co.
Ohio Iron and Steel Company
Pennsylvania Ohio Electric Company
Republic Railway and Light Company
Sharon Steel Corporation
Sharon Steel Hoop Company
Youngstown Coke Company, Limited
Youngstown Iron and Steel Company

Ohio Fuel Gas Co

Lucas Grove
Dayton & Xenia Transit Railway Co.

Southern Ohio Correctional Institute

NG Manufacturing Plant

Freiberg Workum Company

Chemidyne Corporation
Consolidated Gas Company
Hawthornden State Hospital
Lufran Company

Ohio Valley Project

Madisonville Water Works

J & L - Ltv Steel

Hollywood Brands, Incorporated
Robinson Clay Products Company

Dayton Power & Light Company
Hughes Bechtol Incorporated
Killen Generating Station
Manchester Power Station
Stuart Station

Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation

Armco Steel
Aultman and Taylor Machinery Company
Barnes Manufacturing Company
Board Of Education
Board Of Public Service
Browning Engineering & Manufacturing Co.
Charles Hoffman Company
Citizens Electric Street Railway, Light & Power Co.
Cleveland Grain Co
Crawford Taylor, Branch Of US Baking Co.
Cyclops Corporation
Department Of Public Welfare
Detroit Steel
Eastview Elementary School
Elyria Machine Company
Empire Detroit Steel Co.
Empire District Electric Company
Empire Reeves Steel Corporation
Empire Steel Mill
Essex International
Essex Wire
Fisher Body Division Of General Motors Corporation
General Motors Corp.
Globe Steel Abrasive
Gorman Rupp Company
Hartman Electrical Manufacturing Company
Hughes and Keenan
J.M. Cousins
Mansfield Electric Light & Power Company
Mansfield General Hospital
Mansfield High School
Mansfield Hospital
Mansfield Lahm Airport
Mansfield Metal Fabricating, Inc.
Mansfield Metal Treatment
Mansfield Municipal Airport
Mansfield Pattern Works
Mansfield Products
Mansfield Railway and Light Company
Mansfield Reformatory
Mansfield Sheet and Tin Plate Company
Mansfield Telephone Co.
Mansfield Tire and Rubber Company
Mansfield Water Works
Moes Acoustical Inc.
National Biscuit Company
National Sheet Steel Company
Ohio Brass Co
Ohio State Reformatory
Pr Machine Works
Richland Brick
Richland Steel Company
Roberts Insulation C/O Hartman Electrical Lfg.Co
Roderick Lean Manufacturing Company
Sheet Metal Dept.
Tappan Stove Co
Us Alum. Corp.
W.A. Kearns Packing Company
Weiss Industries
Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co.

Buckeye Pipe Line Co.
Samuel Moore & Co.

Maple Grove
Basic Incorporated
Basic Refractories
Basic, Incorporated

Maple Heights
Aluminum Smelting
Certified Alloys
Lear Siegler
Magnetics Interning

Marcus Loew
Ohio Theatre
State Theatre

Keebler Company, George Jones
Our Lady Of Mercy Hospital
Strietmann Biscuit Company

A & I Company
Allied Service
American Cyanamid Company
American Electric & Power Co
American Marietta Co
American Municipal Power Ohio, Incorporated
American Viscose Corporation
B.F. Goodrich Company
Bakelite Company
Byerly Asphalt
Dayton Rubber Manufacturing Co.
Dravo Corp.
E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company
Electro Metallurgical Co.
Elkem Metals
G. E. Hull
Gravel Bank Powerhouse
Kordex Company
Marietta College
Marietta College, Powerhouse
Marietta Shipyard
Mar-Par Insulating Company
Monongahela Valley Traction Company
Ohio Power Co
Parkersburg, Marietta and Interurban Railway Company
Remington Rand
Richard Gorsuch Station
Rjf International Corporation
Safe Cabinet Company
Shell Chemical
Union Carbide & Carbon Co.
Union Carbide / Elkem Metals

American Malleable Casting Company
American Steel
Armco Steel
B.F. Goodrich Company
Baker Wood Preserving Company
Columbus Delaware and Marion Electric Company
Erie Railroad Co.
Fairfield Engineering Co
Great Lakes Carbon
Great Lakes Char Company
Hinklin Awning Co.
Hornell Ice and Cold Storage Company
Marion Brick
Marion Correctional Institute
Marion Electric Light and Power Company
Marion General Hospital
Marion Power Shovel
Marion Railway Limited Power Company
Marion Reserve Power Company
Marion Shovel
Marion Steel
Ohio Edison Company
Ohio Public Service Company
Ohio State Training School
Pollak Steel
Quaker Oats Company
Scioto Ordnance Plant

Martins Ferry
American Sheet & Tin Plate Company
Beans Ferry
Belmont Brewing Company
Loughlin Nail Company
Martins Ferry Municipal Light Plant
Martins Ferry Water Works
Peaut Ann Sheet and Tin Plate Company
Riverside Bridge Company
Severstal Wheeling, Incorporated
Wheeling Corrugating Corporation
Wheeling Steel Corp
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation
Whitaker-Glessner Company

Honda Manufacturing
Nestle's Milk Products Co
Ohio Reformatory For Women

Tyson Reiler Bearing

Procter and Gamble Company

Arbuckle, Ryan & Company, Inc.
Bethlehem Steel
Buckeye Cereal Company
Canton Drop Forging & Manufacturing Co.
Central Furnace Company
Central Steel Company
Griscom Russell Company
J&L Steel
Ltv Steel
Massillon Electric and Gas Company
Massillon Gas and Electric Company
Massillon Rolling Mill Company
Massillon State Hospital
Massillon Steel
Ohio Bell Telephone
Ohio Tar & Asphalt
Peerless Drawn Steel Company
Republic Aluminum
Republic Engineered Steels
Republic Steel Co
Republic Technologies
Russell and Company
Russell Engine Company
Superior's Brand Meats, Incorporated
Timken Co.
Tyson Roller Bearing Corporation
W.H. Davey
Warnick and Justus

Gatx Terminals Corporation
General American Transportation Corp.
Kanigen Plant
Sharon Steel Corporation
Us Steel

Carney Paper Company
Eagle Box Board & Paper Co.
Jackson Elementary School
Lincolnshire Elementary School
Monac Elementary School

Mayfield Heights
Mayfield Heights High School

Consolidated Biscuit Company


Carnegie Steel Company
Mcdonald Steel
U.S. Steel Corporation
USX Steel

Long Manufacturing Company
Mechanicsburg High School

A T & T Co.
A.I. Root Company
Aerodyn Co.
Bunker Hill Greenhouses, Inc.
Eagle Ceramics
Erie Cable
Erie Copper Works
Henry Furnace & Foundry Company
Medina Foundry Company
Permold Inc.
Republic Powdered Metals

Dayton Springfield & Urbana Electric Street Railway Co.
Ohio Electric Railway Company

Broadmoor School
E.C. Zukowski
Lincoln Electric
Lintern Corp.
May Company Job, Lake Erie Hall
Mentor High School
Osborn Brothers
Towmotor Corporation
Tyler Manufacturing

Mesopotamia Mens Club

Miami Fort
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co., Dayton Power & Light Co.
Cinergy Generating Station

Miami Grove
Miami Stone and Gravel Company

Combustion Engineering
Dayton Power & Light Co.
Hutchings Power Plant
Interstate Folding Box Company
J.C. Groendyke Company
Miamisburg Box Board Division, Interstate Folding Box Co.
Miamisburg High School
Miamisburg Paper Company
Miamisburg Water and Light Plant
Miamisburg Water Works
Monsanto Mound Plant
Municipal Power Plant
Sycamore Medical Center
Tait Power Plant, Dp&L

Diamond Portland Cement Company

Foseco Foundry

Middleburg Heights
Ford Foundry
Mid Park High School Big Creek Park
Middleburg Heights Waste
Midpark High School

Fritinger Lumber Co
The Johnson Rubber Company

American Rolling Mill Company
Armco Steel Corporation
Jefferson Smurfit Corporation
Palmer Milling Company

Advance Bag Company
Aeronca Incorporated
Ak Steel Corporation
Altivity Packaging
American Coating Mills, Inc.
American Fiberboard
American Rolling Mill Company
American Tobacco Company
Armco Steel Corporation
Bay West
Cincinnati & Hamilton Electric Street Railway Co.
Colin Gardner Paper Company
Crystal Tissue Co.
Department Of Highways
East Works
Edison Electric Illuminating Co.
Envirotech Systems Inc.
Fabricating Division Of Armco Steel Co.
Gardner Board & Carton
Gardner Paper Board Company
Home Telephone Co.
Jefferson - Smurfit Corp
Krauth and Benninghofen
Linde Air Products Co. (Union Carbide & Carbon Corp.)
Louisville Fire Brick Works Inc.
M J Gibbons Supply Of Middletown
Middletown Development & Supply Co.
Middletown Gas and Electric Co.
Middletown Hospital Association
Middletown Machine Co.
Middletown Paper
Middletown Sand
Middletown Works
Mosinee Paper Company
National Box Board Company
Oglesby Paper Company
Ohio Edison Electric Installation Co.
Ohio Paper Bag Company
P. Lorillard Company
Parent Paper Company
Paul A. Sorg Paper Company
Prairie States Paper Company
Sara Paper Company
Shartle Brothers Machine Co.
Smurfit-Stone Corporation
Sorg Paper Co.
Steel Making Area Basic Oxygen Shop
Surface Combustion
Tyhis Gardner Paper & Manufacturing Co.
Vaccuum Degassing
W.B. Oglesby Paper Company
Wardlow Thomas and Company
Wausaw Mosinee
Wilson and Mcgallay Tobacco Co.
Wrenn Paper Company

Republic Steel

Columbus London & Springfield Street Railway Co.

Clevite Harris Products
Milan & Norwalk, Electric Railway Co.

Cincinnati Bell Telephone
Cincinnati, Milford & Loveland Traction Co.
Hydro Aerobics, Inc.
Loyola Retreat House

Permaglass Inc.

Guardian Glass
Holmes County Home

Mineral City
O.K. Coal Inc.

Mineral Ridge
Meander Creek Water Purification & Pumping Station
W.J. Scholl Company

Burns Cold Forge
T.R.W., Metals Division
Village Of Minerva - Wastewater Treatment Plant
Village Of Minerva, Light Plant

Mingo Junction
Aetna Standard Iron & Steel Company
Carnegie Steel Company
Hatcher Brothers Construction
Hydrocarbon Research, Inc.
Junction Iron and Steel Company
National Steel Company
Pacific Railroad Western Lines
Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel

Hydro-Blast Corporation
Midmark Corp

Cashway Lumber Co
Cornwell Quality Tools
Granite Clay Company
India Tire and Rubber Company
Robinson Clay Products

Cincinnati Gas & Electric - Compressor Bldg.

Montgomery County
D.V.S. National Military Home

Eastern Iowa Light
Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Co.
Municipal Water and Light Company
Richmond Machine Co.

Delco Light Company
Frigidaire Corporation
General Motors, Delco Air Division
Harrison Radiator
Stauffer Chemical

Moreland Hills
Orange Middle School

Mortons Ferry
Laughlin Nail Company

Cincinnati Gas and Electric Company
W.H. Zimmer Station
Zimmer Generating Station

Pacific Railroad Western Lines

Mount Gilead
Morrow County Hospital - Marion Road

Mount Healthy
Ethel Frost School
Home For The Aged
Rex Ralph School
Southwest School

Mount Sterling
Ohio Fuel Gas Company

Mount Vernon
C. & G. Cooper Company
Chattanooga Glass Co
Continental Can Company, Inc.
Cooper Bessemer
Cooper Energy Serv
Mount Vernon Railway and Light Company
Mt. Vernon Bridge Company
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company
PPG Industries
Shellman Products Corporation
Stone Container Corporation

Mount Victory
Mount Victory Electric Light Company

Muskingum River Plant, Unit #5

York Corporation

Brighton Mushroom Farm
Campbell Soup Co.
Freyn Brothers, Inc.
Joseph Campbell Co
Lippincott Company
Loudon Bowman Division
Municipal Electric Plant
Napoleon Power & Light
Napoleon Water Works & Electric Light Co.
Standard Brands, Inc.

Stark Coal Company

Columbus & Southern Ohio Electric Co.
Poston Station Power Plant

New Bedford
New Bedford Gas and Edison Light Co.

New Berlin
Canton & Akron Railway Company

New Boston
A E anderson
Detroit Steel Corporation
Empire Detroit Steel
George O'Neil New Boston Coke Corp.
New Boston Coke Corporation
Portsmouth Street Railroad & Light Company
Portsmouth Works
Wheeling Steel

New Comerstown
Heller Tool Company
Rex File Company
Vixen Tool Company

New Concorde
Muskigeen College, National Science Building

New Knoxville
Hoge Lumber and Brush Company

New Lexington
Ludowici Celadon Company
Peabody Coal Company

New London
New London Metal

New Miami
Armco Steel
Middle School

New Middletown
M & M Insulation

New Philadelphia
American Sheet & Tin Plate Co.
Cross Creek Coal Company
Endress Florist
Joy Manufacturing
New Philadelphia School
Ohio Service Company
Penn-Ohio Coal Company
Reeves Coal Company
Timken Bearing
Water Works

New Portage
American Aluminum Company

New Richmond
A E anderson
Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company
New Richmond School
Oberle Jordre Company
Walter C. Beckjord Station

New Washington
Brose & Baumgartner
Mansfield Brass & Alum

New Waterford
Century Industries

A.I. Research
American Bottle Company
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company
Buckeye Rolling Mill Company
Burke Golf Company
City Of Newark Ohio
City Water Department
Consumers Brewing Company
E.I. Du Pont De Nemours & Company
Jackson Job #1442 - Power House
James E. Thomas
Jewett Car Company
Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical
Kaiser Steel
Lesavoy Industries
Licking Light and Power Company
Licking Memorial Hospital
Marble Plant
Newark City Schools
Newark Extusion
Newark Galvanizing Company
Newark Stove Company
Ohio Light and Power Company
Owens Corning Fiberglas Corporation
Pacific Industrial Furnace Company
Pharis Tire and Rubber Company
Pure Oil Company
Reynolds Metals Company
Rockwell Standard Corp
Wehrle Company
William Hamilton Sons Car Company

Newburgh Heights
American Steel and Wire Company
Cleveland Frog and Crossing Company
Cleveland Worsted Mills Company
National Chemical Company
Park Drop Forge (Aka Ohio Crankshaft)
Republic Steel
Union Rolling Mill Company

Empire Plastics, Incorporated
General Tire & Rubber Co., Chemical/Plastics Div.
James B. Clow and Sons
Seilon Incorporated

Newton Falls
Newton Steel Company
Standard Steel Spring Co.

Nicholas County
Ridey Construction

Alexco Inc.
Aluminum Billets Inc.
American Sheet and Tin Plate Company
American Welding & Manufacturing Co.
Amweld Buildings Products
Deforest Sheet and Tin Plate Company
Easco Aluminum
Empire Iron and Steel Company
Engle Air Craft Company
Falcon Iron and Nail Company
Falcon Mills
General Electric
Grasselli Chemical Company
Inland Lamp Department Of General Electric Company
J&L Steel
Ltv Steel
Mahoning Valley Railway Company
Niles Beuresit Porch Company
Niles Generating Plant
Niles Glass Plant
Niles Glass Works Division Of General Electric Co.
Niles Iron and Sheet Company
Niles Power Plant
Niles Rolling Mill Company
Oakwood Billets
Ohio Edison Company
Ohio Edison Power House
Omego Induction Serv.
Orion Power Holdings Incorporated
Reactive Metal
Reliant Energy
Republic Iron & Steel Company
Republic Steel
Taylor and Thomas
Thomas Furnace Company
Thomas Steel Company
Utilities Coating Co

United States Government Nitrate Plant #3

North Amherst
Cleveland Stone Company
Ohio Quarries Company

North Bend
American Bitumals Corp
Ashland Oil, Incorporated
Chevron Asphalt Co
Cincinnati Gas and Electric Co.
Dupont Chemical - Tanks - Brower Road
Kaiser Agriculture Chemical Company
Miami Fort Generating Station

North Canton
Babcock & Wilcox Company
Helfrich Die Cast
Hoover Company
Service Tool
Wickes Boiler

North Industry
Lakeview Farm

North Olmstead
Fred's Stain Glass

North Randall
Randall Park Mall Shopping Center, J. C. Penney Co.

North Ridgeville
Ford Foundry

North Royalton
Hunt Products Inc.
Royal View Elementary School
Steel Improvement

Hawthornden State Hospital
State Of Ohio

Bleille Supply
City Of Norwalk Municipal Light Plant
Cleveland and Southwestern Railway Company
Crucible Steel
Firelands Supply
Municipal Light & Power Plant
Norwalk Elementary School
Norwalk Iron Steel Company
Norweco, Inc.
Ohio Edison Company
Rust Engineering Co. - Municipal Light Plant

A.P. Green Fire Brick Company Of Ohio
Allis Chalmers Manufacturing Company
American Laundry Machine Company
Ault & Wiborg Company
Bullock Works
Chevrolet Division Of General Motors Co.
Cincinnati Chemical Works
Cincinnati Rubber Manufacturing Company
Fisher Body Company
General Motors Corporation
Globe Wernicke Company
Heekin Can Company
L. Schreiber and Sons Company
Mendel, Drucker Company
Nichols Dryer Company
Norwood High School
Norwood Sash and Door Company
Perry & Derrick Company
Sears, Roebuck and Company
Shepherd Chemical Co
Siemens Corporation
United States Playing Cards
Victor Safe and Lock Company
Weir Frog Company
Weir Kilby Corporation

Oak Harbor
Davis Besse Nuclear Power Plant
Firstenergy Nuclear Operating Company

Oak Hill
Black Fork Plant
Cambria Clay Products Company

Factory Power Company
Milacron Inc.

Civil Aeronautic Administration
Clark Asbestos Company
Oberlin College
Oberlin Electric and Heating Company
Oberlin Gas and Electric Company
Oberlin Municipal Light Plant
T. O. Murphy Co. - Warehouse

Olive Branch
Cincinnati, Georgetown and Portsmouth Railroad

Olmsted Falls
Dairypak-Butler, Incorporated
Uncle John's Plant Farm

Olin Mathieson Chemical
Ormet Corp
Owen Mathieson Chemical Corp

Olin-Mathieson Chemical Corp.

Cashway Lumber Co
General Electric Company

B.P. Oil Toledo Refinery
Bayshore Power Plant
Firstenergy Corporation
Pure Oil Company
Standard Oil Company
Sun Company, Incorporated
Sun Oil Company
Sun Oil Refinery
Sun Petroleum Company
Sunoco Company
Toledo Edison Company

Custodial Farm
Institution For Feeble Minded
Institution For Feeble Minded Youth
Orient State Institute

Board Of Public Affairs
City Of Orrville - Municipal Power Plant
Cottage Creamery Co
Dairy Farms Products Company
Industrial Services & Eng
J.M. Smucker Apple Butter Company
Koppers Company, Inc., Wood Preserving Division
Municipal Electric Light Plant
Municipal Light Plant
Orrville Milk Condensing Company
Orrville Municipal Utilities
Orville Powerhouse
Orville Product Corp.
Power House Board Of Affairs
Quality Casting

Champion Paper, Inc.

Southwestern Portland Cement Company
Wabash Portland Cement

Miami Valley Gas and Fuel Company
Buckeye Sugar Inc.

Ohio Sugar Company
Ottawa Sugar Company
Sylvania Electric Co.

Ottawa County
Davis Besse Station
Toledo Edison and Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company

Miami University, various bldgs.
Owens Corning
State Of Ohio
Western College Library - Alumnae Library

A.E. Staley Manufacturing Company
Allied Chemical Corp.
City Of Painesville Municipal Light Plant
City Of Painesville Power
Cleveland & Painesville Electric Railroad Co.
Cleveland, Painesville & Eastern Traction Co.
Coe Mfg.
Diamond Alkali Co.
Diamond Magnesium Plant
Diamond Shamrock Corp.
Glenn L. Martin Company
H.K. Furguson Co
Industrial Rayon Corp.
Irc Fibers Company
Lubrizol Corp.
Midland-Ross Corporation
Municipal Electric
Municipal Light Plant
National Ray Chemical Plant
Naugatuck Chemical Co.
Nichols Eng. C/O Lubrigal
Painsville Municipal Water Department
Safsson Products
Staley Mfg. Co
U. S. Rubber Company, Inc.
Uniroyal Incorporated

United Greenhouse Corporation
Universal Sewer Pipe Corporation

Ohio Crankshaft

Chevrolet Motor Division
Ford Foundry
General Motors Fisher Body
Holy Family Catholic Church
Parma City School District
Parma Senior High School
Tinnerman Products Co.

Parma Heights

Robinson Clay Products Company

Patterson Field
War Department Service Command

Grizzly Manufacturing Co.
Grizzly Nuturn
Peninsular Portland Cement
Stokley Van Camp Company

Ohio Fuel Gas Company
Preston Oil Company

Hartzell Industries, Incorporated

Calhio Chemicals, Inc.
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co.
Cryogenics Lab
Gas Trubine Laboratory
Perry Nuclear Power Plant
Pesco Products Company
Stauffer Chemical Company

Chrysler Corp
Ferro Corp
Hunt Foods and Industries
Hunt-Wesson Foods, Inc., Willis Day Industrial Park
Mansfield Plumbing
Owens-Illinois Glass Co
Turbojet Systems Inc.

Mansfield Sanitary Inc.

Ohio Power Company

Ohio Ferro
Ohio Power Company
Philo Plant

Atomic Energy Commission
B.F. Goodrich
Department Of Energy
Goodyear Atomic Energy Plant
Indiana Kentucky Electric Corp.
Itt Grinnell
Goodyear Atomic Energy Plant

Pinegrove Township
Pinegrove Township High School

Piney Fork
Hanna Coal Company

Atlas Underwear Company
Catalytic Inc. - Pvc & Recovery Plant
City Of Piqua
Erie City Iron Works - Municipal Power Plant
F. Gray Company
Favorite Stove Range Company
Hartzell Industries, Incorporated
J.A. Edison
L.C. and W.L. Iron Company
Miami Light Heat and Power Company
Miami Valley Railway Company
National Linseed Oil Company
Ohio Marble Company
Orr Felt and Blanket Company
Piqua Edison Electric Illuminating Company
Piqua Electric Company
Piqua Memorial Hospital
Piqua Municipal Power Plant
Piqua Stone Production Company
Piqua Street Railway Company
T. Gray and Company
Val Decker Packing Company
Wood Shovel and Tool Company

Packaging Corporation Of America

Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corp.
Mc Cluitie Marshall Construction Company

Place Ashland
F.E. Myers and Company

Plain City
Jonathan Alder High School

Point Pleasant
Pantasote Chemical

Poland Ave
Republic Steel

G. Wilder Mulh Bwg. Company
Great Lakes Coal Mining Company
Peacock Coal Company
Pomeroy Salt Association Co.

Ponca City
Continental Oil Co.

Port Clinton
Silver Fleece Inc.
Standard Products Company
Toledo Edison Company
Toledo, Port Clinton & Lakeside Railway

Port Devens
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company

Northwestern Electric Co
Oregon Water Power & Railway Company
Portland Machinery Company

A T & T Co.
Anderson Construction
Atomic Plant
Burgess Steel and Iron Company
Cyclops Steel
Detroit Steel Corporation
Detroit Steel Mill
Empire Detroit Steel
Excelsior Shoe Company
Garfield School
Harbison Walker Refactories Co.
Ideal Milk Company
Laborers Union
Linde Air Products Co. (Union Carbide & Carbon Corp.)
New Boston Coke Plant
Norfolk and Western Railway Company
Ohio Stove Company
Peebles Paving Brick Company
Portsmouth Solvay Coke Company
Portsmouth Steel Company
Portsmouth Street Railroad & Light Company
Selby Shoe Company
West End Lumber
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation
Whitaker-Glessner Company
Williams Manufacturing Company

Powhatan Point
D.Z. Norton, Corporation
Ohio Ferro Alloys

Gould Battery

Provident Coal Company


New York P. and O. Dock Company

A.C. Williams
Centrifugal Castings
Cleveland Worsted Mills Company
Oak Rubber
Orangeburg Manufacturing
Ordnance Plant
Ravenna Army Ammunition Plant
Ravenna Arsenal
Ravenna Castings
Ravenna Ordnance Plant

Carlisle Chemical Works
Chemical Products Company
City Of Reading Municipal Electric Plant
Darling and Company
Drackett Company
Formica Press
Municipal Electric Plant
William S. Merrell Company
Worthington Turbine - Reading Power Plant

Red Bank
Container Corporation Of America

Pittsburgh Valve Company

American Electric Power Service Corporation
Muskingum River Plant
Ohio Power Company

Richmond Heights
Richmond Heights School

Ohio Box Board Company
Ohio Salt Company
Packaging Corporation Of America
Rittman Paperboard

American Diamalt Company

Riverview Marietta
Bakelite Company
Mining & Metals - Tantalum Columbiun Unit
Union Carbide & Carbon Corp
Union Carbide Chem & Plstc

Rock Creek
Rock Creek Aluminum Co
Sanborn Wire Product

Nicolet Inoustries Inc.

Cleveland Elyria Electric Railway Co.

Rocky River
Carl Meyer Corp
Mike Thompson
Rocky River High School
Winton Heat

Miami Valley Rd.

Edward Ford Plate Glass Company
Hunts Food
Klorer Willhardt
L.O.F., Plant #6
Libbey Owens Ford Glass Co
Rossford Plant Boiler Room


Met-Tech N.

Ohio Hospital For Epileptics

Sagamore Hills
Midland Steel
Western Reserve Psy. Cent

Buckeye Engine Company
Deming Company
Electric Furnace
Eljer Plumbing
Mullin Manufacturing Corporation
Mullins Body Corporation
Peoples Lumber Co
Quaker Manufacturing
Salem Electric
Salem Furnace Plant
Salem Water Works
Spencer Manufacturing
Sterling Salem Company
Topco Company

A T & T Co.
A.P. Green Fire Brick Company
Aero Products
Aetna Rubber Company
Airco Plastics
Albert Kahn Associates, Inc.
Alum. Magnesium (Whw)
American Crayon Company
B & A Plumbing & Heating Company
Cashway Lumber Co
Condominium Apartment, Stony Ridge Road
Delphi Automotive System
Delphi Chassis Systems
Diamond Fertilizer Co.
Erie Tire and Rubber Company
Ford Motor Company
Gilbert Electric Supply Company
Hinde & Dauch Paper Company
Kyklos Bearing International
Lyman Boat Works
Millotte Transfer Storage Co.
Nasa Plum Brook Station
New Departure Division, General Motors Corporation
Ohio Public Service Company
Ohio Road Paving Co
Ohio Soldiers and Sailors Home
Pennsylvania Railroad Company
Plumbrook Station
Providence Hospital
Sandusky & Interuban Street Railway Company
Sandusky Foundry & Machine Co.
Sandusky Gas and Electric Company
Styro Fabricators
Teledyne Isotopes, Nasa
Vulcan Materials Company
Warren Electric Manufacturing Company

Goodyear Atomic Corp.

True Temper Corporation


George O'Neil New Boston
Harbison Walker Refractories
New Boston Coke

Scioto Furnace
Harbison Walker Refractories - Clay Mill Works

Jim Clay Refractory
Moloney Aluminum
Moloney Products
Sebring Pottery Company

Seven Hills
Hillside Junior High School

Seville Centrifugal

Burger Station
Dillies Bottom Power Station
Ohio Edison Company
Ohio Public Service Company
R.E. Burger Power Station
W.J. Thomas

Shaker Heights
Parkview Federal Savings & Loan Co.
Spohn Corp.
Tower East Office Bldg.

Brighton Corporation
Cincinnati Bulk Mail
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway
Corcoran Brown Lamp, Division Electric Auto Lite Co.
Drackett Company
Ford Motor Company
Huttenbauer & Sons
New York Central Railroad Co.
Sharonville Municipal Court
W.R. Grace & Company, Dubois Chemicals Div.


Ballonoff Home Products
Board Of Trustees Of Elpower Works
Municipal Power Plant
Ohio Seamless Tube Company
Parsel Army Air Forces Supply Depot
Sallonoff Home Products
Shelby Department Of Utilities
Shelby Electric Light Company
Shelby Municipal Light Plant
Wilkins Air Force Base

Shelly Electric Company
Shelly Tractor and Truck Co.

Board Of Public Service
Holy Angels School
Richard Klinger
Sidney Steel Scrap and Company
Stevens Painton Co.
Stolle Corp.

Medusa Portland Cement Company
Sandusky Cement Company

Wayne County Joint Voc Sch

Bird Electronic
Harshaw Chemical
His Ministry Church
Immerman Crafts
Immerman Creative
Immerman Enamels
Kroger Bakery
Kroger Company
Ohio Nuclear
Solon Veterinary Hospital
Stouffer Foods
Western Electric Co.
Zirconium Corporation

South Akron
Colonial Salt Company
Diamond Rubber Company
Firestone Tire and Rubber Company
Miller Rubber Company
Wellman-Seaver-Morgan Company

South Amherst
Cleveland Quarries, Inc.

South Bend

South Columbus
American Rolling Mill Company
Buckeye Malleable Iron and Coupler Company
Buckeye Steel Casting Company
Columbus Iron and Steel Company
Keever Starch Company

South Dayton
Dayton Power & Light Company

South Euclid
Enamelac Co.

South Lebanon
Cincinnati Milling Machine Company
Rapid Railway Company
Vickers, Incorporated

South Point
Allied Chemical Corp.
Ashland Chemical
Ashland Oil
Atmoshperic Nitrogen Corporation
Atmospheric Nitrogen Corp.
Buckeye Ordnance Works
Kimble Glass
Nitrogen Division Allied Chemical and Dye Corporation
Solvay Process Company
Sorg Paper Company
South Ordnance
South Point Ethanol
South Point Plant
Uran Storage

Quality Matchplate Co

Specialty Products

National Lime & Stone Co

Spring Grove
Proctor & Gamble

Avon Products
Kroger Meat Plant
Springdale Plumbing

American Seeding Machine Co.
Ansted and Burk Company
Buckeye Bumpers Division
Buffalo Springfield Road Roller Company
Champion Bar & Knife Company
Champion Works
Columbus London and Springfield Street Railway Company
Cooper Energy Serv
Crowell Publishing Company
E.S. Kelly
Elliott Company
Elwood Myers Company
Farish Roofing & Siding
Foos Manufacturing Company
Home Lighting, Power, & Heating Co.
International Harvester Company
International Harvester/Navistar
James Leffel and Company
Jas Leffel and Company
Kelly Springfield Road Roller Company
Krell French Piano Company
Lagonda Manufacturing Company
Mast Crowell & Kirkpatrick
National Supply Company
O.S. Kelly Company
Ohio Edison Co - Mad River Station
Ohio Edison Company
P.P. Mast and Company
Perfection Laundry Company
Rinehart Ballard and Company
Robbins & Myers Inc.
Ross Willoughby Company
Spike Ind.
Springfield Light Heat and Power Company
Springfield Manufacturing and Power Plant
Springfield Plastering Co.
Springfield Railway Company
Springfield Troy and Prana Intererban Railroad
Springfield Water Works
Stoker At Wittenburg College
Sun Corp
Warder, Bushnell and Glessner Company
Westcott Motor Car Company
White Superior Division White Motor Co.
Whiteley, Fassler and Kelly Company
Wittenburg College

St. Bernard
Ault & Wiborg Company
Board Of Education
Cincinnati Chemical Works
City Of St. Bernard Department Of Public Services Water and Electric Department
Emery Industries, Inc.
Globe Soap Company
Harkness & Cowing Company
Ivory Dale Plant
Jarecki Chemical Company
M. Werk Soap Company
Maumee Chemical Company
Mill Creek Valley Street Railway Company
Municipal Electric Light Company
Procter & Gamble
St. Bernard High School
Saint Bernard Center
Saint Bernard Junior-Senior High School
Water and Light Plant

St. Clairsville
Oglebay-Norton Coal Company

St. Marys
Auglaize Box Board Company
Board Of Public Works
Chestnut St. Power Plant
City Of St Marys
City Of St. Marys Municipal Power Plant
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
Municipal Electric Light & Water Plant
Ohio Municipal Power Plant
St. Mary's Manufacturing. Co.
St. Mary's Municipal Light and Power
Western Ohio Railway Company

Gambrinus Steel Plant

Darling Store
Federal Paper Board
Foote Mineral
Hartje Brothers Paper Manufacturing Co.
J.B. Jones and Company
Jefferson City Burial Vault Works
Jefferson Iron Works
Keagler Brick Co
La Belle Iron Works
Linde Air Products Co. (Union Carbide & Carbon Corp.)
Mesta Machine Company
North Plant
Pope Tin Plate Company
Steubenville Ice Company
Steubenville Roofing
Steubenville Traction & Light Company
Tri State Railway & Electric Company
Wayne Coal Company
Weirton Steel
Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel Corp

Carter Jones Lumber Co
Ohio Bell Telephone

Babcock & Wilcox
Ohio Edison Company
Stratton Power Station
W.H. Sammis Generation Station

A.W. Hinchcliff Lumber Co
anderson - Ibec
Tadd Spring

American Sheet and Tin Plate Company
Barrett Company
J & L - Ltv Steel
Jones and Laughlin Steel Company
Morgan Spring Company
Pittsburg Coke and Chemical Co.
Plastics & Coal Chemicals Division, Allied Chemical & Dye Corp.
Republic Rubber
Struthers Finance Company
Struthers Furnace Company
Struthers Ice Company
Struthers Iron and Steel Company
Struthers Works
Youngstown Manufacturing Co.
Youngstown Sheet and Tube Co.

Lake Shore Power Company
Toledo & Indiana Railroad Company
Toledo Edison Company

Keagler Brick Company

Sugar Creek
Belden Brick Company

Sugar Grove
Great Southern Oil & Gas Company
Ohio Fuel Gas Company
Ohio Fuel Supply Company

Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Company
Northwestern Railroad

Cleaver Brooks
Nestle Company, Inc.

Marquette Cement Manufacturing Co

Sun Oil Company

Ohio Standard Chemical Co.
Ohio State Chemical Company
Toledo and Western Railway

Brocalsa Chemical Company

Akron Gasket Co

Peter Kiewit Sons Co.

American Radiator & Standard Sanitary Corp.
Edison Electric Illuminating Company
General Electric Co. (G.E.)
Grabler Manufacturing
Hayes Albion
National Machinery Co
St. Paul's Methodist Church
Sterling Grinding Wheel Company
Tampa Bay Engineers
Tiffin Edison Electric Illuminating Company
Tiffen Glass
Tiffin State Hospital
Ursuline College
Webster Manufacturing Co.

Tipp City
A.O. Smith Corp.

Dayton Electric Company
Municipal Electric Plant
Piqua Straw Board Company

A.P. Green Fire Brick Company
A.P. Green Refractories Company
Acands, Inc.
Acklin Stamping Company
Acme Power Company
Acme Station
Air Nitrate Plant
Allied Chemical & Dye Corp.
Ambler Corp.
American Can Company
American Mineral Spirits Co.
American Motors Corporation
American Shipbuilding Co.
American Structural Products Co.
American Suede Shoe Company
American Weldless Steel Tube Co.
Angel Jay L Inc.
Ann Arbor Railroad Company
Arbuckle, Ryan & Company, Incorporated
Armstrong Contracting & Supply
Asphalt Block Pavement Company
Atomic Power Plant
B.P. Oil
Barrett Company
Bayshore Power Plant
Bechtol, Carney & Company
Broadway High Service Pumping Station
Broadway Plant
Brush Wellman
Buckeye Brewing Co.
Bunting Brass & Bronze Company
Catalytic Construction Company
Central Heating Company
Champion Spark Plug Company
Champlain Street Plant
Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Company
Chicago and Toledo Railway Company
Chrysler Corporation
Chrysler Corporation, Jeep Division
Citizens Light and Heating Company
City Auto Stamping Co., Inc.
City Of Bryan Job
City Of Toledo Department Of P.S., Bureau Of Engineering, Division Of Water
City Of Toledo Water Works
Cleveland and Painesville Electric Railroad Company
Consolidated Street Railway Company
Continental Aviation and Engineering Company
D & T (Detroit & Toledo) Railroad
Dana Corporation
Doehler-Jarvis Castings Division
E. I. Dupont De Nemours & Co.
East Broadway Plant
Edward Ford Plate Glass Company
Electric Autolite Co., Subsidiary of Willys Overland Co.
Electric Autolite Company
Elmhurst School C-959
Federal Creosoting Company
Federal Office Building
Fiberglass Tower
Fluor Corporation
Ford Glass Co. Libby Owens
Ford Plate Glass Company
Forest City Brewing Company
Fred Christen & Sons Company
General Electric Company
General Mills Inc.
General Motors Corp.
General Tire & Rubber Co.
George O. Cromwell
Georgia Pacific Corporation
Glendale Avenue Plant
Glendale Incorporated Plant
Goebel Brewing Company
Gulf Oil Corp.
Gulf Oil Refinery
H.B. Milwine & Company
Hilton Davis Chemical Company
Huebner-Toledo Breweries Company
Hydro-Blast Corporation
I.D. Smead and Company
Interlake Iron Corporation
Interlake Steel Corp.
Isaac Harter Company
Jarvis Division
Jeep Corp.
Jeep Plant
John B. Shepler
Kaighin and Hughes, Inc.
Kaiser Jeep Corporation
Kaiser Refractories
Kaufman Co Larry L
Kimball Glass Company
L.O.F., Credit Union Building
Lake Erie Water Project
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Company
Landers Corp.
Larry L Kaufman Co
Libbey Owens Ford Glass Co.
Lummus Company
Madison Avenue Plant
Mather Co.
Maumee Rolling Mill Company
Midland-Ross Corporation
Milburn Wagon Company
Nanarre Ave. Siding
National Casting
National Cement Products Company
National Malleable Castings Company
National Milling Company
National Superior Company
National Union Building
New Federal Office Bldg.
New York Central Railroad, Airline Junction Plant
Nl Industries, Inc.
Nordyke and Marmon Company
Northern Refrigerating Company
Obear Nester Glass Co - Recuperator
Oglebey Norton
Ohio Fuel Gas Company
Ohio Oil Co
Ottawa Chem Division
Ottawa Chemical
Owens Corning Fiberglass
Owens Illinois Glass Company
P. R. Sussman Company
Perstorp Polyols Incorporated
Phillips Petroleum Co.
Plibrico Sales & Services
Port Lawrence Co.
Power Reactor Plant
Prestatite International Corp. - Toledo Marine Terminal
Procon, Inc. For Gulf Oil Corp.
Pure Oil Co
Pure Oil Refinery
Refining Stores
Republic Steel Corp.
Riverside Mercy Hospital
Rossford Ordnance Depot
Rust Engineering Company
Save Electric Company
Scott High School
Second Church Of Christ, Scientist
Second National Bank Building
Service Products Co
Sherium Metals
Skeldon Engineering Company
Sohio Refinery & Chemical
Spicer Manufacturing Division Of Dana Corporation
St. Vincent Medical Center
St. Vincent's Hospital
Standard Oil Company
Standard Oil Refinery
Steel City Bldg. Center
Sun Oil Co.
Surface Combustion Corp
Sussman Asbestos Company
Teledyne C.A.E.
Textile Leather Company
Tillotson Manufacturing Company
Toledo and Indiana Railroad
Toledo and Western Railway
Toledo Bee Company
Toledo Blade
Toledo Bolt and Nut Company
Toledo Brewing and Malting Company
Toledo Bridge and Crane Company
Toledo Clinic
Toledo Consolidated Street Railway Company
Toledo Edison Company
Toledo Furnace Company
Toledo Gas and Electric Company
Toledo Gas Electric and Heating Company
Toledo Grain and Milling Company
Toledo Heating and Lighting Company
Toledo Hospital
Toledo Machine and Tool Company
Toledo Marine Terminals, Inc.
Toledo Massillon Bridge Company
Toledo Newspaper Company
Toledo Plant
Toledo Post Cement Company
Toledo Public Schools
Toledo Railways and Light Company
Toledo Refinery
Toledo Sewage Plant - Bayview Park
Toledo Shipbuilding Co
Toledo Shot Div
Toledo State Hospital
Toledo Steel Casting Company
Toledo Steel Tube
Toledo Storage Ice Company
Toledo Water Works
Toledo, Columbus & Cincinnati Railway Company
Toledo, St Louis & Western Railroad Company
Transmission Division
U. S. Post Office Building
U.S. Reduction Co
Unitcast Corporation
University Of Toledo, various bldgs.
Vulcan Team Track
Water Street Station
Westinghouse Electric Co - Toledo Edison Co.
Willys Motors, Incorporated
Willys-Overland Company
Wiltsie Realty Company
Woolson Spice Company
Wright Brothers Greenhouse Co.
WSPD Radio Broadcasting Studios

Commonwealth and Southern Corporation
George W. Cottrell & Son
Hartje Brothers Paper Manufacturing Co.
Kaul Clay Company
Keagler Brick Co.
Ohio Edison Co.
Rough Power Plant
Timet Metal Corporation Of America
Titanium Metals Corporation Of America
Toronto Paper Manufacturing Company
Toronto Paper Mills
Toronto Power Station
United Constructors, Inc.

Allied Chemical & Dye Corp.

Board Of Public Service
Braun Brothers Packing Co.
Brown Boveri
City Of Troy Power Plant
Dayton Power & Light Company
Eckert Packing Company
Gummed Products Company
Hobart Bros Co.
Hobart Manufacturing Corp.
Hobert Corp
Huntsmen Goodson Chemical Corp
Mckinnon Dash & Hardware Company
Municipal Light and Power Plant
Premark International
Troy Carriage Sun Shade Company
Troy Electric Plant Department
Troy Sunshade Company

Chrysler Corporation
Jack Higgins
Twinsburg Pumping Station East Ohio Gas Co

Ohio Bell Telephone
Universal Sewer Pipe Corp.

Ormet Corp


University Heights
John Carroll University

Upper Sandusky
Westinghouse Electric

Doug Boldman Residence
Fox River Paper Company
Fox Valley Corporation
Howard Paper Company
Liquid Carbonic Corporation
Neenah Paper, Incorporated
Ohio Straw Board Company
Urbana Light Company
Water Works Pumping Station

Valley City
Mack Industries
Modern Tool

Valley View
Armstrong Contracting & Supply
Ltv Republic Steel

Van Wert
National Seal Co.
Van Went Public Services Company

Vanadium Corp Of America

Aeroproducts Div. General Motors Corp.
Delphi Automotive Systems Corp.
General Motors
Vandalia Butler Board Of Education

General Electric Company

E.I. Dupont De Nemours & Company
Steubenville Works - North Division

Procter and Gamble Company

Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co.

Bearfoot Sole Company, Inc.
National Metal
Ohio Injector Company
Ohio Match Company
Ohio Salt Company
Wadsworth Light and Water Company
Wadsworth Salt Company

Consolidated Railway Corp., New York Central Railroad

Walnut Station
Columbus Py Power & Light Company

Walton Hills
Ford Motor Co - Boiler House
Ford Motor Co Boiler Room
Ford Motor Co.
Walton Hills

Koneta Rubber Company
Miller Laundry

Ware Alliance

Packard Electric Division, General Motors Corp.

Ajax Magnethermic Corp.
All Shapes Steel Products Company
Allied Chemical Corp.
American Welding & Manufacturing
Anchor Packing
Asbestos Service Company
Brainard Strapping
Bromaid Steel Company
Commercial Intertech & Shearing
Copperweld Steel Company
Delphi Automotive System
Delphi Packard Electric System
General Electric (G.E.)
General Motors Corp.
General Refractories
Grinnell Corp.
Hetz Construction Company
J&L Steel
Koppers Co., Inc.
Liberty Steel Company
Liberty Works
Ltv Steel
Mc Myler Manufacturing Company
Mullins Manufacturing Co.
Multi Industube Service
National Casting Co.
Niles Republic
Ohio Edison Company
Ohio Leather Company
Ohio Public Service Company
Packard Electric Div
Paige Tube Company
Parkard Electric Div. Of General Motors Corp.
Penn Shovel Company
Renco Group, Inc.
Republic Aluminum
Republic Iron and Steel
Republic Steel Corp.
Research Product Company
Schaefer Equipment Company
Severstal Warren
Sharon Steel
Thomas Steel Company
Thomas Steel Strip Corp
Timken Co.
Trumbull Cliffs Furnace Company
Trumbull Public Service Company
Trumbull Steel Company
Trumbull Supply and Manufacturing
W.P. Gibson Shop
Warren City Tank and Boiler Company
Warren Consolidated
Warren Dock
Warren Plant
Warren Pump & Supply
Warren Steel
Warren Water and Light Company
Warren Works
Wci Steel
Welton Rubber
Youngstown Pressed Steel Company

Warren County
Kings Mills

Cuyahoga County Hospital
Philadelphia Electric - Peachbottom Nuclear Plant
Standard Oil Company Research

Warrensville Heights
Standard Oil Research

Washington Court House
Sunlight Creameries
Washington Gas & Electric Co.

Ohio Power Company

Allegheny Ludlum Steel
Investment Casting
Johns - Manville
Rimer Enterprises

F. C. Whitner Plumbing & Heating
H.H. Williams and Company
Lyon and Greenleaf
Van Camp Packing Company
Wauseon Water and Light Plant

Atomic Energy Plant

Waynesville Farmer Exchange Co
Dayton Rubber Manufacturing Company

Gunning Refractories Inc.

Linde Air Products Co. (Union Carbide & Carbon Corp.)

Ohio Fuel Gas Company
Telling Belle Vernon Company

Lehigh Portland Cement Company
Municipal Electric Power Plant
Wellston Furnace Company
Wellston Iron Furnace Company
Wellston Steel and Iron Company

American Sheet & Tin Plate Company
Pacific Railroad Western Lines
Water Works Trustees City Of Wellsville Ohio
Wellsville Foundry
Wellsville Plate and Sheet Iron Company

West Alexandria
Dayton and Western Traction Company

West Carrollton
American Envelope Company
Appleton Papers, Incorporated
Cross Pointe Paper Corporation
Fraser Papers, Incorporated
Friend Paper Company
G.H. Friend Paper Company
Kimberly Clark Corporation
Miami Paper Company
Miamisburg Paper Co. Division
Moraine Paper Company
Oxford Paper Co
West Carrolton Parchment Co.

West Toledo
Toledo Disposal Company

Annchurst Village
Westerville Creamery Co.

Automotive Equipment
Continental Hospital
Donn Products
France Mfg.
Sauers Corner, Incorporated
Westlake High School
Westlake Jr. High School

Page Milk Co

Abb Automation, Incorporated
Bailey Meter Company
Best Truck Equipment
Cleveland Crane & Engineering Company
E.M.D. Components
Euclid Spring Co.
Hendershot & Smith, Incorporated
Lubrizol Corporation
Oster Manufacturing Company
Smp Castings
Smp Precisions
Wickliffe Plant

Combined Normal and Industrial Department
Wilberforce University

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Co

Akron Oxygen
andrews School For Girls
B & W
Bescast Inc.
Bowden Mfg
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co.
Cleveland, Painesville and Eastern Railroad Company
Correct Air Corp.
Eastlake High School
Fusion Inc.
James Campbell Smith, Incorporated
Kennametal Co.
Lincoln School
Ohio Rubber Company
South High School
Standard Tire Company
Thompson Products Willoughby Works
Trw, Inc.
Western Controls
Willoughby High School
Willoughby Works

General Chemical Company

Cincinnati Milacron
Cincinnati Milling Machine Company
Clinton County Air Force Base
Wilmington High School

Globe Material
Harbison - Walker

Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation

Oster Mfg

Wolf Run
Warner Collieries Co

Central Supply Plumbing
Old Mill Warehouse
Woodlawn Garage

Standard Lime & Refractories

A.K. Property Corporation
College Of Wooster
Hercules Engines, Incorporated
International Paper Company
Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station
Ohio Agricultural Research & Development Center
Ohio State University, Wooster Campus
Power House
State Of Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station
University Of Wooster
Wooster College
Wooster College Inn
Wooster Municipal Bldg.
Wooster Water Works

American Steel & Wire Co.

Anheuser Busch, Inc.
Arcade Building
Asbestos Service Company
Border Chemical
Catawba Apartment
Percy Middle School
Rutherford Funeral Home
S K Resisti Coating Co
Worthington High School
Worthington Methodist Church

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company, Dayton Power & Light Co.
Dayton Power & Light Company, Killen Plant
Killen Generating Station

Wyoming Gas Company
Wyoming Light, Water, Heat & Power Co.

Hagar Strawboard and Paper Company
Hooven & Allison Company
Ohio Soldiers and Sailors Orphans Home
Shawnee Refrigeration Company

Yellow Springs
Antioch College
Morris Bean & Co

Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel

Adams School
Aeroquip Republic Rubber
Allied Chemical Corporation
American Steel Hoop Company
American Welding
andrews & Hitchcock Iron Company
Asbestos Service Company
Barrett Company
Bessemer Limestone Company
Blau Power Piping Division and Youngstown Sheet and Tube
Briar Hill Iron and Coal Company
Briarhill and Campbell Works Plant
Brier Hill Iron and Coal Company
Brier Hill Steel Company
Briggs Manufacturing Company
Brown-Bonnell Iron Company
Brown-Bonnell Works
Burdette Oygen
Carlson Electric Company
Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corp.
Clark Restaurant
Coke Plant
Cold Metal Products
Commercial Insulation Company
Commercial Intertech & Shearing
Commercial Piping
Commercial Shearing & Stamping Co.
Compco Metal Products
Crystal Ice & Cold Storage Co.
Dearing & Co
Erie Railroad
F.A. Pilgrim Ertusion
Fitzsimons Company
Floyd Booth Company
Forum Health, Holding Company
Garry Iron and Steel Company
General Extrusions
General Fireproofing Company
George B. Sennett
George J. Renner, Jr.
Home Insulation Company
J&L Steel
J. Smith's Son's Brewing Co.
J.D. Fowler
Jones & Laughlin Steel Company
Koppers Co., Inc.
Law Knox Division & Youngstown Sheet Tube
Lee Tire and Rubber Company Republic Rubber Division
Linde Air Products Co. (Union Carbide & Carbon Corp.)
Lloyd Booth Company
Lower Union Mills
Ltv Steel
Mahoning County Jail
Mahoning Electric Light Company
Mahoning Valley Iron Company
Mahoning Valley Railway Company
Mahoning Valley Tractor Company
Mahoning Valley Works
National Steel Company
New Tod and Company
North Side Hospital
Northside Medical Center
Ohio Edison Co
Ohio Steel Company
Ohio Steel Works and Furnace
Ohio Works
Pennsylvania & Mahoning Valley Railway Co.
Phoenix Electric
Plastics & Coal Chemicals Div., Allied Chemical & Dye Corp.
Poling & Bacon Const Co
Princeton School
Rajah Oil Company
Rayen School
Republic Aluminum
Republic Iron and Steel Company
Republic Rubber Company
Republic Steel Corporation
Republic T and D Company
Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc.
S. Side Hospital
Sentco Paint
Sharon Steel
Sheet & Tube, Office Building
Smith Brewing Company
Snyder Bentley Company
St. Elizabeth Hospital
Steel Door
Superior Die
Thomas Steel
Todd Insulation & Remodeling
Truscon Steel Company
Trussed Concrete Steel Company
U. S. Steel Corporation
Union Iron and Steel Company
United Engineering & Foundry Company
United States Steel Corporation
Upper Union Mills
Us Steel Corp
Vindicator Printing Company
W.B. Pallock Company
Wean United
Wean United Engineering Inc.
Western Conduct Manufacturing
Western Reserve Care Center
William Pollack Company
Yost Construction Co.
Youngstown Airport
Youngstown City Water Works
Youngstown Club
Youngstown Concrete Sand & Stone Co.
Youngstown Foundry & Machine Co.
Youngstown Gas & Electric Co.
Youngstown Heating Co.
Youngstown Iron and Steel Roofing Company
Youngstown Iron Sheet and Tube Company
Youngstown Mahoning & Shenango Railway & Light Co.
Youngstown Manufacturing Company
Youngstown Mazda Lamp Works
Youngstown Municipal Railway Company
Youngstown Plant
Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co.
Youngstown Steel Company
Youngstown Steel Door
Youngstown Steel Tank Company
Youngstown Water Company
Youngstown Welding & Engineering
Yountstown Heating Company

AK Steel Corporation
American Encaustic Tiling Company
American Rolling Mill Company
Armco Steel Corporation
Bethesda Hospital Association
Central Silica Company
Columbia Cement Corporation
Ferro Corporation
Good Samaritan Hospital
Mark Manufacturing Company
Ohio Electric Railway Company
Ohio Iron Company
Philo Power Plant
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company
Specialty Steels Division
Water Works Construction Company and Eastern Tube Company
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Hooven & Allison

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Ohio Mesothelioma Lawyers

We are proud to represent mesothelioma victims and their families across the United States, including hardworking men and women in Ohio.

Ohio State FlagThe only known cause of mesothelioma cancer is exposure to asbestos. Tons of asbestos were mined in the United States throughout the 20th century and used in many industries, including Ohio steel mills, oil refineries, power plants, universities, and railroads.

Major cities in Ohio where asbestos exposure is known to have occurred at jobsites include:

  • Columbus
  • Cleveland
  • Cincinnati
  • Toledo
  • Akron
  • Dayton
  • Parma
  • Youngstown
  • Canton
  • Lorain

Filing a Mesothelioma Claim in Ohio

Our Ohio mesothelioma attorneys are focused solely on mesothelioma, allowing us to be sensitive to the concerns of our clients suffering while navigating the unique legal aspects of these cases and maximizing each client's recovery. It is important to know that every state has its own laws and if you wait too long, your claims may be barred.

Ohio Mesothelioma Treatment Centers

There are a number of cancer centers in Ohio that treat mesothelioma. The following are a list of some of the cancer centers that specialize in treatment for mesothelioma. If you would like to learn more, CLICK HERE to contact our client service team or call us at 866-373-5000.

James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute   The Cleveland Clinic Mesothelioma Treatment Center
 The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute
300 West 10th Avenue, Suite 519
Columbus, Ohio 43210
  The Cleveland Clinic
9500 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44195 

 Ohio Mesothelioma Physicians

Patrick Ma, M.D., M.S.
Cleveland Clinic Main Campus
Department of Translational Hematology & Oncology Research
9500 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, OH 44195
  David Mason, M.D.
Cleveland Clinic Main Campus
Department of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery
9500 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, OH 44195
Sudish Murthy, M.D.
Cleveland Clinic Main Campus
Department of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery
9500 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, OH 44195
  Nathan Pennell, M.D., Ph.D.
Cleveland Clinic Main Campus
Department of Solid Tumor Oncology
9500 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, OH 44195
Thomas Rice, M.D.
Cleveland Clinic Main Campus
Department of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery
9500 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, OH 44195
  Patrick Ross M.D., Ph.D.
The Ohio State University
300 W. 10th Ave.
Columbus, Ohio 43210

Mesothelioma Resources

Mesothelioma is a rare and very serious form of cancer found in the lining surrounding the lungs, the stomach, or the heart. The only known cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos.

It often takes 10 to 60 years after exposure to asbestos before the symptoms of mesothelioma develop. This period of time is referred to as a latency period. Because of the latency period, the disease commonly affects men and women that are at least 50 years of age and that worked with asbestos between 10 and 60 years ago.

Ohio Mesothelioma Facts

Today, the use of asbestos and the handling of asbestos materials are regulated in the United States but its use is not banned. It is recognized as a hazardous material and is monitored by OSHA and the EPA but exposure risks still exist. The United States still consumes 30 million pounds of new asbestos per year. Additionally, many old homes, factories, schools, warehouses, and commercial buildings still contain old asbestos products.

The average incident rate of mesothelioma in the United States is 1 / 100,000 - the state of Ohio is below the National average with an incident rate of .9 / 100,000.

There are a number of different jobs that caused a larger amount of exposure to asbestos on a more frequent basis. Below you will find today's employment numbers for several of these high risk jobs in Ohio:

Occupation 2008 Ohio Employment
Construction 211,455
Mechanical Engineers 13,480
Electricians 26,660
Teachers & Instructors 17,060
Mechanics & Technicians 28,640
Plumbers, Pipefitters & Steamfitters 15,780

Source: Careerinfonet.org

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